7 Best Movement Speed Items in League of Legends

Movement Speed is one of the cores and most important stats in League of Legends. It determines how fast your Champion moves and has an even greater impact on some Champions that scale from this stat. There are plenty of items in the game that increase or modify Movement Speed. Some of them do this with a flat increase (percentual increase), and some may impact it differently. 

In this list, we will go over the 7 Best Movement Speed Items. Not all of these Items will have Movement Speed increases within their base stats since there are so many passives and modifiers that can change Movement Speed. 

As these items are all very situational, tailored for very different playstyles, and are immensely diverse, this list is in no particular order. There is no tool to measure which Item is better than the other when they are made for two opposite types of Champions/classes. 

So, without any further drag, let us begin with the 7 Best Movement Speed Items in League of Legends. 

1. Blade of the Ruined King 

Stats: +40 AD, +25% Attack Speed, +10% Lifesteal

Unique Passive – Mist’s Edge: Basic attacks deal 10%/6% (melee/ranged) of the target’s current HP as bonus physical damage on-hit. 

Unique Passive – Siphon: Basic attacks on enemies create stacks that proc at 3, dealing 40 – 150 (based on level) bonus magic damage on-hit and applying a 25% slow for 2 seconds while you get a 25% movement speed increase. 

Blade of the Ruined King, while not increasing your base movement speed stat, is one of the Items that have the buff built into one of its passives. This passive can be tedious to proc if you don’t have the right build to go along with this Item. Mostly you’ll be sporting it on those fast, heavy hitters that can stay face-to-face with the enemy. A few good examples of this type of Champion are Jax, Master Yi, and Tryndamere. 

Building other items that will keep the enemy close enough to be hammered to death is, as I’ve said, likely a necessity. I recommend you also sport some of the items found on this list and the likes of Phantom Dancer, which is a solid combo with Viego’s trusty weapon. This Item costs 3200 gold. 

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2. Eclipse 

Stats: +55 AD, +18 Lethality, +8% Omnivamp

Unique Passive – Ever Rising Moon: Hitting an enemy Champion twice in quick succession deals bonus damage based on their max HP, as well as granting you movement speed and a shield. 

Mythic Passive: Empowers your Legendary items with 4% Armor Penetration. 

Eclipse I’ve crowned the best among equals in our best anti-Armor items list, so don’t miss out on that one. It will provide you with a lot more details about the Item than this one. While the current Assassin meta reigns supreme and Lethality items following suit, Eclipse stands out as one of the more potent items to purchase in these days of Season 12. It is a versatile item that can fit a variety of Champion types, including the ones I’ve mentioned above. Though applicable to them, I’d recommend taking Eclipse on some of those that will actually benefit from the Lethality path. 

Assassins are an immediate example, and I can safely see Eclipse built on the likes of Jayce, who has a great multi-spell engagement on his melee form. Though he can also fully engage with his ranged abilities, the melee ones are his Assassin side coming to the surface. Apart from being an item that boosts your movement speed greatly in combat, it will also give you a lot of armor shredding capabilities that will help tremendously against that pesky Rammus that stacked 600 Armor on himself. Eclipse will set you back for 3200 gold. 

3. Luden’s Tempest

Stats: +80 AP, +20 Ability Haste, +600 Mana, +6 Magic Penetration

Unique Passive – Echo: Dealing ability damage to an enemy deals an extra 100 + 10% AP magic damage to the enemy and 3 units around it. It also grants movement speed on impact. The cooldown is reduced by doing ability damage to Champions. 

Mythic Passive: Empowers your Legendary items with 5 Magic Penetration

The 15% Movement Speed increase may not seem as much with this Item, especially when it has a 10-second cooldown. But, if you’re playing a fast caster like Kassadin, you’ll find yourself more under the buff than without it. The cooldown reduction can, at times, be substantial – up to 3 seconds per cast. This means that only a few spell casts can lead to a reset, allowing you to speed yourself up and do a hell of a lot of bonus damage. 

Luden’s Tempest is often considered the power spike for many mages, apart from being a solid movement speed amplifier. When they purchase this Item, they literally receive free bonus damage every few spell casts, which greatly boosts their burst potential. If you were struggling to one-shot enemies with your all-in before you purchased this amazing Item, you’ll certainly struggle no longer. At 3200 gold, it is at a great price that shouldn’t be skimmed over when playing Mages. 

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4. Galeforce

Stats: +60 AD, +20 Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance

Unique Active – Cloudburst: Dash to a target location and fire missiles at the most wounded enemy nearby. 

Mythic Passive: Empowers your Legendary items with 2% bonus movement speed. 

Though it may not be among the items that grant the most movement speed, it certainly increases your mobility by a wide margin. The dash is often very helpful, and the damage it does is substantial enough to complement your kit. I’ve had the opportunity to get obliterated by these missiles, as they can get powerful. This Item’s movement speed aspect peaks when you have a full build of 4 legendary items, giving you an 8% bonus in total.

Despite being a small bonus, it is enough to keep you on top of your enemy at all times. Especially so if they’re playing some immobile brute, this Item is mostly found on ADCs and can tremendously increase their ability to kite opponents. At 3400 gold, it is a solid Mythic item that you should keep an eye on. 

5. Night Harvester 

Stats: +90 AP, +15 Ability Haste, +300 HP

Unique Passive – Soulrend: Damaging an enemy deals bonus Magic Damage and grants movement speed. The duration increases on subsequent triggers. 

Mythic Passive: Empowers your Legendary items with 5 ability haste. 

Night Harvester’s passive is based on a per-Champion trigger. The cooldown is the same and goes down per-Champion rather than having a global passive cooldown. This means that you can chain multiple triggers of Soulrend on multiple Champions for a solid duration of a 25% movement speed bonus, apart from other things. This Item excels in speed, and apart from granting a solid boost to your mobility – it also amplifies the speed of your abilities. 

A 15 Ability Haste base and the Mythic passive mean that this Item will grant a minimum of 35 Ability Haste alone, boosting your cooldown reduction by around 17%. Combining this with some of the other strong AP items that amplify CDR and you’ve got yourself a semi-URF caster that also moves very quickly. The +90 AP (which is among the highest of any item) will also make you a heavy-hitting caster. This Item costs only 3200 gold, making it a literal steal at the price. 

6. Prowler’s Claw 

Stats: +60 AD, +20 Ability Haste, +18 Lethality

Unique Active – Sandswipe: Dash to an enemy Champion, dealing damage to them and increasing the damage you deal to them for a duration. 

Mythic Passive: Empowers your Legendary items with 5 Lethality. 

This Item doesn’t grant movement speed at all in any of its official stats. It does grant a mobility boosting, gap-closing dash that can eliminate the need for a high movement speed stat. With this Item, you can be at your opponent’s neck in the blink of an eye and subsequently proceed to pummel them to death with whatever means you have available. 

Often this Item is picked up by AD Assassins, as its Lethality bonus and ability Haste amplification is nothing to skim at. But, it is also situationally purchased by Gangplank, who need a quick and efficient gap closer against Champions with one too many escapes (looking at you, Riven). Whoever buys the Item will certainly profit from it, as it offers a great tool that can change the course of fights. At only 3200 gold, this Item is as efficient as it gets, so be sure to take it for a spin. 

7. Trinity Force

Stats: +35 AD, +20 Ability Haste, +30% Attack Speed, +200 HP

Unique Passive – Threefold Strike: Basic attacks grant movement speed; attacking Champions or structures increases base attack damage. 

Unique Passive – Spellblade: Check the League wiki for a detailed look at Trinity’s version of the Spellblade passive. As I’ve said already in some of our other lists – the Spellblade passive changes with each Item that has it built, so the Wiki is your best source of information when it comes to these variations in percentages, effects, etc. 

Mythic Passive: Empowers your Legendary items with 3 bonus AD, 3 Ability Haste, and 3 bonus Movement Speed. 

If this list was not unnumbered, Trinity Force would be the first regardless. It offers so much speed apart from movement speed that I think it just is the best Item in the game overall. But, our topic is movement speed so – what exactly makes it the best. Well, the first of two passives makes it so that whenever you attack someone/something, you get a flat 20 bonus movement speed increase.

This means that you can keep hitting your target while running after them, maintaining a solid boost to your movement speed in the process. Combining this Item with Blade of the Ruined King can make you a speed demon that chases down opponents left and right, mercilessly and tirelessly. 

The Mythic side of this Item also grants bonus movement speed. At a full build, you will see a total of 32 flat bonus movement speed increase in the proper conditions, making this Item a speed demon’s wet dream, to say the least. Not only will you be hitting hard and hitting fast, you’ll also have the legs to support that speed and run as fast as lightning. This Item best suits the Champions that can profit from such a buff – once again like Jax. The Item uniquely and symbolically costs 3333 gold, making it the exact and perfect price it needs to be at. 


Movement speed is a core stat. A lot of passives, abilities, and items can amplify, or deprecate, this crucial stat. These are just some of those items, and some didn’t make the cut. One of those is the entire repertoire of boots whose sole (pun intended) purpose is to make you run faster. I excluded them due to how basic they are, and everyone knows boots make you faster. I wanted to explore a different world of items in this list, and I hope you enjoyed it. 

These lists take a while to make, so be sure to leave feedback to help me improve. Keep a keen eye out on our LeagueFeed website for more content like this and much more. 

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