Top 5 Best Low Elo Junglers in League of Legends

League of Legends players all play at a particular skill level. Riot has meticulously designed a ranking system to fit each player into their appropriate category. However, with the ever-increasing number of players, all Divisions and ranks have become oversaturated. This makes it much more challenging to climb the ladder than before. 

Though skill level is the primary factor in your climb, there are ways of making it easier on yourself. Jungle players, in particular, can have a tremendous impact on the game just by making the right choice in the Champion Selection. 

That’s where this article comes in. We’ve compiled the 5 best low Elo (Gold and below) Jungle Champions that should help you increase your winning chances. Having the right tools for the job is just as important as knowing how to use them. 

The following five Champions are the dominant low Elo forces, and you should give them all a careful examination. 

Without further ado, let’s begin with our list! 

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5. Graves

Graves is one of my favorite characters in the game. However, I hate to see him against me since I know it will hurt. He is one of the best choices for a new Jungle player, as he has all the tools required to survive and clear camps quickly and efficiently. 

Of course, the ganking potential is there as well, and there are scarcely any Champions in this game that can hurt as hard as Graves. His double-barreled shotgun and those faithful two slugs are all he needs to eradicate a health bar. His mobility is solid, and you won’t miss out on any action when playing with him. 

There’s also a ton of utility to Graves, and this versatility of gameplay is what makes him an exciting pick. I love to play with him from time to time since there’s just so much fun to be extracted from his great mechanics. 

In the lower Elo, Graves will not find too much difficulty achieving his full potential. Low Elo players will usually deal poorly with Graves due to how complex he is. They often overextend and overestimate what he can do, especially in the late game. 

I recommend you try him out if you’re a newbie low Elo Jungler just starting in the role. He has all you need to perform well and will be an excellent guide for your future endeavors in the Jungle. 

4. Warwick

Despite sitting at a lower spot than the following three, Warwick is by no means weaker than any of them. The calculations that determine a Champion’s position on the tier list are not exactly clear to me, but don’t let it misguide you into thinking that Warwick is a weaker Champion.

On the contrary, I believe him a heck of a lot stronger than most on this list. Especially in the lower Elo, Warwick can genuinely dominate the entire game and singlehandedly carry it on his back. It is insane how fast Warwick can grow into an omnipotent beast. 

His ganking potential is likely the best you can get in this division, and it takes absolutely zero effort to get into a fighting mode with the werewolf. With the single press of a button, Warwick can go from 0 to 100 quickly and be at your throat in split seconds. 

Everything about him is excellent and will serve you well to dominate the opponents. Warwick tends to get super tanky, and with the help of his obscene kit, he becomes nigh unkillable if he achieves the advantage. And, he often does, so beware. 

I recommend Warwick to all players that tread into the Jungle often. Just take him for a spin. You’ll see what I mean. 

3. Shaco

Shaco is one of the staple Junglers in this game. He’s been around for as long as I can remember and never fails to be a formidable foe. As one of the best gankers, you’ll focus primarily on Assassinating enemies while utilizing your incredible invisibility and severe damage.

He is highly versatile, allowing players to go either full AP or AD, whichever they prefer. Both are viable options, with the AP one tending to be a tad more potent in terms of quick kills. 

Shaco’s main course of action will be a constant presence in all Lanes. Focusing on ganks, Shaco can accrue a lot of kills quickly, playing directly into the aggressive low Elo dynamic. He has also found his way into the Support Role, which seems uncanny to me even today. 

He’s simple, and there’s not much to be said about him. I recommend Shaco to players who love to go in stealthy and take things a bit slower. He’s a prowler, an Assassin, a Mage; you name it. You are guaranteed to have fun with this clown, if nothing more than that. 

2. Vi

Vi is one of the best Junglers in the League of Legends period. I don’t care what a high elo player might think. That’s a fact, and you can fight me for it. 

Anyhow, Vi is a powerful, efficient, and fast Champion that can significantly impact the course of the game. It takes no time or effort to clear the camps with Vi, and you will often emerge unscathed from the clear. 

After clearing the camps, you will proceed to gank everywhere. Either that or abuse the enemy Jungler, whichever you prefer. She’s so strong that, even from level 3, she can almost one-shot people. With the addition of Dark Harvest or Hail of Blades, Vi can eviscerate people’s HP in seconds. 

She has recently received some quality-of-life changes, making her even more enjoyable to play. As a mix of Assassin and Bruiser, Vi gets the best of both worlds. Her significant damage and tanky build allow her to leverage overall Champion classes, and she will remain viable throughout the game. 

I recommend Vi to players that want to dominate and remain dominant from start to finish. She’s incredible, and you will enjoy playing with her every minute.

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1. Master Yi

Master Yi is the bane of a low elo player’s existence. There have been no Champions in the history of League of Legends as dominant as Master Yi. In Gold and below, Master Yi is by far the most overpowered pick and will remain so forever. 

For as long as I’ve played League, Master Yi has been a dominant force in lower Elo. He’s insane in the Jungle and can even be played in the Lanes as well. However, the Jungle is his home, and I believe he is most effective. 

He has everything a low Elo Champion would want to have. Damage, speed, you name it. He’s so overpowered that I’ve seen and had more Pentakills with Yi than any other Champion in the game. There’s just no competition when it comes to destroying low Elo players. He can singlehandedly kill an entire roster, which shows how strong he can get. 

In higher elo, Yi loses some of that potency but doesn’t become obsolete by any means. Players in Platinum and above will have a deeper understanding of the many mechanics core to League of Legends, not only specific Champions. They have ways to circumvent the overpowered nature of Yi. The lower players do not, hence his dominant position. 

You cannot make a mistake when you pick Yi. You are almost guaranteed to destroy the enemies in Gold and below, especially if you have a premade that knows what he’s doing. Yi synergizes with Enchanters like Lulu and Karma, who can buff his speed and damage even beyond what he can do. 

Trust me; there are no two ways about it. Yi is the King of the Jungle in the lower Elo, and I recommend him to just about everyone. As I’ve said, you cannot be mistaken for this Wuju Master. 


With so many Champions in the game, it’s challenging to select five of the best. Even when we narrow the selection down by choosing only from a particular pool, it isn’t that easy. To be the best means something, and the Champions listed above are incredible. I would love it if you gave them all a try as they’re unique in every possible aspect. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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