Top 10 Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Top 10 Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a free online game played by millions of players across the globe. There are many different mods that are played in the league, but not many are as famous as One For All. One for all is an interesting mode in League of Legends. In this mode, your team votes for one champion, and everyone plays it. That means that on the map there are 5 Yasuo and 5 Teemo. You should try this mode because it is fun and interesting to play.

Teemo, Malphite, Blitzcrank, Brand, Ezreal, Yone, Yasuo, Ashkan, Wukong, and Qiyana are the top ten champions for one for all according to our ranking. These characters are popular, even in normal games. They are easy to play in this mod and have great synergy when facing enemies. 

This article will rank the top ten champions, starting from tenth place and moving to the first one. You will read about the mod itself, and lastly, I will list the best champions for this mod and discuss them in more detail.

What is One for All in the League?

One For All is a special game mode that is available every year in League of Legends. Released in the summer of 2013, One For All became a very popular mode in LoL.

The time-limited event is played just like a normal draft game. It takes place in the Summoner’s Rift, and players play 5vs5 trying to destroy the enemy nexus. The major difference here is hinted at by the name of the event. In one for all, your team votes and picks one champion to play as. The enemy does the same, and this creates a fun and enjoyable mess on the rift.

One for all, changes are not only limited to champion selection. Even though it may seem so, this is not an ARAM game with normal SR rules (yes, you can still smite your enemies). There are two other very important changes that make this mod completely different from any other League of Legends mode.

Champion selection in the One For All mode is slightly different than in any other game type. Instead of choosing one champion each, players have to vote for one champion that the whole team will play. The catch is that only unblocked champions can be played. During the event, you and your teammates can play any character, regardless of whether you own them or not. Because in One for All, you can vote for any champion and, on the same principle, ban any champion.

Once the voting process has ended, both teams will have one champion selected and five banned from each side, and they will start playing their match.

Riot has been bringing it back every year since its release. As well as other game modes for special events. Such modes are URF or Nexus Blitz. That shows how popular One for All is.

Custom Game, Friends Only?

One for all is a mod that can be played in custom mode. That means that you can enjoy it with a group of friends. That is one of the best ways to enjoy it, and generally, it is something done by many LoL players. Some do it on their own, others do not. It all depends on your wishes.

How to play one for all:

  1. Gather a group of friends and create a lobby in a custom or normal queue. 2. 2.
  2. One player must set the mod to One For All (party creator) and make sure it is enabled.
  3. Take part in a pre-planned or custom-made matchup.
  4. Vote as a team for the champion you want to play as well as for bans of champions.
  5. The enemy team votes on their champion. Their vote must be different from yours.
  6. Get started with the game and have fun!

In a one-for-all game, you should think about picking champions that can utilize their abilities in conjunction with their teammates. This list focuses on champions who can excel when paired with their clones. Whether it’s stacking an ultimate ability or using abilities that benefit from being able to hit multiple targets at once, these champs will be great for the mode.

10. Teemo 

Teemo Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Teemo is a very versatile champion and can be played in many different ways. This champion has always been an underestimated one in League of Legends. 

Maybe it was because of his small size and cute looks that he was never taken seriously. All until he was buffered in League of Legends’ newer versions.

Nowadays, you see him being played all over the place (especially on the top lane). You can even see the pros playing him sometimes! He is definitely a strong champion at the moment, and he is going to stay strong for some time! He is really easy to learn and master, and he is one of the most fun champions to play as well!

Teemo is extremely squishy, which means that he can easily die if hit by multiple enemies at once. That makes him vulnerable to ganks early in the game. During team fights, it is critical that you stay behind your teammates at all times. If you are caught out in front alone, it is almost certain death!

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 9. Malphite

Malphite Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Malphite is a brawler’s wet dream. His combination of crowd control and burst damage can be a nightmare for the enemy backline.

In One For All, Malphite has two distinct builds that are both viable: AP and tank.

Malphite is a slow, fat rock that hits like a truck. He has a very unique kit that allows him to be built in many ways. He can choose to build AP and use his burst to destroy enemy squishy champs, or he can run to the tanky side. And chain stuns and ults (Unstoppable Force [R]) all game long.

In One For All, Malphite can do both. You can pick him up in any lane, in any role, and he will still be a force to be reckoned with. While Malphite is not an infinitely scaleable champion like Gragas or Veigar, you can build him as tanky as you want and still have more than enough CC to annoy the other team.

Malphite’s passive (Granite Shield [P]) gives him a shield whenever he is out of combat for too long. This passive makes him a little trickier to play than most champions due to the fact that you do not want his shield up too often because it robs him of precious mana regeneration.

Malphite’s Q (Seismic Shard) is his most useful move in the One For All mode because it allows him to poke enemies from afar while staying safe. Because it is based on AP,

Rapidly hurl freight rocks at your enemies for unfathomable CC and damage. You can even use Unstoppable Force as an engaging tool if your team has great follow-up CC or damage from other sources.

8. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Blitzcrank is one of the most fun champions to play. The damage and range on his Q mean that he is able to secure more hooks from further back. With four other Blitzcranks by your side, you can now be sure that the enemy mid laner will never get a chance to cast a spell again.

What is even better than five Blitzcranks? Five of them, who are all playing together in the top lane, of course! With this sneaky tactic, you and your team can totally bully the enemy champions by grabbing them with the Q over and over again.

When you are playing One For All as Blitzcrank, always remember that it is good to be greedy. If you find yourself in a position where you can hit more than one person with your rocket grab, then do it! Your teammates will appreciate the free kills you provided them as a result of your nab.

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a Blitzcrank One For All match-up. Then you know how frustrating it is to be hooked five times in a row. Not only is this extremely annoying, but it is almost impossible to dodge.

However, if you are looking for some lighthearted fun. And want to play with your friends, Then Blitz is a great option.

To start off, we recommend putting at least one point into Rocket Grab (Q) and Power Fist (E). These will be your bread and butter most of the time. However, as the game progresses, you will want to max out Static Field (R) next. That will be used in unison with your teammates’ hooks or punches to create devastating crowd control combos.

It is also worth noting that Blitzcrank can build tanks and still put out a lot of damage with his Power Fist (E) and Overdrive (W). Be sure to activate these abilities before charging into a team fight.

7. Brand

Brand Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

That is literally a monster of a team comp. Pretty much every enemy will just get destroyed by your five brands, so you don’t need to worry about countering anyone.

Champions with crowd control abilities are great for One for All. This version of the game mode allows you to stack a lot of the same champions, which means that you get huge spam of crowd control skills. That makes it difficult for your enemies to move and is a great way to win your games.

One of the best champions in this mod is Brand. He has a lot of crowd control abilities, and he deals a lot of AOE damage. If you stack five brands, you can use their skills one after another and make sure that the enemies can’t escape from your crowd control skills and AOE damage abilities.

Brand’s passive is very good. While fighting and damaging enemies, he set them ablaze. Once this stacks three times and kills the enemy, he will regain mana. Once the stacks are maxed, it will cause an explosion, dealing additional damage. That is a great way to deal more damage with all the other abilities that you use in this mod.

The Q skill of this champion deals magic damage and can even stun enemies if they are ablaze. That makes him perfect if on the field there are a few more brands. The cc and damage will make it a hard time for the enemy. If that is not enough, his W is perfect for spamming enemies in One for All.

The only thing you should worry about is the assassins because the brand is quite a squishy champion. He is very vulnerable to them, as most can easily kill him.

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6. Ezreal

Ezreal Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

for good reason. Ezreal has been a staple in the bot lane for a long time. He offers an absurd amount of utility and damage to his team. If you want to impress your friends with your professional skills or make the enemy team rage quit, Ezreal is a great pick for One For All.

As if things weren’t already unfair enough, Arcane Shift (E) and Flash allow you to outplay any situation that gets thrown at you. Stacked Trueshot Barrages (R) might even give you enough damage to take objectives such as dragons or barons.

There are two key factors to consider when choosing a champ for one for all: synergy and survivability. If your champs can’t work together, you will have no chance of winning the game. And if you don’t have a means of escape from certain death, you will spend more time dead than alive.

Ezreal is a champion that has a lot of utility and high damage output. That makes him one of the best champs all around. His abilities synergize well with each other, allowing his team to melt through teams like butter. With Arcane Shift (E), Ezreal can instantly jump over walls to escape or chase down an enemy. And Flash works as a secondary escape ability if you find yourself in dire circumstances.

Aside from having great utility, Ezreal also has incredible damage output when stacked with his teammates. Essence Flux (W) can be stacked with extra marks, dealing insane amounts of damage to enemies hit by it. That is especially good after hitting an enemy with Mystic Shot (Q), as each Q mark proceeds to the W mark. Finally, Trueshot Barrage (R) can be stacked after level six and provides devastating Ulti combos that can almost instantly kill an enemy team.

5. Wukong

Wukong Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Wukong is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. He can be built either as a tanky bruiser, a high-damage assassin, or even a support. Because the kit is so diverse, if you pick Wukong, you will have to tailor your build and playstyle to your team’s composition, but in One for All, there is only one way to go with him: full attack damage.

Wukong is a difficult champion to play. But in the right hands, he is extremely powerful. He has a lot of area-effect damage and crowd control, making him a good choice for One For All.

Unlike the other champions on this list, Wukong does not exactly have a lot of burst damage or even a lot of CC for that matter. What he does have is an incredible amount of survivability. and some of the best-sustained damage in the game.

Wukong is a great pick for One for All because he can easily take on all five players in a team fight and come out on top without breaking a sweat. His passive stone skin gives him extra armor and health regeneration. That HP regeneration and bonus armor will be great with some extra bonus health, so building Wukong as an AD bruiser will give you a huge boost when it comes to durability.

That is not all that makes Wukong terrifying, though. He also has multiple abilities that can easily take out any squishy champion in one combo.

The first is Crushing Blow (Q). This ability gives Wukong a stack of armor penetration against each champion hit by it. Plus some additional damage and range. It is best used on a single target to maximize the armor penetration stacks. With his ultimate Cyclone (R), it gets even more useful since they won’t be able to move while the abilities are on cooldown.

Then there is Warrior Trickster (W). This ability will make Wukong conjure an image of himself after a short delay and cast it again in the direction he chooses to go. Your opponent will have no idea which one is real and which is not. That gives you perfect mind game opportunities. 

4. Qiyana

Qiyana Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

For the most part, every champion in League of Legends is viable in One for All. But some champions are simply better than others because of their kit and playstyle, which makes them more flexible and fun to play in a five-player game mode.

If you are looking to pick a champion to play during the One for All Summoners Rift event, look no further than Qiyana. Her abilities are perfect for the game mode, both aesthetically and mechanically. Her innate talent to deal massive damage and stun multiple enemies makes her a prime pick for this game mode. She is mobile and has a stun on a short cooldown.

Qiyana is so good for this mod, especially if you build her on lethality. Imagine five of them together. The damage they will do is insane. Let’s not forget the great CC abilities she has. It will be a piece of cake for her to keep you stunned for the entire 5 seconds. That can be followed by another and so on till your champion dies.

Given all this, Qiyana is a champion who will dominate in your One For All game as she is able to pick up kills on multiple champions even in the early game. Followed by the whole team, and with the combination of their skills, your enemy will have little to no chance. Of course, all of this depends on the team’s coordination. If it is bad, the play will be poor, and you will not be able to have it your way easily.

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3. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Every champion in the game has a reason to be played, and Heimerdinger is no different. In fact, the Professor is one of the strongest picks in this game mode, assuming you have a full team of Heimerdingers.

Why does he work so well? Well, turrets. His passive allows him to place turrets anywhere on the map and then upgrade them twice for increased damage and range. As if that wasn’t enough, he also has Hextech Micro-Rockets (W), which is an AOE that hits twice and deals some magic damage.

The cherry on top? He isn’t easily interrupted by crowd control effects as he fights from a distance. And the best part is that his abilities can be upgraded by using his R, making them even stronger.

The key to victory with Heimerdinger is the ability to set up turrets in advantageous areas, especially in the early game. If you are able to properly place your turrets. You will be able to farm and zone very well. The more turrets that are alive and on-field, the greater your damage output, the greater

One of his biggest weaknesses is a lack of mobility, which makes it easy for enemies to dive onto you if your turrets fall or aren’t placed correctly. You can try to mitigate this by using Hextech Micro-Rockets as an engaging tool and then backing off, but don’t expect yourself to be a great duelist.

If you want to play a bit more passively, be sure to place your turrets in the bushes for some early vision. If the enemy team pushes, you can use them to zone off enemies from taking your turrets or from killing you under a turret.

Just be careful of Heimerdinger’s HP and mana, as he is squishy and strongly dependent on his mana. Also take care of the AA range, especially if you are playing against champions like Caitlyn or Ezreal, who can poke you down from afar.

2. Yasuo

Yasuo Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Yasuo is one of the best champions to pick for One for All, especially if you are playing with a group of friends. He is all about chain knock-ups and combos. So when there are five Yasuo on the same team, the enemy team will be flying left and right constantly.

Even though Yasuo has been nerfed during many of the patches in LoL. He is still one of the most fun to pick. If one Yasuo hits a knock-up, the entire team can dive in with his ultimate, dealing massive amounts of damage.

It is also likely that you will be able to get an ultimate combo off since the enemy team will have to dodge five tornados at the same time. Five wind walls can be obnoxious against a ranged enemy team, too. Since you can practically wall off an entire lane.

Yasuo is a strong solo laner that can do well in most match-ups in One For All but is best suited to the top lane. His ability to reposition and dodge abilities with Sweeping Blade (E) makes him one of the strongest champions in this mode. Yasuo’s kit also allows him to be a great backdoor champion as well. Due to his Last Breath (R) ultimate and his high mobility with Sweeping Blade (E).

His Q, Steel Tempest, hits multiple targets at once and launches enemies into the air. When used properly, it can hit every enemy champion on the map. With the right timing, you can knock up every enemy with just Q on the third charge.

1. Yone  

Yone Best One for All Champions in League of Legends

Yone’s kit provides him with a lot of utility that makes him more than just a glass cannon assassin. His Q Mortal Steel is a great gap closer that also knocks up enemies, which is pretty good to have in one for all games where you are bound to be fighting in a team fight most of the time. Yone W Spirit Cleave was an excellent ability that guaranteed his survivability even when he was outnumbered. His W deals percentage damage and gives a nice shield. This percentage of damage is perfect for tanks as they can easily abuse them. The only problem with this ability is that it has a relatively long cooldown.

His E Soul Unbound allows him to enter spirit and opens up a world of possibilities for him. Leaving his body behind, he can easily dive into enemies’ under turrets. While in the soul form, Yone gains a movement speed buff. The best part about this skill is that once he returns to his body, The enemy will take a percentage of the damage he deals. That makes it perfect for killing enemy champions. You just have to stack his abilities, and you get free kills.

All of these champion abilities are even more messed up in one. You can combine them with your allies. For example, if 3-4-5 Yone uses W and dives under the enemy turret with their ults, the chances of survival for the enemies are very- low.

This champion kit is versatile and can be used in many situations. In One for All, it provides you with everything. From good survivability to great cc and stunningly high- damage.

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In the end, all of these champions are very good for One for All. It also depends on what you like to play and how good you are with the specific champion. But even with little to no experience, you will be able to pull off great plays with your teammates, most of them listed in this article. Finally, keep in mind that modes like One for All are just for fun. There is no point in tryhard on them, so play what you would like to and just enjoy the match. I hope the article is helpful, and thank you for reading it.

Have you ever wondered just how many champions LoL has? Read on to find out!

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