Top 5 Best Champions To One Trick In Season 12

Season 12 has been a pretty hectic one so far. We’ve seen so many champions rise from the depths of solo queue and become hyper-carries. But we’ve also seen some that went from “recommended mains” to “better stay away” picks. So how can we know which ones to go for? Well, worry not! Here we’ll talk about the top 5 best champions to one trick in season 12 of League of Legends!

The way to determine the absolute best champions to one trick is to run them through multiple factors. Some of these factors are the amount of damage a champion can do, the amount of self-healing he posses, and whether they can go to multiple roles (top and mid, for example). But even if you want to stick to one champion and one role in season 12, we’ll give you the picks with the most potential for every lane.

Let’s begin!

5 Best Champions To One Trick

1. Irelia

Simply put, Irelia is an amazing pick in season 12. She hits all the right spots and performs incredibly in both the top lane and the mid lane. That’s a huge advantage, especially if you’re already comfortable with playing these two roles. You can also play Irelia in the jungle, but it requires a bit of knowledge beforehand.

In the top lane, Irelia has very few matchups that are troublesome for her. She usually goes even or wins by out-sustaining her opponents. Her laning phase is generally safe due to the reset mechanic on her Q. Irelia can safely farm the ranged and the melee minions simply by dashing to them when they’re low on HP.

On top of that, Irelia’s build in S12 is also fantastic. Thanks to items like Immortal Shieldbow, Wit’s End, Death’s Dance, and Guardian Angel, Irelia gets a lot of defensive stats as well as damage. This allows her to duel anyone on Summoner’s Rift and to survive prolonged team fights.

As Irelia, you generally want to keep splitting unless your team is in some heavy trouble. Most players don’t dare attack Irelia alone, so you’ll constantly be pulling the enemy team away from your team. This will give them more freedom around the map to either take neutral objectives or push elsewhere. And it’s a very good strategy to win games in all elos.

Irelia definitely takes a lot of time to learn and master. You can’t become an Irelia OTP overnight, so we heavily suggest you to practice her until you’re comfortable with her kit. She depends on the correct usage of her abilities and can’t rely on basic attacks only. So, practice!

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2. Lee Sin

And the best champion to one trick in season 12 as a jungler is Lee Sin. Now, this statement is usually true in every season. And the reason for that is because Lee Sin is a very flexible champion that adapts to every meta and has multiple different builds. But the S12 version of Lee Sin beats all the rest!

Truthfully, this year Lee has been played much less in the jungle than in the middle and top lanes. He’s proven as a fantastic laner because of his high damage output and never-ending lifesteal. Throw his insane mobility in the mix as well, and you have an unkillable champion! So if you’re going to one trick Lee Sin, you can comfortably play him in the mid or top as a secondary role.

Now, Lee Sin can easily be defined as an all-around champion. Although his kit can be easily understood, it takes a lot of effort and time to truly master it. However, it also allows Lee Sin to create fantastic plays, even if he’s the one that’s behind. And contrary to previous seasons, Lee Sin’s combo of Q>E>R>Q usually kills the target.

The build that you should be running on Lee in S12 is mostly offensive and full of damage and lifesteal. Not only is it good for quickly eliminating carries, but it also gives you an edge when fighting for long.

If you’re going to be an OTP Lee Sin this season, then you must be comfortable with things like “InSec” and “Flash Kick.” True, these moves aren’t mandatory, but most of the time, they confuse the enemies. So you can use them to ensure your victory!

3. Zed

If we can summarize the mid lane meta of season 12 with one word, then the word is “assassins.” They’ve been so prevalent this year that there is rarely room for an AP mage in the mid lane role. Riot’s buffs towards the lethality items paved the way for champions like Talon and Qiyana to excel. But Zed is the ultimate best AD assassin in S12!

If you’ve been playing League for a while now, chances are that you know how to play Zed. True, the champion has many different combos you can do, but the design of his kit is easy to understand. So even if you aren’t an OTP Zed right now, you can pick him up and start practicing with success.

As Zed, your mission in every match is to get as much lethality as you can. Zed has the privilege to purchase 5 lethality items (plus boots) per game, but also to swap between them too. For example, you can go for Edge of Night, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, or The Collector, depending on the situation.

But Zed is also flexible with the mythic items. You can either go with Duskblade of Draktharr or Prowler’s Claw. But Eclipse also works good on him, especially against tanks.

In the mid lane, Zed has no difficult matchups in season 12. His damage is currently so high that he can melt down even tanks like Mundo. In most games, you’ll be able to eliminate carries, as long as you don’t go a couple of levels behind. And that makes him one of the best champions to one trick in season 12!

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4. Ashe

As an ADC main, we heavily recommend you to one trick Ashe. Ashe may not be the most exciting champion to play on repeat, but she’s way too efficient in today’s meta. She has such as simple playstyle that most of you can learn in a day and start climbing the ladder right away!

Ashe’s main strength is her R. And the perfect way to describe the Enchanted Crystal Arrow is “free kills.” You see, Ashe’s ultimate is one of the fastest traveling abilities in the game. It’s very difficult for enemies to react to it, even if they see it coming. And there is simply no way of side-stepping this spell if you don’t have Flash to get away!

Because of this, Ashe can constantly pick up kills in the bot lane or elsewhere and generate gold for her and her teammates. Every time the Enchanted Crystal Arrow is off cooldown, you can take your support and gank mid or jungle if the enemy bot lane can’t be killed. The burst damage is so high this season that there’s little to no chance someone survives a full duration of a stun.

Aside from her ultimate, Ashe is also an extremely safe champion to one trick too. She’s practically never banned, and you can play her all the time. She can scan the fog of war to check the position of the enemy jungler. And she can constantly slow opponents to get away.

Additionally, Ashe gets a lot of attack speed thanks to items such as Immortal Shieldbow, Wit’s End, and Runaan’s Hurricane. This allows her to constantly slow down enemies in team fights. So there’s no reason for you not to main Ashe!

5. Leona

And Leona is our recommended pick for the support mains. Now, Leona’s playstyle may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s damn powerful. Her kit is the perfect combination of abilities to create plays around the map and enable others to carry.

Leona’s strengths come from her potential to continually lock down enemies. She has both single-target and AoE stuns, which are useful in all situations. In the bot lane, she can constantly look for E+Q combos, and she can also engage team fights with her R.

However, the best way to carry games by yourself is to roam around Summoner’s Rift and gank. Mid lane is your nearest destination, but teaming up with your jungler to invade theirs is also a good strategy. You can also assist your top lane, especially if it’s a fighter such as Fiora or Garen.

As far as ADCs are concerned, you’ll generally synergize well with the ones that focus more on the early game. Picks like Caitlyn, Ezreal, and Samira are excellent examples of this. And with picks like Kog’Maw, Xayah, and Twitch, you’ll have a harder time scoring kills.

But no matter who you’re playing with or against, it’s important to note that you should always play Leona’s aggressively. She can’t protect her allies as well as other champions, so engaging first is always the way to go. So if you’re going to one trick Leona in season 12, try to be more active around the map and force things to happen if you see an opportunity. 

And those are the top 5 best champions to one trick in season 12!

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