7 Best Mobility Champions in League of Legends

Speed is everything in League of Legends. I’ve said that repeatedly in all articles about mobility, attack speed, etc. Being fast means that you’re elusive; people cannot escape you and you’re much more powerful overall. 

Through the Season 11 itemization changes, it has become increasingly easy to buff up your mobility. However, some Champions have a head start by default, and that’s what this article is all about. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best Mobility Champions in Season 12. Much has changed during these chaotic two Seasons, and no one knows what the future holds. Thus, if any patch was to disrupt this list, we’ll update it accordingly. 

Without further ado, let’s begin with our list! 

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7. Katarina

Katarina is a Champion that, unlike some others on this list, doesn’t emphasize movement speed. Her mobility comes from her spells and an overall kit design tailored for fast-paced gameplay. She can blitz around the Lane and quickly take out any enemy she deems the target. 

Her W buffs her movement speed for a brief while, and she can use it to close any gaps quicker. However, everything revolves around blinking around using her E. Katarina’s cooldowns are reduced every time she gets a kill/assist or picks up a dagger. With enough daggers to throw around, she becomes entirely uncatchable. 

She can jump around using her E for as much as she wants. With a solid range, it can be quite the escape tool. It acts almost like a second Flash, giving Katarina the ability to engage, escape, and do whatever she wants with it. 

That W movement speed buff plays well with her E, allowing her to traverse an even greater distance. Rarely can one escape Katarina’s deadly grasp, and once she gets on you – there’s not much you can do. 

I highly recommend Katarina to all Mid Lane players. She’s an entertaining Champion to play, and you’ll love every moment of it. Don’t be deterred by her complex mechanics, as the fun factor allows for quick and easy learning. 

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6. Lilia

Lilia is, next to Udyr, likely the most robust mobility Jungler out there. Though her early game movement speed isn’t that great, it’s undoubtedly a beast by the late game. Everything she does buffs her movement speed, allowing her to close any gap (or create one). 

Lilia’s movement speed is best utilized by running around the enemies. You’ll notice she often does this, as her Q grants extra true damage on the outer edge of the spell. Lilia can then promptly use her insane movement speed to run around them and repeatedly use her Q. The cooldowns are low enough to allow spamming, and Lilia loves doing that. 

There’s rarely a game with Lilia that she doesn’t abuse this wholeheartedly. She has all the means of utilizing mobility as much as possible, and she won’t refrain from doing so. She can pin you down using her sleep and quickly come near enough to bash your head in. No distance is too great for this Champion, which should speak for itself. 

I highly recommend Lilia to all the Junglers out there. She’s super strong right now and enjoys a high level of popularity. This is, of course, deservedly so – as Lilia can decimate enemy teams like it’s nothing. Trust me on this one, guys. 

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5. Udyr 

Udyr has a base movement speed of 350. Udyr shares this stat with a whopping 7 other Champions, a sizeable though not large category. Most Champions fall between the 325 – 345 speed range, with only a handful above that. 

So, what gives Udyr the pleasure to be listed here instead of the other 7? Well, he can increase that movement speed beyond the proposed amount more efficiently than the rest. 

Namely, each spell cast grants Udyr some bonus movement speed, and since the cooldowns are practically non-existent, Udyr can keep switching stances and resetting the movement speed bonus infinitely. Adding sugar on top, his E grants him movement speed even more regardless of the passive increase between stances. 

Since a lot of Udyr’s core items will have extra movement speed in their stats, making him one of the fastest overall Champions in the game. We’re using base movement speed as a guide in this list, but Udyr would likely place a bit higher on the list if we weren’t. 

He is a unique Champion, so I advise you at least take a look at him. 

4. Gnar 

Gnar’s movement speed at level 18 reaches up to 355 and can be increased in various ways. Gnar starts the game off as a 335-movement speed Champion, a bit on the lower side. By leveling up his Ultimate, his passive movement speed bonus increases by large percentages, almost doubling by the time he hits level 16. 

Gnar’s passive W grants him extra movement speed if he lands the 3 stacks required to activate it, making him a dangerous enemy to be chased by. However, Gnar has a large detriment to his chasing capabilities – Mega Gnar. He can fill up his passive bar insanely fast if he keeps hitting his passive and chasing the enemy, which can slow him down if he unwittingly turns into Mega Gnar. 

At any rate, Gnar’s build also revolves a lot around speeding himself up and slowing others down, which in turn makes him a lot faster than others even though proposed values might be a bit lower than others on this list. 

Gnar is insanely mobile by other means of traversal, which also benefits his position. 

I recommend Gnar to all Top Laners that want a good ranged/melee duality Champion that isn’t Jayce. 

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3. Elise

Elise, like Gnar, has a secondary form. She falls into the very low movement speed category when walking on her two feet, but thankfully Elise has a way of speeding herself up. How? Well, she literally adds like six more legs to her by turning into a spider. 

This makes Elise have 355 movement speed, falling into the second fastest category in the game. Although her number is above Gnar, she is more of the same, and the reliance on keeping herself in one form and not the other to be fast makes both of them niche in this regard. 

Thus, I don’t have to explain much and say anything that wasn’t true about Gnar already. Elsie is a Jungler, an exceptional one, and I recommend her to all Jungle players that like a bit of AP gameplay. 

2. Master Yi

Master Yi is undoubtedly the fastest Champion in League of Legends overall. The sheer amount of movement speed this Champion can muster is insane, especially if he has someone to help him with that in his team. He is closely contended by the likes of Quinn, who is insanely slow when not on her falcon. 

However, Yi has a 355 movement speed at level 18, equaling Gnar and Elise before him. What he differs in, though, is that he doesn’t need any secondary form to maintain this speed and is that fast by default. 

From there, Yi can only get faster, and his main tool for achieving extra speed is the Ultimate that gives him up to 55% bonus movement speed and even renders him immune to all slows. Since a lot of his main items will also add extra movement speed to him, he just keeps getting faster and faster with each passing minute in the game. 

Despite this, he has to remain on the number two spot due to the criteria we’ve set before starting the list, and the following entry is no slug by any means. In fact, you’ll see just how fast she can get. 

Yi is one of the oldest Champions in the game and is so simple that I don’t even want to waste time explaining. Try him. You won’t be mistaken. 

1. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia has the largest base movement speed at level 18 with a whopping 400 base movement speed. There is a catch; however – Cass cannot buy boots. I mean, she’s a snake – what did you expect? 

Cassiopeia has an amazing movement speed-enhancing ability with her Q and a ton of slows on the rest of her kit. Her core item is Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, which will apply a slow to any enemy she hits with her spells. This only adds extra slows to her already decrepifying kit. 

Cass’ Q gives her up to 50% bonus movement speed if she hits a Champion, and she can then gun them down and slow them with her powerful W and E. Despite not being able to wear boots, Cass is a speed demon in the late game. 

Her Q speeds her up so much, and she slows everyone down that she ends up feeling a lot faster than she actually is. 

At any rate, Cass is one of the most difficult Champions in the game, making her a rare sight in lower elos. Be the hero of your rank and master this powerful caster. You won’t regret it.  


With so many Champions in the game, it’s challenging to select seven of the best. Even when we narrow the selection down by choosing only from a particular pool, it isn’t that easy. To be the best means something, and the Champions listed above are incredible. I would love it if you gave them all a try as they’re unique in every possible aspect. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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