Best Pantheon Skins – Ranked From The Worst To The Best

Do you like playing Pantheon? Well, if you do then you should really wear his best skin! In this article we've reviewed some of his skins to get the best Pantheon skin!

Pantheon is a warrior – everything about him screams “warrior,” even his skins. Each of his skins seems to have something to do with a combatant, whether historical or fantasy-like. Each skin has different equipment, but underneath, we have the same Pantheon we have grown to love. If you’re like me, and you love going out into the matches with your favorite skins, then you’re going to want to dress Pantheon up.

What will you wear? Here, I am going to give you a list of Pantheon skins that you can choose from. These skins are listed from worst to best, so if you keep reading it towards the bottom of the post, you will come across the best skins for Pantheon.

1. Myrmidon Pantheon

With this skin, you’re not going to get any new animations, particles, or sounds. However, the model features new textures for Pantheon as well as his weapons. The concept? Pantheon dressed as a Greek myrmidon, which is pretty neat. With this skin, you get an exciting re-texture, offering a distinct look for this champion. The downside is that this skin is simply a re-color, the bright tones and high contrast make the champion attractive, but he’s too familiar. This is a simple skin, so I can’t say a whole lot about it. 


  • Nice colors


  • No new animations
  • No new particles
  • No new sound

The cost of this skin is 520 RP

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2. Ruthless Pantheon

With the Ruthless Pantheon skin, you’ll have Pantheon dressed up as a fantasy warrior, and there are some minor model changes for the champion, but there are no new particles, animations, or new sounds to look forward to. While Ruthless Pantheon isn’t precisely an eye-catcher, he also doesn’t look all that bad. It seems that he borrowed some aspects of his skin, such as the clothes and armor from He-Man.

The combination of He-Man and Spartan styles offers inconsistent visuals as they don’t blend well. Overall, what you have here is a classic fantasy take on this champion. The skin may not stand out from the crowd, but I wouldn’t consider it a wrong choice either. 


  • Pantheon is dressed up as a fantasy warrior


  • No new particles
  • No new abilities

The cost of this skin is 520 RP

3. Baker Pantheon Skin

For those looking for a skin to have a little bit of fun with, then the Baker Pantheon skin is the way to go. In this skin, we see Pantheon’s dreams of becoming a baker at a young age. This skin is a step past being a simple costume change, and there are more immersive qualities. What you have here is an armored dough-puncher who offers much more than tasty pastries. This is a regular skin, so you can purchase it directly in the shop at any time. 


  • New butter particles for his abilities
  • New animations


  • No changes to the auto-attacks.

There’s a cartoony feel to this skin, which makes it more pleasing. The new model is well put together, but I feel that there are some missed opportunities here. The mittens, hat, and spear are just right, but the trousers and shoes offer a sober look.

He has a red napkin around his neck, which does a great job at adding some style. The rolling pin held to his back isn’t necessary and seems a bit pointless from my view. The weapons are pretty neat, but ones like the spear are questionable.  

The butter-covered spear is shaped like a knife and seems like a tool that is fit for something a bit more than cooking. It’s fitting but doesn’t really play into the baker idea any further. A sharp baguette would have been a better choice as it would have given more of a cartoon feel. The butter particles that have been added for this champion’s basic abilities are decent. The abilities are great, even if they don’t exactly develop the theme. 

Regardless of who you are, if you happen to be a fan of the Artisan of War, then this skin right here is going to have a unique charm for you. 

The cost of this skin is 975 RP.

4. Slayer Pantheon

The concept here, Pantheon dressed as a zombie-hunter, is quite interesting. There’s a new model for Pantheon and his weapons and a new sign-post for his recall. There are new sounds for his abilities, recall, and auto-attack. He also has new particles for his abilities and recall.

The zombie outbreak survivor is an excellent idea for this champion. His love of battle has been combined well with the requirements of fighting zombies. The new particles offered here may not be astounding, but they are necessary modifications that have been made to keep the visual consistency. 

I’m not saying they aren’t appealing, but what I really like is the sound of the chainsaw engine. In his ultimate, you can hear it revving up, complementing his jetpack. This may not be an impressing skin, but it’s definitely pleasing. It’s evident that some thought was put into this skin, and all in all, it’s one that I like. 


  • New abilities and sound


  • Not exactly impressing

The cost of this skin is 975 RP

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5. Glaive Warrior Pantheon

What we have here is Pantheon in the image of a Dacian knight. There’s a new model for this champion and his weapons. This skin has a classic yet attractive look to it, but there is an uneven execution. The armor has a simple look to it, and the clothes under his armor are plain. However, the helmet and cape are suitable for Pantheon. 

Also, the glaive and shield look great with muddy colors and complex designs. The glaive has a unique design that makes the dragon head and blade have opposite directions. As Pantheon holds the glaive so that the dragon head appears to be vertical, the blade looks as if it’s been turned upside down. The Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin is appealing when it comes down to it, even if it is suffering from an irregular implementation. 


  • Unique look
  • New abilities and particles


  • No new sounds

The cost of this skin is 975 RP.


Looking through the Pantheon skins library, it becomes evident that this champion’s skins are centered on warriors. Some of the skins may have problems, but they’re still a representation of a warrior who is ready for battle.

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