Top 7 Best Mid Lane Streamers To Watch in 2023

Mid lane is one of the best lanes to play if you like to carry games. You are in prime position, both literally and figuratively, to carry every game. Mid lane is fantastic because it allows you to roam to any lane or the Jungle and opens up the entire map when you start taking turrets. 

Decision-making skills are crucial when playing in the mid lane because you need to know when you should roam, push, and try to net a couple of kills. Improving decision-making can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but one of the best ways to improve is watching streamers. 

1. PekinWoof 

PekinWoof is one of our favorite mid streamers for a few reasons. First of all, he has the skills. He constantly has multiple accounts in Challenger and has made it to Rank 2 overall on the League of Legends leaderboards. His streams are very laid back, but he will explain his plays occasionally. Where PekinWoof shines is on his Youtube channel. He posts daily, and his videos offer some of the best League of Legends advice you’ll find anywhere short of hiring a coach. 

  • Type: Educational 
  • Credentials: High-Rank Solo Queue (Top 2) 
  • Mood: Chill / Relaxed 
  • Pool: All (Mages, Assassins, Control) 

2. Quantum

Quantum is a fantastic streamer to watch if you enjoy off-meta picks like Quinn and Pyke. If you do not enjoy picks like that, he is still fantastic because he plays most Mid laners. We love Quantum because he offers variety in his streams, which means he never gets boring. He focuses on helping players improve, which means his streams are perfect for players who wish to improve their play. 

  • Type: Educational
  • Credentials: High-Rank Solo Queue (Top 10) 
  • Mood: Chill / Relaxed 
  • Pool: All, Off-Meta 

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3. Bjergsen

Bjergsen has been renowned as one of the best mid laners in the world since he made his debut with TSM in 2013. He still plays professionally and will likely be a prominent name in the pro scene until he chooses to retire. He has a very chill personality and is a lot of fun to watch. He does not focus on education but will answer questions about certain decisions. If you like to learn while watching a master of their craft, Bjergsen is the perfect streamer. 

  • Type: Entertainment
  • Credentials: Professional (LCS)
  • Mood: Fun 
  • Pool: Assassins (LeBlanc, Ahri, Zed), Mages (Syndra, Vel’Koz)

4. Froggen

Froggen is another professional player that we love to watch. He has played League of Legends professionally since 2012 and is a great watch when you can catch his streams. He is an Anivia main and claims that he plays the Champ so much that people call him Anivia. Most high elo mid laners play hard-carry assassins and mages, so Froggen is an excellent streamer for those that want to see a control-oriented player at work. 

  • Type: Entertainment
  • Credentials: Professional (LCS)
  • Mood: Fun 
  • Pool: Control Champs (Anivia)

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5. Midbeast

Midbeast makes excellent educational content with a considerable emphasis on entertainment. So essentially, he is the best of both worlds. He constantly streams and is usually ranked high-Diamond or mid-Masters. 

Midbeast analyzes the gameplay of popular one tricks, pro players, and other solo queue masters on his Youtube channel. His analysis videos are the perfect learning tool and fun to watch in general. His streams are also quite fun and the perfect place to hang out and learn about the Mid lane. 

  • Type: Entertainment and Education
  • Credentials: High-Rank Solo Queue (Diamond 1 – Masters)
  • Mood: Fun 
  • Pool: Mages (Twisted Fate, Syndra, Taliyah)

6. Coach Curtis

If you enjoy very in-depth information that delves deep into theory, then Coach Curtis is the perfect streamer for you. Unfortunately, Coach Curtis is not as active on Twitch as he used to be, but his Youtube channel is filled with highly educational content. The best part of Coach Curtis’s teaching style is that it is timeless. The advice he gives spans across all Metas and strategies, so if you want to improve as a player, Coach Curtis is who you want to watch. 

  • Type: Education, In-Depth, Theory
  • Credentials: Professional Coach
  • Mood: Serious, Teaching 
  • Pool: All

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7. Nemesis

Nemesis is a former professional player who now plays in high-elo solo queue on Korean and European servers. His videos and streams are not focused on education; however, they are still informative. 

He enjoys playing scaling Champs like Kayle and Veigar and constantly turns games on their head to win 1v5. Nemesis is perfect for those players that like watching high elo gameplay and want to learn how to turn games around and win despite their team. 

  • Type: Entertainment
  • Credentials: Professional, High-Rank Solo Queue
  • Mood: Fun
  • Pool: All

And that concludes our list of the top Mid lane streamers to watch. As we mentioned at the start, these streamers were chosen because they are entertaining and because their content is very educational. There are many fantastic streamers out there, and everyone has their preference, so this list is in no way definitive. We tried making a diverse list of fantastic streamers, and if we helped you find a new favorite, then we’ve done our job! 

If you want to continue improving your game, we recommend finding a nice balance between watching and playing. No one will become Challenger solely by watching other players. It is vital to play the game yourself, learn your own lessons and limits, and build the muscle memory that it takes to pull off mechanically intensive combos. 

With that being said, watching streams will help you fill in those gaps and help you find mistakes you may not even realize you’re making. They are also a great way to get immersed in the community of League of Legends, which is one of the best gaming communities in the world! 

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