Top 7 Best Pool Party Skins in League of Legends

Bring ice cream, cold lemonade, and a large parasol; it’s time for the League of Legends Pool Party! There is nothing better or more worth enjoying than sunbathing on a deck chair by the pool, reading a book or newspaper, and waiting for the gust of wind to refresh you. 

These League of Legends champions surely know how to enjoy; we found them at the best party of the year, napping in the shade and enjoying the summer days. In this article we have selected the seven best Pool Party skins that evoke summer fun and we want to have all of them in our collection. So let’s go.

7. Pool Party Renekton

Well, well, who do we see right at the main entrance to the pool? Is that Renekton? Renekton is the main lifeguard at the pool, and you better not cause any trouble because you will disappear from the Pool Party within seconds. 

This crocodile mister looks powerful in an undershirt and swimming shorts, with goggles and a whistle around his neck. You can swim carefree in the pool with him watching because his fast eye can detect any danger, and he will be ready to help if you need, for example, CPR. This skin comes as a Regular skin, and you can buy it from the Shop for 975 RP.

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6. Pool Party Caitlyn

The first rule of summer enjoyment: always keep your rifle close to you. Caitlyn devised this rule, and she adheres to it even while lying on a rubber flamingo and nonchalantly drinking expensive cocktails. Caitlyn loves summer, loves to laze in the fresh summer breeze, and sunbathe floating around the pool. 

Dressed in a purple bathing suit that goes with her beautiful, long purple hair that she wears under a hat in the summer or loose to fall down her back, Caitlyn captivates the eyes of all the guests present at the Pool Party. Okay, maybe the guests are just looking at her rifle to be ready to run away if Caitlyn decides to practice shooting from a rifle. 

Just kidding, it’s a water rifle (no real bullets, we hope). You can buy this Epic skin in the Shop, and it costs 1375 RP. It also comes with five Chromas: Ruby, Catseye, Obsidian, Aquamarine, and Rose Quartz.

5. Pool Party Gangplank

If there are police for appearance, please arrest Gangplank. Gangplank is the star of this Pool Party, and we didn’t know that abs like his could exist. This relaxed edition of a rather dangerous gentleman is typical for a hot summer afternoon. Gangplank in a light summer shirt and swimwear ensures that all guests get a portion of grilled meat and vegetables. The title for the best grill master goes to Gangplank. 

A rifle can be found next to it, but don’t be afraid; it is a water rifle. At least that’s what Gangplank told us. Gangplank Pool Party comes with 6 Chromas: Pearl, Ruby, Obsidian, Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz. It is also Epic skin and costs 1350 RP in Shop.

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4. Pool Party Jarvan IV

Hidden under a parasol and lying on a deck chair, this young prince loves summer because it means he can escape from the kingdom and all the royal obligations that press on him from day to day. Jarvan IV just wants a little fun, and where he will have the most fun than at the Pool Party?  However, Jarvan IV cares about his reputation and title, so you won’t see him drinking wildly or annoying girls. 

A non-alcoholic cocktail with lots of ice can be found in his hand as proof that he will not allow alcoholic beverages to take over his disciplined mind. We will let this prince have a well-deserved rest, and the kingdom can wait a little longer, maybe until autumn. This Epic skin also comes with Chromas: Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Amethyst, and Aquamarine. It can be yours for 1350 RP.

3. Pool Party Leona

Who is this beautiful girl who has already managed to catch a tan, with long red hair in which she tucked a summer flower? It’s Leona, you guys. Leona loves summers because summers are romantic, especially with summer walks by the sea, sleeping under the starry sky, and listening to the waves.

This surfing champion uses every summer as an excuse to practice her favorite hobby (oh, we thought it was killing, not surfing), and at the same time hoping to meet her charming prince this summer, just as happens to the heroines of her love novels. In addition to surfing, reading novels is also her second favorite hobby while lazing on the beach. This skin is a Regular skin type, and it costs 975 RP. It comes with three Chromas: Lemon, Pink, and Azure.

2. Pool Party Miss Fortune

You better not join the fight with water guns because Sarah will take the victory, humiliate you and at the same time wet you that you will not need to swim in the pool. Miss Fortune takes summer parties seriously, dressed in a modern swimsuit with which she paired a straw hat and sunglasses. 

Her long red hair flutters in the summer breeze, and she takes care of her body and sunbathes only with a high sun protection factor. Also, don’t forget to follow her on social media because Miss Fortune is the social butterfly of this party; with her posts, you will be able to follow what is happening at the Pool Party jealously. This skin is Epic skin which costs 1350 RP.

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1. Pool Party Braum and Sett

Since it is difficult to decide who else we will include on this list of top pool party skins, we took the opportunity to include Braum and Sett, who came together to the Pool Party. Big Braum comes shirtless, wearing flip-flops and a bamboo shield. Sett worked on his body, and we can tell that from his muscular body, Sett wears nothing but a small towel around his waist and a flower wreath around his neck. 

A sign that he is ready for a pool party, of course. Both Pool Party Sett and Pool Party Braum come with eight Chromas: Catseye, Obsidian, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Peridot, and Sandstone. Each skin costs 1350 RP.

Final Thoughts

There is no fun until the summer fun, and this will be confirmed to you by all the champions who are part of the League of Legends Pool Party. We’ve mentioned eight of them here, but others are also true summer lovers, and we can find them swimming in the pool or partying in the evening with loud music and cold cocktails. You can also find Lulu, Orianna, Taric, Singed, Taliyah, Ziggs, Zoe, Lee Sin, Graves, and others if you put on sunglasses to see better. 

Pool Party is one of the most exciting summer events that Riot has designed for its loyal players, so Pool Party skins are pretty popular in the League of Legends community. So take the opportunity, choose the best skins, and with summer body, water rifles, and a surfboard, welcome the summer that is just around the corner. Good luck and have fun!

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