Top 10 Best Off-Meta Junglers in League of Legends (Updated)

Top 10 Best Off-Meta Junglers in League of Legends (Updated)

Are you trying to spice up your jungle life? Well, this article covers the top 10 best off meta junglers to help make your jungling exciting.

Jungling can sometimes become boring, especially if playing the same champion repeatedly, so this is why these off-meta Junglers will give a new turn to your jungling experience, especially if you are playing with your friends.

League of Legends’ META consists of four lanes and five roles. For example, the role for the mid lane is typically occupied by a mage or an assassin, while the bottom lane , should have a damage-dealing marksman and an enchanting support and the top layer should be a tank.

Multitudes of champions with different abilities also help support this META. Going against this meta and playing champions not meant for their role is called off-meta. With all of this being said, let’s take a look at the 10 best off meta junglers in League of Legends!

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10. Invisible Teemo

Invisible Teemo is a great champion pick which makes him one of the best off-meta junglers in Season 10

Do you want to completely destroy the enemy Jungler’s experience? Then lock in Teemo Jungle and walk into the enemy jungle and HIDE. Wait for them to come and simply kill the jungle monster in the last second and then kill the enemy Jungler too.

If you have a good Jungling sense, then you can keep repeating this in the different parts of the jungle to make the enemies’ life miserable. Teemo works extremely well as an off meta jungler because he can set up ganks like no one else, going invisible in the middle of the lane and re-appearing once the enemy has crossed you is definitely tilting, especially if done on repeat.

9. Brand

Even though he's not a popular pick, Brand is a strong off-meta pick in the jungle

Brand might seem completely off-meta and not viable in the jungle at all because you never see any mages in the jungle, but if you choose to try him out, you’ll be surprised. You may think that his clear is bad, but with the activation of his Passive on jungle monsters, clearing is quite easy.

Ganking is also quite simple because of his sh*t ton of damage, so you don’t need to worry about his viability. Brand’s stun also helps to set up ganks quite easily, which means that you can do very well with Brand being one of your off meta jungle picks.

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8. Twitch

Twitch has become a very popular off-meta jungle pick in the Season of League of Legends. He's been doing really great in the jungle thanks to his stealthy Q

Twitch might not seem that off-meta considering he works really well in the Jungle, but he is still an off meta jungle pick. You barely see any Twitch jungle players anymore but when you do, they carry the game. Twitch clear is kinda tricky because you need to make sure you kite while clearing to stay healthy, but apart from that he is solid.

His level 2 ganks with his invisibility is almost always a kill and apart from level 2, he can simply walk to any lane with his invisibility and pick-up free kills from everywhere. Not only this, but he also turns into a hyper carry late game as he can almost one-shot their whole team if positioned right.

7. AP Nunu

Full AP Nunu is a fun-to-play off-meta jungle pick. You'll definitely have a lot of fun if you choose him!

If you are talking about off meta junglers, then AP Nunu is the definition of off-meta. Imagine rolling down the river with the largest snowball ever and one-shotting the enemy. Imagine hiding in a bush and charging your Ultimate when an enemy walks by and they die immediately without knowing how or why they died.

All this is possible by our beloved and dear, AP Nunu. If you combine AP Nunu with a Ryze on your team, you can definitely make some very interesting plays with the combination of both your Ultimates.

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6. River Shen

Shen is one of the oldest League of Legends champions. He has always been a great pick for top lane or support, but you should really try him out as River Shen in jungle

Shen is one of the games’ oldest champions and, unlike other more popular new champions, does not see much gameplay. It is almost rare to see a Shen during a match and, when he is chosen, he is typically used as a tank support or tank top lane. But River Shen is another story.

River Shen creates its own role, play style, and even lane. The strategy is just to stay on the map’s river, gank a lane, and kill the opponent. To do this successfully, summoner spells used should be ignite and smite. You can easily do ganks with Shen thanks to his Taunt (E).

5. Talon

Top 10 Best Off-Talon Meta Junglers in League of Legends (Updated)

While he’s technically in the meta, Talon enjoyed a big rise in pick rate during season 12. While his clear speed wasn’t traditionally the fastest by a long shot, recent buffs that increase his effectiveness in the jungle have turned him into an excellent pick. 

One of the scariest things about a Talon in the jungle is the fact that he can basically come out of nowhere. Talon is, for the most part, a true assassin in-game. Assassin’s Path, even at level 1, is a skill that can seriously be abused throughout the map. In fact, few champions in the game, if any,  can vault through walls as effectively as Talon.

Much like Zed, he is a champion who can delete enemy squishies easily with his full combo. When you carefully plan your route of engagement with Assassin’s Path, you can swoop in, eliminate an enemy champion, then vault right back out. In the very worst-case scenario, Talon can use his ultimate, Shadow Assault, to escape.

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4. Karthus

Karthus Top 10 Best Off-Meta Junglers in League of Legends (Updated)

Yes. This exists. The value of picking Karthus as a jungler comes from Karthus being able to clear camps quickly. As such, he is almost always ahead of the enemy jungler when it comes to raw farming speed. This is mostly thanks to his Q and E abilities, Lay Waste and Defile, both of which cause AoE damage. These 2 alone make clearing the smaller camps a lot quicker. 

While Defile does restore mana per kill, this works better in mid than in the jungle. As such, Karthus is still very dependent on blue buff, especially early on in the game. This makes him a little bit predictable in terms of where he starts and where he goes every time it spawns. When he does go for a gank, his Wall of Pain lowers enemy magic resistance and slows down enemy champions, perfect regardless of whether or not the lane you’re ganking has an AP-dependent champion. 

Karthus is slow and has no real escape. Not too many traditional junglers are plagued by this weakness. However, his passive ability Death Defiled ensures Karthus doesn’t become completely useless when he’s caught out of position or targeted. Sure, in the lane, walking away from his skillshot range is a quick fix, but it’s a much harder feat to achieve in the middle of a clash when spells are flying left and right.

Lastly, his ultimate Requiem gets rid of those pesky low health enemies who try to flee in an attempt to survive. It is the skill that makes Karthus so infamous. Karthus also being relatively easy to pick up and play makes him a great addition to this list.

3. Nidalee

Nidalee Top 10 Best Off-Meta Junglers in League of Legends (Updated)

Nidalee has seen highs and lows throughout the years, but recent changes have caused a resurgence in picks. She’s never really been bad in most METAs, but she also seldom dominates. A big deciding factor about whether or not a champion is good at jungling in this meta is map scaling and how effectively a champion can rotate and help out with the enemy team. Suffice to say, Nidalee enjoys great mobility feats due to her R, Aspect of the Cougar, and Prowl

Nidalee also clears jungle camps fairly quickly when she is in cougar form. While in this form, her abilities don’t cost mana, which doesn’t make you too dependent on blue buff. She scales off AP and has a long-ranged poke.

While Nidalee herself doesn’t have any hard CC, she is able to consistently chase fleeing opponents, so that somewhat makes up for it. Her E in human form, Primal Surge, also offers a heal and a neat attack speed buff. This can also be cast on allies, which is great when someone more suitable for the attack speed buff is present. League is a team game, after all.

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2. Morgana

Morgana Top 10 Best Off-Meta Junglers in League of Legends (Updated)

Morgana is another AP mage who makes it to this list. She does everything a jungler is expected to do decently. She has no real map scaling, but everything else in her kit is great. Let’s start with her passive, Soul Siphon. It grants spell vamp when her abilities affect champions, large minions, and large monsters. This gives her a certain degree of built-in sustain when trekking through the jungle. 

While it is a skillshot, Dark Binding is devastating when it actually hits enemy champions during a gank. Enemy champions caught in it at max level are rooted for 3 seconds, and when you consider that Morgana could fire it at point-blank range (not likely, but the option is there) with no reduction in duration, it’s all the more terrifying. 

Her W, Tormented Shadow, is the main method she uses to clear camps and sustain herself. Every time Soul Siphon is triggered, the cooldown of W is reduced by 5%. This makes it great for sustain and clearing, as she can constantly spam it. Black Shield gives CC immunity as long as the magic shield is there. It lasts 5 seconds, which is usually enough of a window to time it right. Her ultimate, Soul Shackles, is a spell that can turn the tide of a clash when used at the right time. 

It basically deals a ton of magic damage while tethering nearby enemies if they weren’t fortunate enough to escape the wind-up. Morgana brings a lot to the table. Long CC durations, the ability to grant disable immunity, and DPS based on enemy health make her a terrifying enemy jungler to face against.

1. Taliyah

Taliyah Top 10 Best Off-Meta Junglers in League of Legends (Updated)

If there was ever a playstyle that embodied feast and famine, a Taliya in the jungle would be it. Taliya doesn’t get as much playtime as she should in the jungle mostly because of her clear speeds. To say it isn’t too good would be putting it lightly. However, she makes up for it in a bunch of other ways. She has incredible map scaling through her ultimate, Weavers Wall, and her passive, Rock Surfing. This means that – to some extent – she can make up for the lost time through quick travel. 

When she is ahead, however, she can be a real powerhouse. Her full combo can destroy squishier targets when used correctly. Overall, Taliyah is a bit closer to a damaging utility jungler. This works great with coordinated teams. For what she brings to the table as a whole, she’s earned a spot on this list.

Do you want to know about more off-meta champions in the other roles? Comment below to let us know!

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