Top 5 Best Recordings Softwares for League of Legends

You’ve always wanted to make a clip of a great play or record some games you’re playing with the lads. Probably, roaming around the infinity of the internet, you’ve found yourself confused with the extensive recording software options. 

Which one is good? Which one is bad? Which one is the best? These are all the questions you probably asked yourself while wandering around various sites. Well, you won’t have to wonder any longer. 

I’ve compiled the five best recording software for gaming and League of Legends in particular. Many free and paid options around the internet offer excellent software quality. The ones below are of those categories, and we’ll look over everything they offer.

So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s begin. 

(The list is in no particular order, but I will highlight the advantages of each entry. It’s up to preference which you will choose.)

1. OBS

OBS is definitely the best recording software you can get today. I know I’ve said that the list is in no particular order and that everything is up to preference. However, OBS offers so much and wants nothing in return. 

It is an open-source solution that gives you all that you require. This includes the ability to stream, record voice and video, mix, add a ton of effects and other things to your video stream, etc. There’s just so much offered and for free that I have no idea how any paid solution has managed to withstand this level of competition. 

Make sure that you use the regular OBS and not Streamlabs, since Streamlabs has only taken, or instead stolen, from the beautiful people at OBS. OBS also has a great community that works a ton to improve this great little piece of software, so make sure you give them the proper support. 

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2. Dxtory

Dxtory is a nice little piece of software. It is much simpler than OBS and has fewer options. Despite this, it does the job enough, offers a lot of encoding options, and provides you with a video quality that is top tier. 

Dxtory is a paid software but offers a free version. I’ve used the free version to edit my camera and output, and it did the job perfectly. A prompt here or there to buy the full version might pop up, but it won’t be bothersome as some of the other paid options out there.

Dxtory is simple, does the job, and does it well. I recommend you check it out if you want the maximum lightweight solution to do the job without extra steps. 

3. Fraps

Fraps is a paid video capture software that offers excellent quality. Fraps, despite being paid, also offers a free version. This free version is annoying as all hell to use but still does the job. We all remember the times when Fraps was the king of video capturing software, and every YouTube video had that watermark in its corner. 

This watermark is a hindrance to the free version, but rarely can anyone compete when it comes to capturing quality. Fraps offers capturing of screenshots, videos, etc. Just about everything you need, really. 

However, when compared to free and less expensive solutions, it becomes pretty obsolete. Due to its history and the quality it genuinely offers, Fraps does have a place on this list. 

4. Bandicam

Bandicam has grown in quality and features throughout the years. It used to be quite simple, but as time went on, it got more and more and now is perfectly viable recording software. 

However, it is paid software. It does offer a free version but be prepared for watermarks and limited features. Despite that, Bandicam still offers excellent video quality and nice features even with the free version. 

It costs way too much for what it does, and I don’t think it’s worth it. But, even if you happen to buy it, it’s not exactly a waste of money. You get a brilliant piece of software that can do everything you wish, and that’s enough. 

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5. Nvidia Shadowplay and AMD ReLive

Nvidia Shadowplay is proprietary recording software coming with the Nvidia GeForce Experience application. It is exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards and is a great tool to have. I’ve used it extensively over the years, and it offers you the best quality of video you can have and friendly options for voice recording.

The downside is the overall features, and there’s not an easy way to control broadcasts, recordings, etc. As a free software that you get along your GPU. However, I’ve decided to uninstall the GeForce Experience entirely since it was causing more issues than it was worth. 

The AMD ReLive software is the same as Shadowplay, but the AMD counterpart. It’s exclusive to AMD cards and comes along with their Adrenaline drivers. It is packed full of features and offers much more than Shadowplay. However, as with secondary and proprietary software – there’s an open-source alternative that beats it in every way. 

As we all know, that alternative is OBS, but I digress. The ReLive software gives you great tools, but they’re just subpar to what’s offered on the market for much less and are not bound with exclusivity. 


There are a wide variety of options across the internet for recording software. Proprietary, exclusive, paid, and free – all have their ups and downs that make them, them. I believe that free software usually comes with some sort of hindrance. But, open-source software is the best thing that can happen to any market, and OBS fills in the gaps that are left after using every other recording software. I recommend it wholeheartedly, and you won’t regret it.

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