Top 5 Best Mobile Junglers in League of Legends

Sometimes, speed is everything in League of Legends. Mobility can be the deciding factor in surviving encounters or scoring kills on escaping enemies. However, in this list, we’ll be talking about mobile Champions that utilize it a bit differently. 

Junglers need to be mobile, all of them. It is a core part of the role that is utilized best in achieving successful ganks. Without enough mobility, most enemies will be able to escape your gank and/or counter-gank you. 

To help you choose the right Champion for the job, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best Mobile Champions in League of Legends. We’ve also talked about the Best Mobile Top Laners, so I advise you to check that one out as well. 

So, with that out of the way, let us begin with our list. (This list is in no particular order.)

1. Rengar

Rengar is one of the best gankers among the Jungle Champions. Most of this ganking capability comes from his high mobility and long-range that he can quickly use to dispose of enemies. 

The first part of Rengar’s mobility kit is his passive that grants him the ability to pounce on enemies from bushes. This ability has a great range, and there are a plethora of brushes on the map, even more, if the Ocean drake rolls around – turning Rengar into Mario. 

When his second bar fills up, Rengar can empower a spell. After using an empowered spell, he gets bonus movement speed based on level. It is a substantial movement speed boost that can help him run down an escaping enemy after jumping on them. 

His Ultimate also grants him a lot of movement speed – a bonus similar to his passive. It will also give him the ability to use his jump from anywhere and not just from a bush. Rengar is a true Assassin and will hunt down his prey until it’s dead. 

His speed and execution make him a ferocious Jungler that’s undoubtedly among the best. 

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2. Kayn

Most of Kayn’s mobility is situated within his Shadow form. It is speedy and, when compared with the Red form, it’s not even a contest. 

Kayn’s Q gives him a short-ranged dash that also deals damage – twice. Once when it passes through an enemy and then again in a spin. It is one of Kayn’s primary damage sources early on and will also serve to traverse through the terrain. 

But perhaps the core part of his mobility is the E. It grants Kayn total, unobstructed passage through terrain and structures. It also heals him a little bit, making it a vital tool for the early and late game. Apart from his Ultimate, it is also his primary survivability tool, which won’t be off of cooldown as much as this ability. 

As I’ve said, his Shadow form enhances not only the damage dealt but the speed of his abilities. His W will no longer require Kayn to channel it himself but rather leave a Zed-like Shadow to do it for him. This gives him more space to use the rest of his kit while still doing good damage with his W. 

Kayn is fast and is incredibly versatile – two aspects that deservedly put him on the S+ Jungler tier list. 

3. Lee Sin

Lee Sin speaks for himself when it comes to mobility. I can’t even recall how many times Lee ran me down with his insane speed and range that sometimes borders overpowered. 

A lot of this speed is attributed to the Items and builds Lee will acquire throughout the game. However, there’s a couple of tools in his kit that bump it up significantly. 

First off is his Q, a long-range projectile that, if it lands, allows Lee to dash to the enemy hit. This ability has tremendous range and is infamous among League players. Lee Sin is a Champion that lies among the most difficult, which is his kit. Using this ability and his other mobility tool that we’ll talk about next is not as simple as it looks. 

As I’ve said, it is infamous, and Lee himself is shrouded in various horror stories from the Rift that involve his strong kit. 

His W is his second mobility enhancing spell that also acts as a dash. This time, however, Lee dashes to either allies, friendly minions, and wards. It also has a great range, low cooldown, and even a recast that buffs Lee’s attacks. (  

The rest of his kit has a lot of uses that may or may not improve his mobility at a given time. Lee is one of the fastest Champions you can play, and you’ll have to be just as quick to use him properly. There’s a great payoff for learning and mastering Lee Sin, and I highly recommend you try him. 

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4. Hecarim

Perhaps the most challenging Champion to pin down, Hecarim does everything there is to do quickly. Whether using his 1-second cooldown Q or running down enemies with his E, he embodies speed. 

Since we’re speaking about general mobility, Hecarim’s primary tools are his E and his Ultimate. The E has produced many memes and jokes throughout the years, and it’s right up there with Rammus’ Q. It can propel Hecarim into insane movement speed ratings, and when combined with some other movement speed buffs, it becomes as ridiculous as you’d think. 

Moving on to his Ultimate, it’s a gap-closing charge that has a solid range and powerful utility. It is an excellent, engaging tool, able to fear multiple enemies and do good damage to a pool of enemies. Hecarim has a lot of different uses for this spell, engaging being one of them. Whatever you want to use it for, it’s just as good. 

He’s not a problematic Champion. On the contrary – he’s relatively simple. I recommend trying him out as he tends to be great fun to play. 

5. Master Yi

Last but not least, Wuju’s final Master is the name of the game when it comes to speed. I know I’ve said that the list is in no particular order – and it is not – but Yi certainly holds a special place among the mobile Champions of the game. 

Though not explicitly as fast as some of the other contestants when it comes to the capabilities of his kit, Yi only gets quicker and stronger as the game progresses. There is not a single build for this Champion that does not emphasize his swiftness. Whether it be movement speed or attack speed, Yi does everything fast, efficiently, and lethally. 

But his kit is not entirely devoid of mobility. His Ultimate is one of the most notorious speed boosts in the game. It makes Yi completely invulnerable to slows, gives him movement speed, as well as attack speeds. The real charm about the spell is that its duration extends if Yi scores a takedown with it active. 

This means that he can, during team fights, remain as fast as one can possibly be for the entire engagement. Being immune to any slow is also something that not many Champions have, and it only adds to Yi’s unstoppable and blazing fast nature. 


Speed is sometimes everything in League. It is undoubtedly essential to attack fast, move fast, or just be quick with your fingers. We’ve covered one of those aspects in this list – the movement, and we’ll likely cover the others at some point. 

Be sure to check out our Attack Speed Items list to grasp that one better in preparation for any upcoming addition to this category. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as lists, guides, and articles. 

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