Top 5 Best Phantom Skins in Valorant (2022)

Top 5 Best Phantom Skins in Valorant 2023 2023

Being one of the commonly used weapons in the game, Phantom truly has a wide array of skins you can choose from. Its popularity led to many skin lines being released, with it being on the list. If you are an avid Valorant player, you likely use phantom in one or two games for each login you do. 

When talking about skins or in-game item cosmetics, we all love to flex the ones we own, especially if they are rare. Phantom has a long list of rare and expensive skins, both of which are hard to obtain, so owning one will give you an elite vibe. 

Today we will be discussing a list of some of the best phantom skins out there; take note that this is not an ordered list, and we are not ranking every skin; this is just a compilation of the best skins out there the overall look and animation changes. If you disagree with the compilation, we genuinely respect that as everybody has their tastes and opinions.

We researched different statistics sites and famous social media platforms like Facebook to know players’ preferences and their reasons behind them. Here are the things that we find out, and now let us proceed to our best phantom skins in Valorant.

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1. Ruination Phantom

Ruination Phantom Top Best Phantom Skin in Valorant 2023 2023

Truly a beautiful skin that came from the game that started it all for Riot Games, League of Legends. Sporting the colors and Aura of the Ruined King himself, this phantom skin comes in three different color variants as well. 

When wielding the gun, the user is faced with a skull like the design at the back of the gun, making it as though the skull is looking towards you with ruination mists coming out of its mouth. With 2175 VP, it is one of the most affordable weapons with great value. 

It was firing the gun lets out a green mist-like from League of Legends. The upgrades to this gun are unique as its overall look, VFX, Animation, and Finisher are changed. The Finisher is quite fantastic as it leaves like the soul of the user you just killed. 

The soul left behind when you use your Finisher wears a ruined crown, just like from the lore of league of legends where everyone under the spell of Viego the Ruined King will sport a similar crown. 

You can also go into ADS mode, where your scope will be a mist forming a circular pattern for you to focus on along with your customized crosshair. It also comes in purple, orange, and green Variant that you can select depending on your preference.

2. Ion Phantom

Ion Phantom Top Best Phantom Skin in Valorant 2023 2023

This skinline has a futuristic design, giving you pleasant and sleek animation and sound effects. First up, when switching to the weapon itself, you get a lovely animation where the gun phases in your hand in a very futuristic fashion along with a smooth sound. 

This skin is impressive, mainly because of the energy core you see in the middle, especially when inspecting the gun. The trigger guard also has blue dots radiating blue light to give off more futuristic feels. The firing sound is still the same, but when you kill enemies, the sound is just excellent, along with the kill banner that comes along with it.  

The scope is elementary, with four curved lines forming a scope for you to focus on. It also has a reload animation where the core shuts down for a bit when you take the magazine off and glows bach when the magazine enters the chamber. 

The final kill animation encloses the enemy with a blue spinning orb, signifying something of a teleport or time travel animation, and then explodes. 

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3. Glitchpop Phantom

Glitchpop Phantom Top Best Phantom Skin in Valorant 2023 2023

This cosmetic has a very playful design with different bright colors and unicorns scattered. It has a very cartoony vibe or a happy, fun land vibe that might catch the attention of most female gamers or even guys who love to be happy.

The gun has a neon framing surrounding the exterior of the Phantom; firing the gun also makes it spew out a faint blue flame that you can see if you focus on the barrel. Each time you score a kill, the kill banner suits the skin with a smiling unicorn. 

The reload animation is the actual score to this cosmetic as it does what the name says; it glitches every time you change your magazine with a rainbow color. The finisher is quite remarkable as well as it makes the enemy implode with glitch effects, then after some time, it explodes with neon colors with a graffiti finish on the ground. 

It also leaves behind a kind of like a glitched soul of the enemy you just killed and projects a unique design in front of it. 

The weapon skin also comes in the Blue, Red, and Black variants, giving you options to choose from before buying. 

4. BlastX Phantom

BlastX Phantom Top Best Phantom Skin in Valorant 2023 2023

If you enjoyed playing with nerf guns when you were a kid, then this Phantom skin is just perfect for you. It has a strong toy vibe that feels like plastic, just like what we played back when we were kids. After all, Valorant is a game; why shouldn’t we enjoy cosmetics similar to what we enjoyed when we were still kids?

Firing the gun gives a very cartoony smoke and flame effect, and the bullet holes are funny because the gun leaves behind a nerf bullet instead of bullet holes. The kill sound and emblem are badass, making you want to have more kills when you equip this gun. The scope has a very 80’s arcade game style staying true to the toy gun vibe it gives off. 

The finisher is very showy as well; when you kill the last player of the round, the player gets wrapped in a vast wrapped gift box, and then it implodes and gives off lots of confetti. The gift box also comes in different colors, making a good variety than a plain old blue box. It comes in different colors as well, so pick your favorite.

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5. Singularity Phantom

Singularity Phantom Top Best Phantom Skin in Valorant 2023 2023

It is another futuristic-looking weapon like the ion phantom, but it looks like it is wielded by a villain in a futuristic sci-fi movie. Think of it as the weapon wielded by the arch-nemesis of the Ion Phantom. 

It has a geometrical design with all the angles and straight lines scattered throughout the gun. The gun’s stock is designed with lasers forming the back of the gun and has a blue beam at the side. 

The kill sound has a villainy sound to it; the kill emblem also gives off a similar vibe that shows a villain’s face. Reloading is badass with this weapon as it dismantles every time you take out the magazine, but laser lights hold the weapon fragments so it doesn’t fall off. When the magazine comes into the chamber, the weapon pulls itself back, returning to its normal state. 

Despite having similar effects to Ion, the finisher of this weapon is the must-see; when you kill the last player of the round, the kill animation lets out a black hole that sucks the enemy, and it projects a collection of clouds and constellations above it. 


Phantom is a perfect gun if you know what you are doing. Using it with the cosmetics above will surely improve the quality of experience with this weapon. Sure, weapon cosmetics don’t improve the weapon’s stats or buff it in general. 

Still, some of these cosmetics have custom animations and sound, so buy the one that fits you the most so you will feel comfortable when wielding and making you play even better. 

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