Top 10 Best Mid Lane Players in League of Legends History

When you think of the best players in the world, it’s natural to consider top lane players. The carry role is among one of the most highly contested positions in competitive League of legend splay at all levels of play. Today I will be counting down my picks for the ten greatest mid lane players in LoL history.

10. Alex Ich

Alex kicked off his League of Legends career with an impressive showing at the Season 1 World Championships. He would continue to play well over the course of the next year, but it wasn’t until he joined up with M5 that he was able to become widely recognized as one of the best mid lane players in the world. He would continue to play for M5 through their acquisition by Gambit Gaming, but he left before it started playing in the LCS.

Alex has always been known as a fantastic team player who facilitated communication between his teammates. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to make good decisions under pressure and do well with limited resources at his disposal. Currently, Alex plays for Team Envyus’ challenger squad Apex Gaming.

9. Froggen

Froggen’s League of Legends career began when he played on teams like Absolute Legends and mTw NA alongside other notable players such as LiNk and yellowpete. He has been a consistently strong performer since Season 1, but he didn’t come into the spotlight until Evil Geniuses came calling. EG was able to secure a top 2 finish at IEM VII Cologne and then later earned a spot at the Season 2 World Championships by placing first in the Season 2 NA Regionals.

Froggen is widely recognized as one of the leading mid lane players of all time due to his innovations on certain champions and strong team fighting abilities. He excels on more utility-oriented mages such as Ziggs and Viktor rather than assassins who rely more heavily on burst damage as opposed to sustained dps. Froggen currently plays for Elements as they play in the EU LCS.

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8. xPeke

xPeke has been in the professional LoL scene since 2011 and he has made a huge impact on the game over that time. He is well known for his highly aggressive playstyle and split pushing ability, which makes him such a lethal opponent to go up against in solo queue as well. His greatest achievements include leading Fnatic to four LCS titles along with winning IEM VII Cologne and placing second at Worlds 20

What separates xPeke from other players is that he was one of the first mid lane players to heavily focus on building Last Whisper items rather than going for damage-oriented builds. This lead to an increased emphasis on critical strike chance and attack speed in order to maximize DPS output. xPeke also carries with him a reputation for being able to make clutch plays when pushing for the win. He still plays for Fnatic in the EU LCS, but he has stated that this is likely his last season playing professional LoL.

7. Hai

Hai started playing LoL during Season 2 and he became known as one of the best mid lane players in North America early on. Whi1t3zZ who was then known as Pr0lly recommended Whi1t3zZ’s friend Hai to Cloud 9, which lead to him joining their challenger squad which went on to become C9’s current incarnation. Hai helped put Cloud 9 on the map by carrying them to several top finishes in tournaments they participated in, including a win at IEM VI Cologne and second place at the Battle of the Atlantic.

Hai was one of the first mid laners to play LeBlanc during Season 3 due to her high burst damage and mobility. He would also popularize Zed after his release which helped him gain notoriety as an assassin player. Hai is C9’s shot caller and captain, which makes him such a strong contender on this list because he helps lead his teams from the front while still maintaining a position among the top players in his respective region.

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6. Bjergsen

Bjergsen first burst onto the scene in Season 3 when he played for the Copenhagen Wolves and secured a third place finish at IEM VII Cologne. During that tournament it became apparent that Bjergsen was one of the strongest mid lane players in Europe due to his potent champion pool and kill-heavy playstyle. In 2014, TSM acquired him from the Wolves and they have been a top team ever since with their greatest achievement being their win of IEM X San Jose.

Bjergsen is well known for his ability to excel on several different types of champions which has allowed him to diversify his game. He’s also famous for playing assassins like Zed much more efficiently than other mid laners, which has given him a reputation for being able to carry his team when necessary. Bjergsen is currently the starting mid lane player on TSM and he goes up against Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok in Week 1 of the NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs.

5. Faker

Faker first started playing League of Legends shortly after the game released and he quickly gained a reputation as one of the greatest mid laners ever due to his monstrous play on Orianna and Zed. He eventually joined SKT as their new mid lane player and they’ve been struggling to find success since then . Although this has taken its toll on Faker’s team, it hasn’t affected his own personal performance because he continues to be an unstoppable force in the mid lane. With all that being said, Faker struggles more often than not against Bjergsen which is why I gave him the edge over Bjergsen for fifth place.

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4. Jensen

Cloud9 had a rough start to the Spring Split of the NA LCS but they have been looking more and more dominant as time goes by which was mainly due to their mid lane player Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen’s strong individual performance . Jensen is known for being one of the most mechanically proficient players in League of Legends because he has a very aggressive playstyle that often catches his opponents off guard. Despite struggling early on, C9 went on to finish third place in the regular season after facing TSM in the tiebreaker match right before playoffs .

What makes Jensen such a great player is not only the fact that he had the highest KDA among all mid laners in NA LCS, but also that he helped Cloud9 defeat TSM in their tiebreaker match which secured them third place in the regular season before playoffs even started. However, Jensen has some issues when it comes to teamfighting and his item builds which seem like they could cost C9 some games if they can’t work on fixing these issues.

3) Maple

Maple is a Canadian professional League of Legends player. He was born in Toronto, Ontario and currently resides in Berlin, Germany. Maple started his professional career playing for Team SoloMid in the North American LCS. He is known for his assassin playstyle on champions like Zed and Ahri. Maple is currently playing for Cloud9 as their toplaner.

With TSM Maple was able to secure first place in the NA LCS Spring and Summer Playoffs of 2015. This allowed them to qualify to the World Championships, however they were unable to make it out of the group stages. Maple left TSM and joined Fnatic in the EU LCS where he stayed until January 2017 when he moved over to North America and joined Immortals. The team struggled and after 7 months and a 5th place finish, Cloud9 took on all of Immortals’ remaining players and signed them onto their own new roster.

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2) Febiven

Febiven is one of the best mid lane players in the history of League of Legends. He entered the professional scene in 2013 as a member of Fnatic. Throughout his long career, he was known for being very consistent and versatile, which earned him many domestic titles. These include winning both split titles during 2015 – Spring and Summer Season with Fnatic, which made him become one of only 3 players to win both splits alongside Huni and Rekkles.

1) Pobelter

Pobelter is one of the best mid lane players in League of Legends history. While he’s been playing professionally since 2012, Pobelter first gained notoriety while partaking on Evil Geniuses’ NA squad back in 2014 after placing third at The International 4 with Alliance. Though Evil Geniuses didn’t play at TI5, they did go on to sweep the regional qualifier for that year’s tournament and place third at the event itself. Pobelter has played at several more internationals since then, qualifying with EG in 2015 and Immortals in 2016.

Thank you for reading! These are the top 10 best mid lane players in League of Legends history. Do you agree with the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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