The Best Mutant Comp & Strategies in TFT – In-Depth Guide

Mutants are by far the most interesting composition in the whole TFT. It is their unpredictability that makes them so popular among the players of the League of Legends universe. Riot has really nailed it with them and the whole unstable evolution theme. 

The most fun part of The Mutant composition is the fact that they never have the same bonuses with every game. It constantly changes. I mean, you don’t have an infinite number of combinations, but if you were to play 5 games, a good chance is that every time The Mutant trait bonus would be different. 

The Mutants also number a large amount of pretty damn good champions, in my respective opinion. Now since the release of the new patch, the comp has had some changes and adjustments, but I think it’s for the better since now you can have all 7 Mutants much earlier, and you don’t have to combine them with a lot of different traits and champions to make it work. 

Set 6 had only 5 mutants, so you were basically forced to have some other champions and compositions on the field, which wasn’t always easy as it sounds since you were item-dependent a lot. Now, that is not the case since the sum of all mutants is much larger, and their respective styles can be combined with any item you get. 

You aren’t tied to 1 carry since their numbers are larger, so you can do a little bit of micromanagement and separate at least 2 carries from the rest of the team. Depending on the items you have, you can go for the tank, AD, or even AP composition. This is also affected by what you get from the items and what your opponents are playing as well.

Since there are only 6 Mutants available in the shop, you need some luck on your side to get the full potential of The Mutant combination. Luckily for you, the range of options are pretty high. You can get The Mutant emblem from your Augment, The combination of Negatron cloak with The Golden Spatula, and from the forever loved Tome of Traits. 

As you see, the chances of you getting 7 Mutants is pretty good. Your job is to survive until the late game, where your most powerful Mutants come along, and they come in hot, with massive amounts of damage!

The composition itself is pretty fun and engaging to play since you have many opportunities and possibilities to turn the tides of the game in your favor. Mutants weren’t very special by themselves, but when you combined them with Protectors, they could become a fairly viable build. Now they are great all by themselves. 

Since you can’t plan around Mutants (due to not knowing their bonuses prior to the game), every match is going to be a fun surprise!

At 3, 5, and 7, Mutants gain a different Trait bonus from game to game. 

  • Cybernetic Enhancement grants bonus stats to Mutants with at least 1 item. 
  • Voracious Appetite strengthens Mutants on each ally’s death. 
  • Voidborne executes targets below a Health threshold and deals true damage. 
  • Hyper-Adrenal Glands give a chance for Mutants to deal additional attacks. 
  • Synaptic Web reduces the Mana cost of Mutants’ Abilities. 
  • Bio-Leeching grants Omnivamp (healing for a percentage of damage dealt) to your team. 
  • Metamorphosis grants stacking bonuses to Mutants at regular intervals.
  • 3 – Bonus Active
  • 5 – Bonus Active
  • 7 – Bonus Active


According to their respective price in game, the list goes:

  • Kassadin
  • Rek’Sai
  • Cho’Gath
  • Malzahar
  • Kha’Zix
  • Kai’Sa

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Kassa has been around since the beginning of the Set 6, but we were able to see him in some earlier patches. He was pretty much constantly good in TFT like he was always good in Summoner’s Rift. His starting price of just one gold coin is a very nice price for what you get. 

He was maybe a tiny bit stronger in the earlier patch since he was both Mutant and Protector, so when he was combined with Garen, the early game damage from those two and the sheer sustain they got from their shields was sick! Now, The Protector trait has been removed from the game since the release of the patch 6.5. 

Kassa is now rocking The Scholar trait instead of the Protector trait. I think it is okay since now we can pair him with the newly added Silco that rocks the same trait and can be combined both with The Scholar trait and the Mutants trait if you find The Mutant Emblem in your respective game.

Kassadin is a nice unit for the early game. He is not the strongest one gold coin unit, but I guess I can say he fits somewhere in the mid-range of the field. His positioning should be in the front of the field since he is a melee champion. 

He had a lot more sustain before since his ability worked very well with the Protector trait, making him a very powerful champion and the one you could rely on even in the later phases of the game. 

Now he is a lot more squishy and likely to die very soon. This isn’t such a bad thing when you think about it, since that leaves a space open for your other Mutants to have his items or the ones that should be his, to be more precise. He should take the front middle of the board and take aggro.

I wouldn’t use any items for Kassa, but if you feel like a rebel, or you just have a magnetic remover to use later in the game, then I guess he could benefit from The Blue Buff, The Titan’s Resolve, and The Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

As he is a very cheap unit that has a large pool for the game, 29 to be accurate, he can be leveled easily, so you should abuse it and have him level three as soon as you can since it can save some of your HP and win you some fights until you have your later, stronger Mutant or Scholar units on the board, and ready for a fight!

Kassadin’s ability and stats:

Null Sphere

Kassadin fires an orb of void energy at his target, dealing magic damage, applying Mana Reave, and granting Kassadin a shield that reduces incoming damage by 30% for 4 seconds.

  • Damage: 200/275/340
  • Mana Reave: 35/50/65%
  • Health 750 / 1350 / 2430
  • Armor 35
  • MR 35
  • Damage 50 / 90 / 162
  • Speed 0.65
  • DPS 33 / 59 / 105
  • Mana 60 / 100


With the release of patch 6.5 along came the Voidborn Rek’Sai. Rocking even three traits, Rek comes in hot and strong as a strong, versatile, and tanky champion. She is A Mutant, a Bruiser, and a Striker (also the new trait that came along with patch 6.5) 

Rek’Sai is a strong frontliner capable of dealing some serious damage while taking a lot of aggro instead of your squishy units. The moment patch 6.5 hit the servers, our girl (at least that’s what Riot says, even if she doesn’t look that feminine to me) has been adored by all of the TFT players because of the sheer utility that she brings to each game she is in. 

Even if you want to add her another trait because you simply need some good frontline and sustain, she is a great pick. She works with Mutants, Bruisers and Strikers, and every other combination of those and other traits. She has a lot of HP without items, and her ability is focused on utility but has some kick to it too, which means damage, of course. 

You can use her to carry your games, and since she is quite an inexpensive unit with a large pool, with her price of just two gold coins, you are going to max her to level three very soon if you do your rerolls cleverly.

For items, she does benefit from a lot of them. The ones that stand out from the crowd are The Runnan’s Hurricane, The Bloodthirster, The Titan’s Resolve, and The Warmog’s Armor. But any kind of bruiser items work on her, and those meant for tanks as well. 

It really depends on what you need in a particular game that you are playing. Either way, she will be useful for any game you pick her, believe me.

Her position is in the center or the sides of the frontline, so she can deal the initial damage to enemies frontline and take as much aggro as possible. Alone she won’t do much since she is a Bruiser and not a tank, so it would be advisable to have some other champions in the frontline to pair her with.

Rek’Sai’s ability and stats:

Furious Bite

Rek’Sai bites her target, dealing 125% of her Attack Damage and bonus damage, stealing her target’s Armor and Magic Resist, and healing herself.

  • Armor / MR: 30/35/40%
  • Bonus Damage: 100/150/200
  • Heal: 150/250/400
  • Health 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Armor 40
  • MR 40
  • Damage 70 / 126 / 226.8
  • Speed 0.7
  • DPS 49 / 88 / 159
  • Mana 60 / 90

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You need to be a sick, stupid, or just plain unskilled League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics player to hate Cho’Gath. The thing is A BEAST! (that likes to feast, sorry I had to). Cho is a unit that has been around the whole of patch 6 and stayed with us with the arrival of patch 6.5. And I can’t be happier because of it. 

He is a monster. He grows in size, chomps, and one-shots your enemies, and combined with The Titan’s Resolve. He can get big as half of the field when his levels are maxed. He rocks three traits, being The Mutant, The Bruiser, and The Colossus trait. 

That means she works very well with Rek’Sai since they both rock The Mutant and The Bruiser emblem. This just means that if you are playing The Mutant composition, you will have at least 2 bruisers in the team, and if you are playing The Bruiser comp, the two mutant bonus is secured. 

The second one is better, in my opinion, but the first one works just as fine. Cho’Gath is a champion that puts a smile on every face that plays him since he is the whole point of every game. 

To have fun. I mean to see your Cho grow to a size that you almost can’t see other champions on the board, and then just eat enemy’s team, champ by champ. I mean, you can’t stay neutral to that. 

Let’s speak about his items. Cho without The Titan’s Resolve is just no point in playing, tbh. So that one is a must! Other items really depend on your mood and the requirements in your particular game. He benefits from The Sunfire Cape, The Warmog’s Armor, The Blue Buff, The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, and even The Jeweled Gauntlet.

He should be positioned along with some other Bruisers or tanks in the center of the frontline of the battle arena. I also should mention that if the enemy is rocking some hard CC composition, The Quicksilver is a great option on Cho as well.

He isn’t a very cheap unit, with the price of three gold coins, but he is the unit that you should prioritize since he will always be your primary or secondary carry in any composition you go for. Sit back and relax while looking at your Cho chomping on the opponent’s champions. Nom, nom, nom!

Cho’Gath’s ability and stats:


Cho’Gath devours the lowest Health enemy within range, dealing magic damage. If this kills the target, Cho’Gath gains a stack of Feast, up to. Each stack of Feast grants 2% bonus Health and size permanently.

  • Damage:850/950/1050
  • Max Stacks: 6/12/999
  • Health 700 / 1260 / 2268
  • Armor 50
  • MR 50
  • Damage 90 / 162 / 291.6
  • Speed 0.55
  • DPS 50 / 89 / 160
  • Mana 100 / 165


Malza is copy-paste champion from the Summoner’s Rift. When I say that, I mean that Riot has made it a spamming, non-stop E machine that just burns everything on the board. As I said, his ability in-game is the exact replica of his in-game E, called The Malefic visions in the Rift.

He can be a menace and can easily carry any game for you if you decide for him as your core champion. Coming with The Mutant and The Arcanist trait, Malza has stayed the same through the whole patch 6 and 6.5.

If you are going for The Mutant composition, it can depend on many things if he is going to be your carry, since we already know The Mutant composition changes with each game, and there are a lot of possibilities for Mutants in a game.

The second thing that you are dependent on are the items since he does benefit from the usual AP and Omnivamp items. With The Arcanist comp, Malza already has some might AP bonuses, so he could benefit from some sustain in the form of Quicksilver and Hextech Gunblade.

Okay, let’s cover the items as they should be covered. In-depth. For The Mutant composition, I can’t give you specific items, but it is always some form of AP. In The Arcanist composition, he already has a lot of AP, but you can always go for The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The Hextech Gunblade, The Quicksilver, and The Blue Buff.

I promise you he will delete your enemies in the blink of an eye. It is always fun to see the enemy champions HP melting like ice in the sun. Malza wants to see the world burn. His position should be somewhere behind the front line or somewhere in the back, protected from the initial aggro of your foes.

He is a mid-range champion when it comes for the price, so he isn’t that easily maxed to level three. But you should always go for it since the benefits are mental.

Malzahar’s ability and stats:

Malefic Visions

Malzahar infects the mind of the closest unafflicted target, dealing magic damage over 8 seconds and applying 40% Magic Resistance shred for the duration. If an afflicted target dies, Malefic Visions spreads to the nearest unafflicted targets with the remaining duration.

  • Damage: 625/875/1050
  • Spread: 1/1/2
  • Health 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Armor 30
  • MR 30
  • Damage 40 / 72 / 129.6
  • Speed 0.65
  • DPS 26 / 47 / 84
  • Mana 30 / 60


The newcomer in the TFT arenas is our favorite bug-alien-void creature, Kha’Zix. He came along with the release of patch 6.5. His theme has stayed the same as he is on the Summoner’s Rift, so he is still a stealthy, high damage, burst assassin. He is pretty strong but an expensive pick, and he is worth his money. 

Since his release, he has become one of the best four gold coin cost champions since he deals a huge amount of damage. If you are lucky enough to get him in the early game from some of your augments, I would definitely consider changing your whole composition and strategy for that game. 

If you get him, hold on to him. He is rocking The Mutant and The Assassin traits. He is quite useful in both of them, but he is squishy, so if you do not have The Edge of the Night or The Quicksilver, he won’t be as useful as you might expect since he tends to die rather quickly in the battle without some degree of sustain to his name. 

This is expected since he is an assassin that jumps all the way to the enemy’s backline and has to deal with their highest powered units. The enemies carry. 

For items, you should go for The Bloodthirster, The Hand of Justice, The Infinity Edge, The Edge of The Night, or The Quicksilver.

His position is the same as every other assassin. Directly across the place of the board, you want him to jump in as soon as the game starts. Those places are the ones you expect your enemy’s carries to be.

Since he is a late-game unit, I don’t expect that you will be able to get him to level three each game. Most of the time, you won’t be in that situation, so he does work well even at level two, but some three cost units from both Mutants and Assassins might do more damage since they will be able to get to level three rather quickly than Kha. This is the reason why you should consider equipping him with items.

Kha’Zix’s ability and stats:

Arid Assault

Kha’Zix leaps towards the lowest Health enemy, striking them for a percentage of his Attack Damage plus Bonus Damage and increasing their maximum Mana by 50% until they cast.

  • Base Damage: 195/200/225%
  • Bonus Damage: 175/225/500
  • Health 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Armor 35
  • MR 35
  • Damage 90 / 162 / 292
  • Speed 0.9
  • DPS 81 / 146 / 262
  • Mana 0 / 40

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Kai’sa is one of the strongest five cost champions in the game. With her ability basically being an overpowered version of Kassadin’s ult (well, that makes sense since she is his daughter). She is definitely The Top Pick for both your Challenger and Mutant comps. She’s so versatile as well since she can max AD, AP, or even Attack speed. 

If I had to place her in the tier of five cost champions, she would be like second or third place sitting behind Tahm Kench and Zeri. If you are going for The Challenger comp, then you already have enough Attack speed, but she can benefit from Guinsoo’s Rageblade there too! 

As for Mutant comp, it really depends on what type of Mutation the game gives you in that particular game. The Hextech Gunblade is always a good choice for her and The Rabbadon’s Deathcap as well.

Depending on the opponent’s composition, you should consider some sustain in the form of Quicksilver or The Edge of The Night if the enemy team favors some burst champions like the ones in The Assassin or The Arcanist composition. At level two, since level three is almost impossible to get, you will likely delete any enemy team after 10 seconds of the game. 

It is simple as that. If you have some champ equipped with items and you are going for level three of the same champion, you should probably sell the first one and just put the itemless one on the board and equip all of the items on Kai’sa. That is, of course, if you haven’t got any items left for her to equip.

Positioning should be considered somewhat like The Snipers or Assassin’s since she tends to act like The Assassin. That means far away from potential early fight aggro. To simplify, that means in the back of the board.

Items for Kai’Sa are The Guinsoo’s Ragebalde, The Bloodthirster, The Infinity Edge, The Rabbadon’s Deathcap, The Blue Buff, The Edge of The Night, and The Quicksilver.

She should be leveled as much as you can.

Kai’sa’s ability and stats:

Icathian Monsoon

Kai’sa dashes to the hex furthest from all enemies. She then fires a volley of missiles spread evenly among all enemies that deal magic damage. Kai’Sa fires a bonus missile for each time she has attacked this combat.

  • Missiles: 14/18/40
  • Damage: 50/75/150
  • Health 850 / 1530 / 2754
  • Armor 30
  • MR 30
  • Damage 60 / 108 / 194
  • Speed 1.1
  • DPS 66 / 119 / 214
  • Mana 75 / 150

Those were our basic units!

Now this comp wouldn’t be complete without one other champion that would rock The Mutant Emblem and put a crown on this whole composition. I thought a lot about what that champion should be and have came to solution that a champion in question should be Silco!

Let’s say a thing or two about him, shall we?


This champion brought a revolution with his arrival along with patch 6.5. Why is that, some might ask? Because Silco is THE FIRST CHAMPION, that isn’t a playable League of Legends character on Summoner’s Rift and ARAM that has joined the world of TFT. This was one unexpected turn of events since players had no idea what to expect from him on the battlefield.

He is the first Arcane original character to be released in a video game format.

In-game, he is quite a spectacle! I think that was RIOT’s plan all along since he is the first one of its kind, and they wanted to come in hot and with style.

And he is stylish, alright! Silco is a tall and thin middle-aged man with pale skin, combed black hair with gray streaks, a right blue eye, and heavy scarring on the left side of his face. 

His most notable trait was his left eye, which lacks an eyelid and appears to be heavily discolored, with an orange iris and black sclera. He is also seen wearing a red and black Piltovan three-piece suit.

Okay, let’s get back to the game itself. In-game, he rocks two traits, them being The Mastermind, which is unique to himself, and The Scholar trait that, in my opinion, works perfectly with this Mastermind trait.

This was Riot’s plan all along, the champion that is compatible with himself. The Mastermind trait At the start of combat, the Mastermind grants the 2 allies directly in front of him 50 Mana.

At the cost of five gold coins, he is one of the premium TFT champions and one of the expensive ones, with a reason to since he is a gamechanger. If you manage to get him at least at level two, that’s a win for sure.

His placing is very important since that is his whole purpose in the game. To be correctly positioned. He buffs two champions that are placed in two hexes right in front of him. So position him wisely. He should be positioned behind two of your carries or two of your strongest tanks. Whatever the game needs.

The items Silco mostly benefits from are The Spear of Shojin, The Chalice of Power, The Blue Buff, and The Rabbadon’s Death Cap. Levelling Silco should be a priority that I don’t even have to mention, so whenever you see one in the shop, you should go for it!

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Suggested Mutant Compositions

Early Game

This is a very cheap and easy build to get going, a majority of the units are 1/2/3 Gold cost champions. Get Rek’Sai, Kassadin, Cho’Gath and Malzahar during the early game. This team composition will grant you the following: 4 Mutant and 2 Bruiser synergies. 

Also worth mentioning is that this is a slow-rolling build, meaning that you will have to keep spending excess Gold to re-roll the shop and get three star units by the time you hit level 6/7.

Mid Game

The middle game is all about getting as many three-star units as you can. Add Swain or Syndra to the previously mentioned team as this will grant the team additional bonuses via Scholar or Arcanist, depending on which unit you’ve chosen. Try to work towards level seven, but keep prioritizing re-rolling the market and acquiring units.

Late Game

As you hit level seven you most certainly need multiple three-star units or you’re gonna lose. The core of this team should have Cho’Gath, Rek’Sai, Kai’Sa, Kassadin, Kha’ZIx, and Malzahar. 

As you reach level eight, Silco is currently the preferred choice as he gives you the buffs for two of your champions and works with Kassadin as Scholar. This is your make-it-or-break-it moment since every other thing depends on your leveling.

Final Thoughts

This is one incredible composition and certainly fun to play because of the sheer unpredictability. This comp is unexpected in every aspect possible. While playing this composition, you will learn many different mechanics and aspects of the game since you will never be fixed to just one composition. 

Sometimes you will go AD. Other times, you will go AP, and some of the times, you will go for the tanky option. One thing is for sure. You will never be bored with this composition since it works just like the roll of the dice. And remember to scale that Cho’Gath so you can enjoy feasting on your enemies.

Nom, Nom, Nom!

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