Top 7 Best Mid Lane Champions for Beginners

League of Legends has over 150 Champions in its ever-expanding roster. For a new player, it might be difficult to find the right one to play initially. The game itself offers you some good options during the tutorial part, but never really goes deep enough into explaining said Champions. 

Thus, a beginner would be entirely dumbfounded when met with the nearly endless pool of Champions to choose from. 

Some Champions are inherently easier than others, and that will always be the case so long as the game exists. With simpler kits, intuitive gameplay, and a frustration-free design, these Champions are best suited for newer players. 

They will be their gateway into the more complex and intricate mechanics that League of Legends has to offer, as there is always something new to discover in the game. 

This article will go over the 7 best Mid Lane Champions for beginners. A ton of new players get stuck playing Mid initially, making this Lane highly important for newbies. Knowing which Champion to choose is great for kickstarting your League of Legends career. 

The following Champions will allow you to learn a ton about the overall game mechanics, eventually giving you the ability to pick something more complex. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

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7. Annie

Annie is more or less everyone’s first choice when indulging in the Mid Lane. She offers everything you’d ever need for efficiency and strength – there’s CC, a ton of quick damage, burst potential, you name it. But what makes her so special for new players? Why exactly is she so popular among beginners? Well, it all has to do with her simplicity. 

Annie has been around for over a decade, garnering slowly but surely a ton of infamy and popularity. Her straightforward kit allows for relaxed gameplay, and a stress-free experience. 

Her Q resets every time it kills a unit, making it the perfect tool for farming. Just pop a Q every now and again on those minions and you will be racking up gold in no time. 

Her W is a short range AOE spell that can do a ton of damage, especially when part of her full combination. The E offers nice protection and returns some damage to its sender. And of course, her Ultimate is one of the most powerful spells in League of Legends overall. It has incredible AOE damage, works wonders when used in combination with her passive, and spawns Tibbers who on his own is fantastic. 

There is so much nuance in her otherwise simplistic kit that it’s genuinely incredible. Exploring how she works and what makes her tick will undoubtedly skyrocket your understanding of the game. If anything, it will improve your understanding of Champions in general and that all of them have something to hide under the hood. 

I highly recommend Annie to all beginners, and I cannot stress that enough. Go and give her a try. Trust me. 

6. Veigar

Veigar is a case most similar to Annie, and I would go as far as to say that he is an even more powerful version of her. 

He is the next stepping stone that new players step on after getting more versed into the Mid Lane role and League in general. A majestic and evil Mage, Veigar is a miniature force of destruction that everyone hates facing on the Summoner’s Rift. 

Newbies love how Veigar can stack up AP and get stronger and stronger just by basically existing. Stacking AP with his Q on minions and by landing spells on Champions is as easy as it gets, allowing the beginner player to get stronger without paying too much mind on builds. 

Champions are the first complication one faces when starting out, and items come immediately after. Thus, having this ability of getting strong without any detailed build path is amazing for those who still have no idea about items. 

Veigar is very flexible because of this, allowing for a plethora of builds and items to be bought without any inherent hinderance to his overall gameplay. Whatever you buy, you’re still guaranteed to be strong as long as you keep landing those spells. Naturally, building the right items will make him exponentially more powerful, but getting around that isn’t a biggie for the utmost newbie. 

Thankfully, Riot Games has streamlined build paths and made them more accessible to players of all skill levels. The shop itself now recommends the best item to purchase at any given moment, as well as who that item counters directly. It’s a small but nice addition to the game that has made everything much better than it was before.

Rarely can you say that about anything that Riot has put out these past few years. But anyway – go play Veigar. 

5. Lux

Once a newer player starts getting better at the game, but still isn’t that good – they move on to Lux. Lux is Riot’s poster child for League and appears literally everywhere she can. They force her into trailers, promotional material, tutorials, you name it. 

Alongside Garen and, as of recently, Jinx – Lux is the most popular League of Legends Champion in history. Thus, it is no wonder that new players jump on picking her as soon as they touch the game. 

But they immediately find out that she isn’t that easy for a total newb. She has a kit full of skill-shots, a very weird shield mechanic, and is quite immobile and vulnerable. They might be scared away by this design and instead opt for Annie or Veigar that we’ve described above. But most will come back to her, with some even sticking to her until the bitter end. 

The latter option is as good as the former, as brute-forcing yourself into learning deep and difficult mechanics is fantastic. It will make all Champions easier to get into, as knowledge is quite literally everything in League of Legends.

If you manage to figure out how to land her skill shots consistently, how to execute all those various combos, and so many more things – you will have learned the entire game’s roster by playing only one Champion. 

Lux isn’t that challenging to learn and master, but it is enough to get anyone well versed into all the intricacies and difficulties that League poses. The two primary ones being skill-shots and combos. You figure that out – and you’ve figured the game. 

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4. Brand

Brand is a fantastic AP Carry that has long transcended all roles imposed on him. Sometimes he is seen as a damage Support, while others view him as the ultimate Mage. Whatever your stance on Brand is, it is undoubtable that he is an amazing Mid Laner in more ways than one. And one of those is, of course, his accessibility for newer players. 

Though his kit is full of skill-shots, they’re pretty quick and executed easily. Anyone of any skill level can effectively land Brand’s spells. 

There’s also a ton of combos to improve your ability coordination, and due to their power, you might just become the domineering force in your team. Brand can snowball very hard, and that power trip might inspire a new player to continue playing, further improving their skills. 

He can have a tremendous impact on the overall match with his AOE spells that can obliterate entire teams in just a few seconds. 

His Ultimate alone is enough to make the enemies suffer, and combined with the rest of his kit (especially he passive), Brand is one nuclear holocaust waiting to happen. After a few games, you’ll have all it takes to bring Brand to his mightiest, which makes him a perfect choice for beginners. 

3. Malzahar

Malzahar is not a name you will often hear associated with newer players or beginners. However, there is a lot to be said about his ability to introduce people to the game, its mechanics and intricacies. 

His straightforward kit, and very unique design will offer the new player all they need to jump in and have fun with the game. 

His spells allow for some incredibly easy farming, making it a total afterthought. They also provide a ton of poke, making way for aggressive gameplay which is always fun. He has a ton of combos and utility that will help you better understand particular mechanics in League, such as timings and CC. 

Knowing when to use what spell is crucial to being successful at the game, and Malzahar’s Ultimate is a spell you’ll have to time perfectly for your team to make most of it. 

There’s a bunch of stuff that Malzahar has that is unlike the rest of the League of Legends roster, making him stand out. 

For example, his Voidlings are a nice mechanic that you might use which will help you learn some micromanagement skills. At any rate, Malzahar is an amazing Champion that is available to players of all skill levels. 

I highly recommend you give him a try, as it won’t take more than a few matches to get you going with him. 

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2. Xerath

Xerath is an old Champion who has gone through some significant changes over the years. However, his true nature has remained the same all throughout, and being perfect for beginners is part of that. 

His design is amazing for players who are scared of playing too aggressively as to avoid making any mistakes. Xerath is perfectly suited for players of that caliber, as he can snipe people from far away without stressing at all. 

Using his Q, Xerath can do incredible AOE damage from an insane range. With how low the cooldown is, the spell becomes very spammable quickly. And though it is Mana consuming, as are all of his spells, Xerath’s passive offers huge Mana replenishment on his basic attacks. 

This helps alleviate the pressure of Mana management, as a new player won’t really know how to tackle that problem just yet. 

He is perfect for he removes most of the difficult mechanics from the picture altogether. A new player can pick Xerath up and just dominate their way to victory without ever worrying about anything too taxing. 

Of course, as they progress through the levels and eventually Ranked, they’ll have to learn some mechanics and learn them well. However, at the utmost beginning, some things can be ignored for the sake of having fun with the game. 

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1. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is one of my favorite Champions to play, and also happened to be one of my first. He has a ton of mechanics that make him unique and fun, especially for a newer player. 

He only has one skill-shot that you need to worry about, and it isn’t even hard to hit. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ones out there, which helps his case a ton. 

Everything revolves around his basic attacks, and making them as strong as they can be will certainly verse you well into the depths of the itemization system. By playing Twisted Fate, you’ll learn a dozen different builds all with their own twists on this incredible Champion’s kit. 

He’s capable of building full ADC, full Mage, Hybrid – you name it. You’ll learn so many things just by playing him that I honestly think there’s not a better Champion for this. 

He’s able to dominate his enemies with ease. His insane damage allows you to play very aggressively, and his Ultimate gives you the option of being everywhere at the same time, only amplifying that aggressive stance. Whatever you want to do, you can do it with Twisted Fate, and that’s the best thing a new player would ever want. 

I honestly cannot recommend him enough, go and give him a try and see for yourself just how good Twisted Fate is. 


League of Legends Champions are many – too many. With constant releases and oversaturation, it has become increasingly frustrating to get into the game. New players are directly deterred from even trying by Riot Games themselves, which is the biggest shame there is. 

League is a great game that does indeed take some time to learn, but when you figure it out – it’s one of the best games out there. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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