Top 7 Best Muramana Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends players are familiar with the Muramana item, evolved item which can only be obtained if you first have a Manamune. You may not know that the Muramana item is named after Muramasa, which is a sword made by a famous Japanese swordsmith. It costs 2900 gold, and you can sell it for 2030 gold. Muramana is an item that gives Ability Haste (15), increases Attack Damage(35), and gives Mana(860) to your champion. Unique – Awe grants bonus attack damage equal to 2.5% maximum mana while Shock focuses on basic attacks on-hit against champions deal 1.5% maximum mana bonus physical damage.

Dealing ability damage to champions with abilities deals (Melee role 3.5% / Ranged role 2.7%) maximum mana (+ 6% AD) bonus physical damage. It can only be triggered on the same target every 6.5 seconds from the same attack or cast. Muramana itself grants a total of 56.5 attack damage. Who are the champions who have the most benefits from Muramana? 

So let’s begin!

1. Ezreal

Ezreal is a champion who deservedly comes first when it comes to the strength he achieves when he incorporates Muramana into his build. He is an excellent ADC due to his high mobility, which easily avoids the opponent’s spells, but he can also catch an enemy champion. When he reaches the core item, Manamune (who later transforms into Muramana), mana is no longer a problem.

He becomes an extremely powerful champion who can carry the late game. However, in addition to a strong build, it is important to choose the correct runes; with Ezreal, Presence of Mind is the ideal choice for solving mana problems. With Presence of Mind, later in the game, when Ezreal has Manamune or Muramana, his mana will turn into AD and thus boost his strength.

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2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune may not be the first pick for the Muramana item, but if Manamune is found in her build, she becomes unstoppable, doing huge damage and possessing infinite mana. She is a poke ADC, which makes her extremely dangerous when she becomes fed up, and without losing the mana, she can, again and again, poke opposing champions with her Q and E spells.

Her greatest strength lies in her ult, and when she owns a Muramana item, it charges her with the most serious attack damage that one item can give. With the help of Muranama, Miss Fortune can dominate the game and team fights, but it is necessary to win as soon as possible so that the opponent’s tank champions would not weaken her. However, it is worth trying this lethal build on Miss Fortune.

3. Jinx

Jinx is another ADC that shows its strength only in the late game. Her ability to fire her powerful rocket from a great distance and thus kill all the champions with low health is simply amazing. With the purchase of a Manamune item for a low amount of gold, Jinx gets a lot of mana and attack damage. Stack the Manamune quickly, and you will get a Muramana that will turn Jinx into a dangerous beast and threat to the opposing team giving it even more attack damage. To sum up, Jinx will have more flaws for her rockets and more flaws for her spells, so it’s a win-win situation for her to carry her team to victory.

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4. Kai’Sa 

Kai’s is a must-have choice to build Muramana for several reasons. Our beloved “Daughter Of The Void” is one of the strongest late game ADC whose strength depends on her build strength. Kai’sa has a damage problem that occurs already in the early game, so it is important to include Manamune in its build as early as possible. Manamune, or later Muramana, will most affect Kai’sin Q, Icathian Rain.

With Muramana, Icathian Rain will evolve and make Kai’sa stronger faster than usual. As Muramana gives a large amount of mana, Kai’sa will become extremely strong and will do tons of damage to the opposing champions. Seeing this, Manamune should be your first build because it is cheap and allows Kai’sa her Q evolution as soon as possible.

5. Varus

Among the champions who use lethal build, Varus is definitely among the strongest. He is a poke ADC, so his strength lies in Q; Manamune gives him the ability to poke incessantly, especially early on. Manamune gives Varus 10% Cooldown, 25 Attack Damage, and 300 Mana. When Manamune builds enough stacks of bonus mana and reaches a maximum stack of 700, it turns into Muramana and gives Varus 300 to 1000 mana. However, Varus has a weakness if he uses this build because the more the game progresses, the more his damage decreases, which means that Varus and Miss Fortune must use his strength as soon as possible not to become easy prey that can easily be killed.

6. Lucian

Muramana and Lucian give a deadly combination that can do great damage to the opponent’s champions. His auto attacks will apply the Muramana twice because his passive and choosing Presence of Mind runes will allow Lucian high mana for Muramana damage and mana recharge during team fights. With Muramana, Lucian’s ult becomes deadly for rival champions. The biggest disadvantage of this lethal build is that Lucian is quite strong in the early game, and this kind of build makes him an easy target at the beginning of the game.

Let’s be clear, Lucian will bring Muramana with enormous build and decent game huge strength, without equal. Still, for the Muramana item to be effective, it is necessary to survive up to about 20 minutes, which is not an easy task, especially for inexperienced players. This build allows Lucian to play top, mid, or bot lane and also increases his attack damage and cooldown reduction, so it’s worth trying how strong Lucian can become with Muramana.

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7. Jhin

Last on this list but certainly not the least important, Jhin, the Artisan Killer, is another ideal choice for Muramana build. Using his auto-attacks does the most damage, and each damage is very strong. Since he needs a lot of mana and base damage, Manamune will allow him to do just that. With Manamune and later Muramana, Jhin will be able to destroy his opponents with auto-attacks and will be supplied with a sufficient amount of mana throughout the match.

Among all ADC, Jhin has the biggest base mana pool, which along with completed Muramana gives him bonus attack damage on auto-attacks, W, and ult and thus allows him to seriously wound or even kill champions who have a normal level of health.

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