Best Lucian ARAM Build in Season 12

Lucian is one of the most fun-to-play champions on ARAM in League of Legends Season 11. He's one of the most powerful ADCs in the game in the current meta, and he'll most likely continue to perform very well in all League game modes. In this article you'll find out how to play Lucian, what are the best runes and the best item builds for him, alongside with other tactics and tips which will help you to carry your team to the victory!

Lucian in ARAM in Season 12 – Strengths and Weaknesses

Lucian has been owning League of Legends recently, especially ARAM. With the right build, Lucian is one of the best carries to go for in season 12 in ARAM. The amount of damage he can output is seriously broken, especially with the Kraken Slayer as a mythic item.

Lucian is a type of marksman champion that likes to get into the enemy’s face. He’s got a crazy burst thanks to his Q – Piercing Lightning and his passive – Lightslinger. Then, he has an easy escape and kiting tool through his E – Relentless Pursuit. And his R – The Culling is an overpowering ability that beats almost any other ultimate in the game.

However, Lucian struggles against all-in champions like Zed, Fizz, and Irelia. His build contains lifesteal, but if Lucian isn’t careful where he steps and dashes, he can get severely punished for it. The best option for you is to practice the flow of his ability so you don’t accidentally fail a combo and end up dying.

This guide will be all about the best way to build and play Lucian in season 12 in ARAM. So if you want to learn how to utilize this champion in your game, then let’s jump onto the analysis!

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Best Build for Lucian in ARAM in Season 12

Summoner’s Spells

As in ranked, the best Summoner’s Spells for Lucian in ARAM are Flash and Heal. You can certainly opt for Barrier if your team already brings a lot of healing. And Mark can be an interesting choice as well, especially if the enemy team outranges you.

Best Runes for Lucian in ARAM

You should always play Lucian with Press the Attack runes, just like on Summoners Rift. These are always the best runes for Lucian because he can proc the PTA very quickly thanks to his passive. Below the image we've explained all the best runes for Lucian in ARAM. With these runes you'll be able to carry your ARAM games!

Press the Attack

Press the Attack is the overall best keystone for Lucian in all situations. The rune works wonderfully with Lucian’s passive, which double shoots every time he uses an active ability. As a result, Lucian triggers Press the Attack very quickly and very easily.


Triumph helps you survive hectic team fights and 1v1 duels. It restores 12% of your missing health every time you score a kill or an assist, which is pretty handy in ARAM since you can’t go back and regenerate at the fountain.

Legend: Alacrity

Legend: Alacrity can significantly boost Lucian’s attack speed – his core stat. As with the other Legend runes, Alacrity stacks with kills and assists. And with enough stacks, it gives nearly as much value as a purchased item while being completely free!

Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace is simply the best option in the last row of the Precision runes. The 8% damage increase is a huge buff that you can take advantage of from start to end. You could certainly go Cut Down if the enemy team is full of tanks, yet that doesn’t happen that often.

Taste of Blood

For the secondary runes, Domination is the wisest choice. Taste of Blood is the first choice we’re looking at here, simply because it doubles the amount of health you can heal up. And only by attacking!

Ravenous Hunter

Ravenous Hunter works wonders when combined with Taste of Blood. Lucian needs as much lifesteal as he can get since he doesn’t have any defensive ability. With enough stacks, Ravenous Hunter solves all of Lucian’s problems, though. No one can come close to killing him simply because he heals all the HP with a few critical shots!


Lucian has only one viable combination of bonuses: one Attack Speed, one Adaptive Force, and one Armor or Magic Resist, depending on the situation.

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Best Items for Lucian in ARAM

Kraken's is probably the best item on Lucian as it stacks well with his passive and Press the Attack rune, which allows you to melt your opponents in the blink of an eye! After you've bought Kraken's, you should (in most cases) go for Essence's Reaver as it's one of the most powerful items in Season 11.

Kraken Slayer

The absolute-best mythic item option for Lucian is Kraken Slayer. Kraken Slayer gives you true damage hit on your third auto-attack. And as we said earlier, Lucian excels at triggering these kinds of effects thanks to his double shot passive. This means that you can obliterate any squishy and any tank champion in League of Legends, without limitations!

Berserker’s Greaves

Berserker’s Greaves are your best boots options for Lucian in ARAM. They give 35% attack speed, which is insane for an 1100 gold purchase! You should always go for them as a second item upgrade!

Essence Reaver

Essence Reaver is the third power spike that you should be aware of when playing Lucian. Essence Reaver solves Lucian’s mana problems by regenerating it whenever he hits a critical shot. This will be a very easy thing to do because the rest of the build revolves around pumping that critical chance.

The Collector

And speaking of critical strike, The Collector is the item to go for as a fourth purchase. It provides you with additional damage and lethality, and Lucian favors both. Plus, it has a very interesting mechanic that instantly kills enemies below 5% HP. So take advantage of that!

Navori Quickblades

Navori Quickblades is the fifth item we’re looking at, both because of the critical chance it provides and the ability haste. Each shot fired with Navori Quicklabdes in your inventory will reduce the cooldown of your Q, W, and E abilities. These, in turn, refresh your auto-attacks, and the speed can often be too much for your opponents to deal with!


And in the end, we have Bloodthirster. This item has really only one job – to give you the best self-healing possible in League of Legends. Together with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter, Bloodthirster can help Lucian top his HP with only a few shots. And we recommend always going for it!

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