Top 5 Best Mobile Top Laners in League of Legends

Recently I’ve constantly emphasized that the Top Lane isn’t exactly what most people think it is. It doesn’t only have immobile, slow, and yet heavy-hitting brutes with big axes and clubs. No, there’s a lot more offered in the role. 

The Top Lane is home to some of the most mobile Champions to date, and we’re going to discuss them in this list. 

They are fast and combine the best of both worlds when it comes to balancing out the damage and speed. Farming, Laning, roaming – everything is quick and strong with these Champions. Due to their reliance on swift fingers and a fast mind, they’re also some of the hardest – but we’ll get to that. 

So, without further delay, let us begin with the 5 Best Mobile Top Laners in League of Legends! (This list is in no particular order.)

1. Kennen

Kennen is a Champion that uses Energy rather than Mana. This makes him an extraordinary ability spammer, especially in the late game. As an AP Champion, he has many items available to increase said spams, and his E is as annoying as it gets. 

It’s his primary source of mobility, granting 100% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. In the later parts of the game, this can amount to insane movement speed, giving him the ability to go in and out quickly and efficiently. 

Kennen loses the ability to attack but will damage opponents he passes through. If he hits at least one enemy, he will restore energy. Upon recasting the ability, he even gets a ton of attack speed, and not only did he move quickly, he now attacks fast. 

It’s a great spell that Kennen players love to spam and use from start to finish and will annoy the hell out of you. It allows him to be the real engager he is – to get into the fight and ravage through big pools of enemies with his Ultimate. 

2. Kled

If there ever was an initiator in League of Legends – it’s Kled. Mobility is part of his entire being, though a unique mechanic balances it. 

Kled rides Skaarl – his trusty lizard. This cursed lizard gives Kled a second HP bar and a separate ability kit. Without Skaarl, Kled is immobile, slow, though not too weak. Mobility is the name of the game with Kled, and when dismounted, it is a great counter-balance to prevent him from being too mobile. 

When mounted his E dashes him forward. If he hits an enemy with the dash, he can recast it again to dash to said enemy once again. The recast’s range is excellent and requires no aim, so keeping close to enemies is something you will be doing a lot with Kled. It is also a great escape tool, as the distance covered by the dash is nothing to skim over. 

But perhaps what’s the most fantastic thing about Kled is his Ultimate spell. It charges Kled to a select location, and he picks up speed the longer he moves. The range is semi-global basically and can send you from Lane to Lane in seconds. The problem is that you’ll pounce at the first enemy encountered, but if you aim it correctly, you’ll cover ground in no time. 

Allies can join you in this charge, making this spell one of the most fun and most vital for team fight initiations. You can use it to escape, to initiate, cover large distances quickly, etc. It’s a versatile and fantastic spell that peaks Kled’s mobility and makes him one of the most mobile Champions in the game. 

3. Irelia

Out of all the Champions on this list – Irelia really needs the slightest explanation. I mean, when you have a Champion that resets her spells for the entire game and just keeps casting, casting, and casting until you’re dead – it speaks for itself. 

Most of Irelia’s mobility lies within the Items she’ll eventually build. That and her God damned Q. Her Q resets whenever she uses it on an enemy marked with her E or R or when she kills an enemy with it. This allows Irelia to be Yasuo 2.0 in the Lane, dashing from minion to minion in split seconds. It’s borderline impossible to prevent her farming or hit her with a spell if you’re fighting around the minion waves. 

Later on, when things move away from Lanes, she can still reset the spell by jumping between marked enemies, making her even harder to hit during essential fights. She can mark multiple enemies with her E, jump around, and then mark them again with her Ultimate. 

You can see for yourself that Irelia is League’s Mario, jumping around minions and Champions like Goombas. As one of the most overpowered Champions in the entire game, making her even harder to catch, pin down, and hit is just trolling from Riot at this point. 

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4. Riven

Riven is mobility embodied in a Champion. As one of the most difficult Champions in League (or even the most difficult), she’s also one of the quickest and can cover large distances in split seconds. 

Riven can achieve this with her low cooldowns and the lack of a Mana pool. Her 3 Q casts allow her to cover solid ground quickly, deal damage, and even knock up enemies in the process. When combined with her E, Riven can be very menacing in chasing and escaping. 

Both her Q and her E allow her to jump over walls and structures. These spells can be life-saving and life taking if you get wrongfully caught in their effects when used correctly. Though her E is only a simple dash and shield with no damage, animation canceling and other uses make it extremely important in Riven’s kit. 

As I’ve said above, she’s one of the most difficult Champions ever to exist on the Rift. This mobility peaks when used by the right people, and if you want to try Riven’s speed out at any point, prepare yourself for a world of pain as she’s super hard to learn and get into. 

5. Fiora

Fiora is a movement speed beast. Rather than relying only on a dash (she has one, too), Fiora runs fast, buffed by her assertive passive. 

Her passive Duelist’s Dance gives Fiora bonus movement speed whenever she procs it with either her spells or her basic attacks. It comes up as a mark on nearby Champions that Fiora can hit and activate, dealing bonus damage, healing, and getting bonus movement speed. 

The bonus movement speed of her passive is tied to her Ultimate’s level, getting only better as she levels up throughout the game. Later on, when Fiora is packed with good Items (most of which will grant some form of movement speed boost), she’ll be running at you with light speed and murderous intent. 

Another part of Fiora’s mobility is her strong Q that has an extremely low cooldown, lowered further when she hits an enemy with it. This means that it’s a spammable spell that will let her stay on the target or efficiently escape, as it does allow dashing over walls and structures. 

At any rate, Fiora is mighty and one of the best 1v1 Champions in League of Legends to date. Her speed only adds to her dueling insanity, and there’s plenty of it. 

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Speed is everything sometimes in this game, and being mobile can be immensely helpful. Whether it be to escape with your dear life, denying the enemy 300 gold – or the opposite, to chase and pin down – it’s powerful just the same. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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