Top 5 Best Low Elo Top Laners in League of Legends

League of Legends is home to all sorts of players. With over 100 million of them checking into the game monthly, there’s bound to be a considerable skill disparity between them. This results in the Division and Elo systems. 

The fewest players reign supreme in the highest ranks. An equally low number is in the lowest ranks. Most players find themselves somewhere in-between; however, these can also be considered “low-Elo.” Silver and below is what’s usually considered to be low-Elo. 

Players in these divisions are primarily new and unfamiliar with the game. They spend a lot of time exploring and trying out different stuff to find out what suits them best. In the process, they make many mistakes, especially finding the right Champion or Role. 

For those that have discovered their best role, and that happened to be Top, this article comes in to help. We’ll go over the other roles in subsequent articles, so don’t feel like you’ll be missed out if you play something else. 

So, here we will detail the best low-Elo Top Laners in the lower Divisions and why they’re so good there. 

Without further ado, let’s move to our list! 

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5. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is one of the oldest and easiest Top Lane Champions. He’s so simple to understand that even the most unskilled players can play him right away. In the hands of a very skilled player, Tryndamere can be a dominant force on the Top Lane and significantly impact the match. 

But what’s impressive about Trynda is that he’s just as powerful even when a lower-skilled player is behind the keyboard. There’s not much mechanical depth to him, and his abilities are pretty straightforward. He’s a classic attack-based Fighter, meaning he will use his basic attacks as the primary source of damage.

This lack of mechanical depth allows low-Elo players to adapt to him quickly. Farming and avoiding overextension are basically all that one needs to be good with Tryndamere. He can get strong early on and work as a confident split-pusher. Since the lower Divisions are more focused on individual skills – Tryndamere has a real opportunity to shine. 

He can solo-carry games and practically 1v5 due to his might. His Ultimate is one of the best spells in the game, as it makes him immortal for 5 entire seconds. These 5 seconds can determine the outcome of a fight and even be game-changing, depending on how fed Trynda is. 

Due to all of the above and more, Tryndamere is undoubtedly one of the best Top Laners in League history. If you master all of his quirks, you might as well OTP him to the higher ranks. And even when you do reach them, Tryndamere is a perfectly viable option there as much as he was in low Elo. 

4. Darius

Darius is likely the best low Elo Top Laner you can find. He loses his charm once you move on to the higher ranks, which only serves to emphasize his low Elo impact even more. I’ve mained Darius for years, and for a good reason. Despite his low Elo dominance, he can still be viable in the higher ranks, so he can accompany you on your entire climbing adventure. 

Darius’ might comes mainly from the ignorance and obliviousness of low Elo players. They have no idea how to play against him, which can easily be exploited to your advantage. With his high base damage and huge “danger zone,” Darius punishes mistakes severely. This danger zone is key to your winning the Lane with him. 

What I describe as Darius’s “danger zone” is the range of his E and Q range. As soon as someone crosses that line, they’re in for a world of pain. You can pull them in and eviscerate their HP with your Q, which will cause them to lose most of their XP almost instantly. Darius has a controlling and zoning presence on the Lane, which should be maximized for a quick win. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand Darius. He’s straightforward, has no genuine skill shots, and his Ultimate is infamous for a reason. Pentakills and dunking are inevitable if you give him even the slightest advantage in low Elo. There’s no way players in those Divisions will know what to do against him from start to finish. 

Darius can accompany you to the highest divisions, as I said at the start. But once you cross the Gold line, you’ll start noticing an inherent difficulty of staying relevant with him. He loses most of his dominance by the early late game, and that’s when it becomes quite challenging to perform. However, if you master everything about the Juggernaut class, you should be fine. 

But since he tends to get overshadowed by other high Elo options – I think Darius should be avoided by the time you reach Gold. 

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3. Yasuo

Yasuo might be the most mechanically demanding Champion on this list. Actually, he is definitely the most demanding one. It’s not going to be as easy right off the bat. But there are some positives to that as well. If you learn to play an intensive Champion early on, you’ll have no trouble expanding to other challenging Champions in the long run. 

Yasuo is a Champion that everyone hates, so be prepared to be that person in the room when you start playing him. He’s traditionally a Mid Laner but tends to get a lot of attention up Top. He’s the perfect pick against Ranged Top Laners that usually have their way with the average Bruiser/Fighter. 

With Windwall, Yasuo can easily stand up to even the most annoying Ranged Champions such as Teemo or Jayce. There’s also his shield to protect him from some overtuned damage that Ranged Tops tend to have. Other than that, Yasuo is a perfect pick against immobile Bruisers that are also often found on Top. 

He will allow you to master the mobility game. It becomes unbearable to fight against him once the right hands control him. His mechanics might require a lot of effort and skill, but it pays off eventually. Yasuo’s 1v5 capabilities are something else and well known among League players. 

Once Yasuo gets fed, there’s nothing else to prevent your defeat. And he will get fed – snowballing with Yasuo is a given. It’s only a matter of time. In the lower ranks, you’ll almost always hit your power spike by minute 12-13, which is early enough to push for a pre-20 victory that Yasuo tends to do. 

I love this Champion as much as I hate him (and he’s among my most hated Champions). It’s just that he can have a massive impact on the game and be such a show-off in doing so. A flashy, powerful, and deep pick – Yasuo will undoubtedly help you escape the clutches of low Elo and reach for the stars. 

2. Jax

Being my favorite Champion OF ALL TIME, this is will be a bit biased. However, that is something I am willing to admit and accept. I mean, hey, we all have that one Champion we especially adore. And I am about to spew my adoration for Jax all over this article and into your souls. Maybe I’ll succeed in making you think the same as I do. 

Remember when I said Tryndamere was simple at the start of the article? Yeah, well, take that and imagine something even more straightforward and yet so much more robust – and you’ve got Jax. He’s a Champion that’s been around since the game’s release and has maintained a level of might all throughout. He’s an infamous example of how simplicity can spell might. 

Jax has perhaps the highest level of potential on this list. His ability to dominate in the Lane and solo-carry the game is unparalleled in the game. There are few Champions that can stop him on his onslaught. I think that perhaps Teemo is the only Champion that can have a genuine counter-pick approach to Jax. But, even then, with the proper gameplay, Jax can emerge on Top. 

Jax can be an insane hyper carry in the lower ranks that can singlehandedly beat entire tames. Getting fed is a no-brainer thing for Jax, and there are almost no Champions to counter him directly. Those that can often aren’t popular in these Divisions, and apart from Teemo that I’ve mentioned already, they can’t even do that much anyway. 

Jax can genuinely become so powerful that it’s insane. For a Champion with no complex abilities, it’s actually a sort of a marvel. I genuinely cannot express how much I recommend Jax to lower-ranked players and even the ones above. There’s no similar Champion in League, and you’ll see what I mean as soon as you play him. 

Play him. Now. 

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1. Illaoi

Illaoi is pretty much the same story as Darius. She and Darius make up the infamous duo of the Top Lane, whose dominance is solely based on the ignorance of others. People have zero ideas what to do against them, and they just use it to their advantage. Illaoi can be a super-strong Lane bully in the lower ranks but becomes almost entirely obsolete in the higher ones. 

She can use her tentacles for establishing a solid Lane control and likely get fed in the process. As soon as she leaves the Lane, her amazing Ultimate can be pretty lethal. Pentakills are nothing strange with her, and she will continuously make them as long as you remain oblivious to her mechanics. 

Illaoi loses 90% of her might as soon as you learn them. However, since we’re talking about low Elo, players usually won’t know how to play against her. That can be easily exploited for some quick feeding and game carrying. There’s not too much depth to her mechanically, and all you need is to land a single spell, and the fight is over. 

Thus, I recommend her for Silver and Bronze level players. As soon as you leave, her power dwindles quite a bit. She’s never had a dominant presence in the game apart from the lower ranks. 


League of Legends has over 150 Champions in its extensive roster. Many of them require a lot of skill to play and aren’t suited for low-skill players. Thus, the uninitiated require some other form of Champion that is a better fit for them. That’s where Champions such as the ones above come into play. Their low skill and effort requirements make them the perfect choice for those stuck in low Elo. They can be used and exploited to escape the low Elo and quickly reach higher levels. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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