Best Mordekaiser ARAM Build in Season 12

Morderkaiser is one of the best late game champions in the game. He scales perfectly well throughout the game, and he becomes an unstoppable beast when he reaches level 16 (just like Kassadin). Here's how to play, and the best ARAM build for Mordekaiser in Season 11!

Mordekaiser in ARAM in Season 12 – Strengths and Weaknesses

If you want to learn the best build for Mordekaiser in ARAM in season 12, then you’ve come to the right place! Mordekaiser is an extremely powerful champion that can 1v5 matches as you know what to do with him. Here we will take a deep dive on which items and runes are must-haves for Mordekaiser in ARAM in Season 12, as well as talk about some of his true strengths.

When it comes to Mordekaiser and Howling Fjord, his playstyle isn’t too different from ranked Summoner’s Rift. Being an AP melee champion, Mordekaiser’s power requires some setup. The main thing to master is his E – Death’s Grasp. This ability has a fairly long cooldown during the early game, so you don’t want to waste it on the minions.

Mordekaiser’s W – Indestructible, gives him a shield and heal, which are essential for surviving in ARAM. His Q – Obliterate is one of the hardest-hitting abilities in League of Legends when “beefed” up with the right build. And his R – Realm of Death grants Mordekaiser a free kill in 99% of the situations.

All of this combined makes a very easy and very dominating champion. Mordekaiser’s true strength lies in his ability to 1v1 any champion in the game. So if you want to succeed as Mordekaiser, start by eliminating enemy players one by one!

Now let’s jump onto the build!

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Best Build for Mordekaiser in ARAM in Season 12

Summoner’s Spells

The Summoner’s Spells for Mordekaiser seldom change! Flash is mandatory for all champions, and Mark is the next best mobility spell in ARAM! You can sometimes swap it for Ignite, but since Mordekaiser doesn’t have any dashes or leaps, Mark will be necessary for gap-closing!

Best Runes for ARAM Mordekaiser

Runes for Mordekaiser are basically the same ones that you would use on the Summoners Rift. Nothing's different. The main rune for him is Conqueror, alongside with Triumph, Last Stand, Taste of Blood, and Ravenous Hunter.


Conqueror is the go-to keystone for Mordekaiser in all game modes in League of Legends. This rune is simply amazing for melee champions for the raw healing and damage it provides during a fight. With every attack and ability against an enemy champion, you buff up with bonus adaptive damage and healing. Mordekaiser can very quickly stack this rune up, which makes a natural choice for him.


Triumph is a must for many champions in LoL, including Mordekaiser. Since Morde is 99% of the time in the front line, constantly fighting, he desperately needs passive healing. Triumph restores HP after every kill/assist and is a very useful rune on Mordekaiser.

Legend: Tenacity

And since Morde doesn’t have any form of mobility in his kit, crowd control abilities can certainly stop him from carrying the game. Well, Legend: Tenacity removes a significant portion of these effects by making him almost immune to them. So make sure to pick it up every game!

Last Stand

Last Stand fits perfectly with the playstyle of Mordekaiser. The rune grants up to 11% bonus damage while you’re below 60% HP. Mordekaiser isn’t a squishy champion, but he is very susceptible to poking and being slowly drained. So having extra power while being on low HP is very useful for him!

Taste of Blood

The core idea of playing Mordekaiser is to be a nuisance to anyone in the enemy team by constantly being there up in their faces. But that won’t be possible without self-healing! Taste of Blood is a very reliable rune in this sense because every 20 seconds, Mordekaiser gets a “free” heal through one of his abilities!

Ravenous Hunter

And the same goes for Ravenous Hunter! This rune provides you with up to 2% omnivamp based on stacks you get by scoring kills or assists. It may not seem like much, but with enough champion takedowns, Mordekaiser can top his health only with his W!


For the bonus runes, the best combination for Mordekaiser in ARAM is one Attack Speed rune, one Adaptive Force rune, and one Armor/Magic Resist rune.

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Best items for ARAM Mordekaiser

Even though Mordekaiser is only powerful in the late game, he does a pretty good job in ARAM aswell (if built right). That's why we've decided to make a Mordekaiser ARAM guide to show you the best build for him!


Riftmaker is a fantastic mythic item that simply works wonders on Mordekaiser! It synergizes extremely well with Conqueror and thus makes Morde one of the scariest champions to face in 1v1. Riftmaker grants stacks of bonus damage for each second spent in combat. And at 10 stacks, Mordekaiser deals true damage!

Mercury’s Treads

Remember what we said about Legend: Tenacity and Mordekaiser? Well, the same goes here! The best counterplay to Mordekaiser is CC. But if he can freely walk Howling Fjord, he’ll be the strongest champion in the match! That’s why Mercury’s Treads are the must-have boots on Morde!

Demonic Embrace

Demonic Embrace is another of those items that slowly charge their powers. This one, however, instead of granting bonus flat damage, burns your enemies based on their maximum HP. It is a very powerful item overall, especially against tanks. Plus, it grants you magic resist and armor while the burning effect is on!

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter has been one of the key items for Mordekaiser’s build ever since the champion was reworked. Due to his short ability range, Morde struggles to chase mobile champions down. So, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter simply helps him keep his enemies in range!

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya’s Hourglass is a core item as well, simply because Morde has no option of escaping a fight when he is in danger. The active – Stasis, allows him to by himself some time and turn the duel the other way!

Spirit Visage

And as the last item, Spirit Visage has proven to be the best choice overall. Needless to say that in any ARAM match there is at least one AP champion in the enemy team, so Spirit Visage will always have at least some value. But the reason why it is a must for Mordekaiser is that it boosts the healing he does during the game. So, make sure to always purchase it!

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