Top 5 Best Low Elo Supports in League of Legends

Supporting in League of Legends is undoubtedly the most challenging role. It requires immense skill, knowledge, and psychological prowess that isn’t even comparable to the other roles. Support players go through hell and high water to make their allies as strong as possible and leave a genuine mark on the game. 

A team with poor Support has half the chances of winning the game, so that should tell you enough of the importance of the role. In lower Elo divisions, players are usually not that skillful. So, to make things easier on them, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best low Elo Supports in Season 12. 

These are the most popular and best picks currently, and any low Elo Support should give them a try. They are ideally suited for a lower-skilled player that’s yet to learn the deep intricacies and mechanics of Supporting. See them as a gateway to increasing your Supporting skill. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

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5. Sona 

Sona is a Champion often overshadowed by Seraphine, which is often considered her natural successor. However, Sona has retained her popularity and strength, peaking at the number one most popular Silver Support at the time of writing. It’s no doubt that Sona still has a purpose in the highly volatile League of Legends meta. 

Her Laning is standard and even a bit passive. She won’t do much to impact the Lane before her level 6. However, she does have a few aces up the sleeve that make Laning against her a chore. For example, she can consistently buff the mobility and damage of her ally ADC. If this Champion happens to be, say, Ezreal – you can already see the problem. 

Other than that, she has a damage source of her own. It deals damage substantial enough to harass the enemies effectively. She creates an effective danger zone, making it difficult for the opponents to farm and play. Due to her having no skill shots whatsoever (except for her Ultimate), she’s as easy as they get. 

Speaking of her Ultimate, it’s a fantastic AOE spell that stuns the enemies for a few seconds. When correctly used in a team fight, it can singlehandedly win the altercation. The damage is not that great, but the stun duration will help Sona’s team swipe their opponents up like it’s nothing. 

Overall, Sona is genuinely an excellent Support Champion. I am so glad that Seraphine didn’t take away her popularity entirely and that she’s made a strong comeback. Though this may only be true in lower Elo, I’m still genuinely happy to see her at her peak. 

4. Soraka 

Soraka is the most potent healer in League of Legends. She’s an Enchanter that can heal so much that sometimes you just want to quit the game. I can’t even recount how many times Soraka healed the enemy for a full health bar while I was fighting them. 

Building Anti-heal would solve this issue, or so you’d think. Her W heals substantially despite any grievous wounds effect you put on her allies. The balancing thing is that she has to take a chunk off her own health to give it to a friendly Champion. However, she can regain all that HP back with a simple cast of her Q. 

Soraka’s Ultimate is global and heals all of her allies instantly, giving her a constant map-wide presence that can be extremely hard to deal with. She even has CC that silences enemies in an area and even roots them if they stay in for too long. 

She is perhaps one of the rare Supports that you will focus on first, rather than the ADC. Having Soraka alive throughout the fight will mean certain death for you and your team, so be sure to take her out as soon as possible.

She is easy to get into, and I recommend you give her a try, despite my hatred towards her. 

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3. Zyra 

Zyra is a pseudocarry, meaning that despite being a Support, she will emerge as an AP Carry during the late game. This insane carry capability is perhaps why she’s currently considered among the best Supports in the game. 

When I started playing League back in 2012/13, Zyra was often a Champion you’d find on Mid. Ever since her inception, she’s always gravitated towards an AP Carry role in the game, though as the game evolved, she found a comfortable place in Bot as a Support. 

Don’t be fooled by her Support nature. Zyra can dish out insane burst and over-time damage from the earliest points in the game. During the Laning Phase, she can harass, poke, and prepare to engage with her roots. 

However, the Late Game is where she shines, and her damage will be insane. With her Ultimate, Zyra can be one of the most intimidating team fighters in the game. She can knock up the entire enemy team for a solid duration and deal massive damage beforehand.

Zyra is a Mage and an AP Carry veiled in a Support’s clothing. Never let your guard down when facing this thorny menace, as she can shred you like paper. 

2. Nami 

One of the most potent healers in League of Legends, Nami is undoubtedly a fantastic Support. Suited for gameplay in almost any matchup, she can greatly impact how the Lane functions. Though she appears as nothing more than a benevolent healer, there’s also some damage and solid CC that makes her a tight package. 

Nami’s Laning Phase is standard Support gameplay. She will be going around the bushes, warding and sustaining her ally. She can even harass or initiate fights through CC with her spells, which are potent enough to render an enemy useless for a second or two. However, due to the high reliability on skill shots, going for too many fights is risky. Consistency is key to being good with her, as is with any skill-shot reliant Champion. 

Once she leaves the Lane, Nami will have become a great Champion overall. Her Ultimate can knock up an entire enemy team while doing nice damage. Nothing about her is insubstantial, especially considering her attack buffs that make her allies do tons of extra damage. Her appearance is tricky to overcome, but she does it anyway by wrecking you to bits with her tidal waves. 

Nami is a fantastic Support worth your attention. I highly recommend giving her a try the next time you find yourself on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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1. Janna

Janna is a Champion notorious for her shields. Yes, I know I’ve said that Karma has the best shields, but Janna is more or less her equal. At times, I can even say that she’s better, if only because she can use it on towers. Janna also has the knack of buffing her allies with extra damage, apart from the shields. This goes insanely well with Ardent Censer.

The extra damage Janna has by default mixed with the Ardent Censer buff will substantially increase your offensiveness. Janna can become a true beast when paired with ADCs that have quick and heavy attacks such as Lucian. 

Janna can also heal her whole team, which will, in turn, buff them all with Ardent Censer. If the need arises, Janna can use her shields on structures to save them from being demolished. This is where Ardent Censer will have no effect, but that doesn’t mean she’s wasting a shield. Her allies will love her, and I love her too.

Be sure to give her a try since she is quite strong despite seeming not to be. 


League of Legends Supports are often some of the most complex, difficult, and challenging to play Champions. However, the ones above are great for the lower-skilled player to increase their rank and knowledge. As I’ve said multiple times so far, knowledge is everything in League of Legends, and this list is full of Champions that only serve to increase it exponentially. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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