Top 7 Best Mana Regeneration Items in League of Legends

Mana is the driving force behind almost every League of Legends Champion. I say almost as some Champions are lucky enough not to have it but use something else instead. 

Having your Mana be at a satiating level is crucial, especially if you’re running some high-cost Champion such as Kassadin, whose Ultimate alone can consume up to 640 Mana per cast. 

To ensure your Mana remains on point, there are two things to consider – increasing your total Mana pool and your Mana regeneration. Both can be performed with various Items, and the options are endless for every build you can think of.

Mana Regeneration Items never serve the sole purpose of regenerating Mana. They are all built around different uses that just happen to have Mana regeneration built within them. This is not a bad thing, but rather a welcome one as it will give you what you need and then some extras on the side. 

In this list, I’ve compiled the 7 Best Mana Regeneration Items in the game. The Items listed are in no particular order, as they are mostly similar and all fit within the Enchanting/Support category. 

With the boring introductions out of the way, let’s begin with our list. 

1. Moonstone Renewer  

Stats: +40 AP, +20 Ability Haste, +200 HP, +100% base Mana Regeneration

Moonstone Renewer is a mythic Item that can be extremely useful when utilized to its full potential. As an Item mainly built on Enchanters who will constantly be attacking and casting spells (Seraphine, Karma, Soraka, etc.), the Mana Regeneration stat sounds logical. 

It increases the base Mana regen by 100%, a substantial step up. But the real deal with this Item is its passive – Starlit Grace. The more you spend in combat, the more you heal your nearby allies. It will also buff your healing and shielding power, making this Item a Healer’s wet dream. 

To fully utilize this passive, you will have to constantly attack and throw stuff at the enemy, making it very costly on the Mana side to do so. As I’ve said above, adding a Mana regenerating stat is logical to ensure you stay refreshed and dormant during prolonged conflicts. 

As a Mythic Item, it empowers Legendary Items, but in a different way. Instead of adding stats to the Legendary Items, it will buff itself instead with 10 Heal per Item. 

It’s excellent, so be sure to have it in mind whenever you cross paths with some Enchanting Champion. At 2500 gold, it’s also pretty cheap for a Mythic, which only makes it even better. 

2. Mikael’s Blessing

Stats: +15 Ability Haste, +100% base Mana Regeneration, +50 Magic Resist, +20% Heal and Shield Power

Mikael’s Blessing is a Legendary Item that I like to see as Heal and Cleanse combined. Similar to Moonstone and Ardent Censer, it will amplify your heal and shield power by 20%. This substantial amount will allow you to keep your team healthy and safe for more extended periods. 

Of course, the addition of 50 MR will also protect you from those pesky Mages and AP Assassins that like to prey on squishy and weak targets such as Enchanters. 

As you will be casting many spells as an Enchanter (especially healing/shielding ones), Mana Regeneration is vital to have included, and it provides a solid amount. It is precisely the same amount as the Moonstone Renewer, emphasizing the similarities between these enchanting items. 

But perhaps the most significant talking point of Mikael is its active spell – Purify. As I’ve said, it’s Heal and Cleanse combined. When used, it will remove all CC from either yourself or an ally and apply a heal based on level. Of course, some CC is excluded here, such as knock-ups and blinds, but they usually are non-negotiable when you get hit by them. 

Mikael’s costs 2300 gold, staying within that cheap area that Enchanter Items tend to be at. 

3. Redemption

Stats: +15 Ability Haste, +200 HP, +100% base Mana Regeneration, +20% Heal and Shield Power

In terms of sheer stats, this Item is almost identical to Mikael’s Blessing. This is, as mentioned above, a reoccurring theme with Items that provide Mana Regeneration. They are mostly tailored for Supports, Enchanters, and similar Casters. 

Mages, AP Carries, and Assassins usually benefit a lot more from flat Mana increases and have larger Mana pools by default. Seraph’s Embrace is one of the Items for Mana-heavy Mages that increases the total amount of Mana by a significant amount, rather than amplifying its regen. 

But I digress.

Redemption is an item best known for its active ability – Intervention. After a few seconds, a ray will fall down to heal friendlies and damage enemy Champions in a select area. It’s the go-to Item for any healing Support, and you’re more than likely to see it in most of your games. 

Its Mana Regen is the same as both of the Items mentioned previously, and so are some of the other stats. It dramatically amplifies that aspect as a healing item and gives an equal buff to your shielding capacities. 

At 2300 gold, it’s a regular and cheap Enchanter Item that should always be kept as an option. 

4. Ardent Censer

Stats: +60 AP, +100% base Mana Regeneration, +10% Heal and Shield Power

Unlike the previous entries, Ardent Censer leans more into amplifying damage rather than solely buffing Support aspects. 

One Champion that I see Ardent being well on is Karma, who has a ton of damage that this Item can only help increase. The 10% shield and heal power would also buff her E and not only her damage, and you can see just how well she synergizes with it. 

It’s passive – Sanctify – buffs an ally that you shielded/healed with extra Attack Speed and Magic Damage on-hit. This is a great tool to have and use on Champions such as Master Yi or your ADC co-Laner. 

It breaks the monotonous “Support now, deal damage later” nature of this sort of Item. All in all, it’s a tremendous offensive Item to have and use, and at 2300 gold, it’s honestly a steal. 

5. Staff of Flowing Water

Stats: +50 AP, +100% base Mana Regeneration, 10% Heal and Shield Power

Like Ardent Censer, Staff of Flowing Water is a fantastic offensive tool, but this time meant for an AP synergy. 

In terms of buffing your own spells, Mana regen, and heals/shields – it’s exactly the same as Ardent. I mean, hell, they both cost the same – 2300 gold. Where they do differ, however, is the passive. 

The Staff of Flowing Water’s passive “Rapids” buffs a healed/shielded ally with AP and Ability Haste. Using this Item on a Mage or, better yet, an AP Assassin will substantially lower their cooldown and relatively increase their offensive capabilities. 

In a recent patch, it was even buffed a bit, increasing its AP bonus. Having this Item in combination with some of the others in this list – namely, the Moonstone Renewer, would make you as an Enchanter an aggressive and offensive beast. Though you might not have too much damage yourself, you’ll be able to buff your allies substantially and keep them healthy during the process.  

6. Shard of True Ice

Stats: +40 AP, +75 HP, +100% base Mana Regeneration 

This is the first and only true Support Item in this list. Rather than being an Item that you build and buy – it is progressively upgraded as the game goes on and the related quests are completed. 

It begins as Spellthief’s Edge, a starting Item that you get for 400 gold at the beginning of the game. As you progress through the Item’s quests, you will reach Frostfang and, eventually, Shard of True Ice. 

There’s nothing much to be said about this Item – it’s basic, limited, and serves to keep you dormant through the early, mid, and early-late game. It grants you a lot of wards, though, which can be extremely useful later on – Vision is everything in League. 

Whether or not you should sell it at the very late points in the game is up to you and the situation you find yourself in.  

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7. Imperial Mandate

Stats: +40 AP, +20 Ability Haste, +200 HP, +100% base Mana Regeneration

Imperial Mandate joins Ardent and Staff of Flowing Water in the aggressive and offensive category of Enchanting Items. 

It lacks the shield/heal amplification that those two Items share but makes it up with useful individual buffs that benefit you personally. It gives you 200 HP, a solid amount to keep you safe for a bit, and has an incredible Mythic passive. 

The Mythic passive grants 15 AP to your Legendary Items, totaling a 60 AP increase at a full build. This means that this Item alone will increase your AP by 100, an insane amount for a 2500 gold Item. 

The passive is something else. Coordinated Fire will deal damage to enemies you slow or immobilize and mark them. Allies that damage marked enemies will consume the mark to do exceptional bonus damage and grant both you and the ally bonus movement speed. 

It’s insanely potent in the late game as the damage is based on level. The higher the level, the more damage this Item does. It’s a snowballing Item that only gets better and ever-present as time goes on, making it an excellent early investment. 


As we can see, though they can sometimes look monotonous – Enchanting and Mana Regenerating Items can be very useful and diverse. Most of us don’t play Support willingly and will only find ourselves in the role because of Auto-fill. Knowing which Items will keep us dormant and strong is essential, so I hope this list will help you in that regard.

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as articles, lists, and guides. 

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