Best Mordekaiser Skins – Ranked From The Worst To The Best

Mordekaiser is the Master of Metal, and in his wardrobe, two interests are reflected – rock and destruction. For the rock look, he has a different type of armor with various decorations. For the destruction look, he has Pentakill. 

However, there are many more looks for this champion – to make it easier to find the best Mordekaiser skins, I have put together a list of the best Mordekaiser skins from worst to best, so the further you get into this posting, the better the skins are going to get.  

You’re going to find that this Iron Champion has many unique skins that you can buy…

1. Infernal Mordekaiser

The Infernal Mordekaiser skin is aimed at giving a dark and fearsome look to Mordekaiser. However, there’s a small contrast between colors, so the look is slightly on the dull and unattractive side. Unless you like the specific color pallete, there isn’t a whole lot going on with this skin, and you may want to skip. 


  • New textures for Mordekaiser and his mace Nightfall
  • New particles for Harvester of Sorrow


  • No new animations
  • Classic look

The price for this skin is 520 RP.

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2. Pentakill Mordekaiser

This is a pretty cool skin that keeps the traditional silhouette and imposing look of this champion while at the same time adapting him into being a guitar player, which I think is very cool. The hard work look is conveyed through armor, and many may look at it as if it’s too elaborate for a rocker unless you’re thinking glam rock. 

In addition, his mace has been transformed into a guitar that looks similar to an ax (not a bad touch at all, Riot). This is an excellent skin that doesn’t disappoint and has gained a lot of attention from Mordekaiser fans. 


  • Mace is a guitar


  • No new particles
  • No new animations

The cost of this skin is 975 RP

3. Lord Mordekaiser

The Lord Mordekaiser skin is decent; it has an outrageous design, but I wouldn’t label it attractive, yet it’s not out of place. The spaulders and gauntlets are a bit too ornamented for my taste, and then you have the tights and abdomen; those seem too plain and unprotected, not matching the rest of his costume. 

Then, he’s wearing a cape, which kind of makes me laugh because was Riot trying to make a joke with this? The mace and helmet are stylish – the mace has a lovely glowing effect to it. 


  • The mace has a glow effect


  • No new animations or sounds

The price for this skin is 975 RP

4. Dragon Knight Mordekaiser

Dragon Knight Mordekaiser’s skin is pretty cool and deserves its spot down here on the list at number five because of the quality of the model. Unlike the other skins I mention, this one has a slightly lighter armor appearance, making it stand out from the others. Take that, and add a nice pair of dragon horns combined with a Warhammer, instead of the traditional mace, and the Dragon Knight is a big hit, much better than the other four I just mentioned. 


  • Cool dragon horns
  • A Warhammer


  • No new animations
  • No new sounds

The price for this skin is 520 RP

5. King of Clubs Mordekaiser

The King of Clubs Mordekaiser skin is a bit different from the other skins on this list. This skin has our champion dressed up in a club suit motif. His sturdy metal gear comes with a heavy club combined with a lavish cape as well as a refined crown. 

However, the broad armor may be a bit over the top as it seems bulky and slow, yet he still finds a way to put fear into his enemies. Many would say that this is straightforward skin, but it still looks great. Mordekaiser’s style is recognizable, and the royalty mixed in there is pretty neat. 

Despite it all, King of Clubs Modekaiser is an excellent remodel, and if you’re a fan of the Master of Metal, you’re going to enjoy this one. 


  • Mordekaiser dressed in a club suit motif
  • New golden particles for Harvester of Sorrow


  • Now new animations

The cost of this skin is 750 RP

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6. Dark Star Modekaiser

Riot did a fantastic job on the Dark Star Modekaiser skin, and I believe it is nesting amongst the best skins, and this one, unlike the others, has unique particles for each ability. If you purchased this skin back when it first came out, you made a good investment as it’s one of the best.


  • New unique particles for each ability
  • Looks great


  • None, it’s perfect

The cost of this skin is 1350 RP.


When you look at Mordekaiser’s skins, they’re not the best, but they’re better than nothing. I believe many of them need to be reworked, but that’s just my opinion. I would recommend the King of Clubs Mordekaiser skin, but that’s just me. 

Lord and Pentakill Modekaiser are alternative that is acceptable. The latter is more like a joke, while the former is a bit on the ridiculous side. Regardless, if you’re a Mordekaiser main and you want to have something that stands out from the crowd, do your research, and make an educated decision before you purchase one because you don’t want to have to use one of your refund tokens (you get a total of three refund tokens).

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