Top 7 Best Relationships Between Champions

Valentine’s Day is behind us but beautiful love stories are always worth mentioning. Especially when it comes to love in the League of Legends. Yes, apart from swords and guns, champions in the League of Legends also have time for love. According to lore, there are many heads in love among these seemingly strong and solid fighters. 

But, love should be celebrated every day, not only on Valentine’s Day, and these few loving couples who love each other when they are in a team fight, but also outside Summoner’s Rift, know this best. It was hard for us to single out just the top seven couples, but it’s time for romance so let’s start with the list.

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List of Top 7 Romantic Couples in League of Legends

According to Riot, only three love couples have been officially announced, but diligent players and other fans following the League of Legends lore couldn’t miss the sparks between a few more champions. It’s time to introduce you to these lovebirds.

1. Lux and Ezreal

If Lux and Ezreal had social media their relationship status would surely be: It’s complicated. This couple is trying to keep their relationship a secret, so Riot has never officially confirmed the chemistry between the two. 

However, every new update brings various surprises, so we got new in-game voice updates that hinted that Lux is reciprocating Ezreal’s feelings. Probably Lux is interesting to him because she doesn’t respond to his flirty comments. But, Lux is pretty secretive about this whole situation, while Ezreal is a charmer by nature. 

Somehow we are not sure that these two blonde lovers will soon go on dates and confirm our speculations. All in all, Lux and Ezreal look like a very nice couple so hopefully, Riot will find out what’s going on between them anyway.

2. Xayah and Rakan

Make room for the cutest couple on Summoner’s Rift! It’s Xayah and her lover, Rakan. They both belong to Vastya-bird people, so they are literally lovebirds. The two of them are an example of a real couple who complement each other, Xayah and Rakan are always there for each other and keep their backs whenever danger lurks around the corner. 

You can find them on the bottom lane, Rakan is loyal to supporting his strong partner, Xayah, who plays the AD carry role. Her feathers are actually blades that incise enemy champions, and Rakan is always on standby to protect her with his golden shield. 

For some, this may be too much of a romance because neither Xayah nor Rakan refrains from romantic outbursts every few moments when they play together. Also, they are still not married (and maybe never will be) thus only confirming that their love is so strong that their marriage is not so significant. Honestly, we can’t help ourselves but love them.

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3. Ashe and Tryndamere

Some hated them for it, some admired them – reactions to their marriage of convenience were loud and tumultuous. Their marriage had only one interest, and that was political – to unite the warring parties in Freljord. 

The marriage between the two had an elaborate strategy, and the two had not known each other before. Two strangers united to save Freljord. How noble! Tryndamere, seemingly firm and cold, without a shred of emotion for anyone but warfare, soon fell in love with Ashe who embraced him and melted his cold heart, and showed him that there are more important things than weapons and blood. 

Over time, Ashe and Tryndamere have fallen in love and become one of the most harmonious love couples in the League of Legends, and we are excited to see what the future holds for them. We hope they will still have a lot of love and happiness in this marriage.

4. Tristana and Rumble

Is there anything sweeter than the love between two Yordles? Come on, admit they’re so cute. Although Riot never revealed much information about the relationship between Tristana and Rumble, a few years ago it was hinted that there was a certain affection between the two. 

When Pentakill’s music video was released, back in 2017, in a few shots you could see how much romance there is between these two adorable creatures. Also, Rumble calls his girlfriend “Tristy” which is adorable, he even named his mech after her. A romantic gesture, isn’t it? 

That this love is certainly current is also told to us by the shy kiss that Tristana gave Rumble and said that she is glad that he is well. How sweet Tristana is! Riot, what are you waiting for? Update the lore so we can learn more about their love and enjoy this warm love story between Tristana and Rumble.

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5. Katarina and Garen

Here we have Noxian Katarina and Demacius Garen, while the war between Noxus and Demacia these two managed to find time and fall in love. Does this remind you of anything? Shakespeare? Romeo and Juliet? 

Of course, Katarina and Garen are Julia and Romeo from Runeterra. This has never been confirmed by Riot, but many in-game voice interactions have hinted that something forbidden is happening between Katarina and Garen. For example, when Lux, Garen’s sister captures Katarina on Summoner’s Rift, she taunts her with a song about their forbidden romance. 

In addition to Lux, Tahm Kench is the official wingman and is often offered to bring Katarina to Garen or him to her. We can say that we like this love story more than Romeo and Juliet and that we hope that Riot will not keep us in ignorance about the fate of their relationship for a long time.

6. Senna and Lucian

Here is a tragic couple. Senna and Lucian became close when Uriel, Senna’s mentor, and Lucian’s father, died. This tragedy marked them both and only they could understand each other what kind of suffering they were going through. Senna learned a lot from Uriel, and Lucian decided to follow in Uriel’s footsteps and set off with Senna to fight. 

Together, they embarked on adventures and fought side by side, and at some point, they realized that something more than just cooperation was developing between them. As is usually the case in tragedies, their love was abruptly interrupted when Thresh stole Senna’s soul and left Senna empty like a shell. 

Lucian could never come to terms with the fact that his beloved was no more, so he set out to wander in search of Thresh, to bring Senna back. When he finally succeeded, he realized that Senna was no longer the same, and the two of them re-established their love with the changes brought to them by Senna’s rebirth.

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7. Evelynn and Twisted Fate

Celebrity couple in Runeterra, everyone knew who Evelynn and Twisted Fate were, they could always be seen at various events where they showed what a perfect romance looks like. Evelynn is a succubus, it is in her blood to seduce and spy on her partners which she then eventually destroys. 

However, Evelynn managed to fall in love with Twisted Fate and thus risked her existence forever. However, Riot erased their love history, leaving only skins – Tango Evelynn and Tango Twisted Fate which hint that the two once danced together, both on the dance floor and in real life. 

We don’t know what’s going on with them right now, some speculate that they broke up and went their separate ways, while some think their love must have been shrouded in a veil of secrecy. We’ll wait for what Riot will say.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the world of Runeterra is permeated with various events, historical stories, and love plots and tragedies. Riot is particularly focused on creating quality lore to bring the characters closer to the players, and thus show that they are not just fighting champions, but characters who have their own personalities and life stories. 

And the most interesting of all are the love stories. These love stories will surely warm up your heart so enjoy reading these romantic plots. Remember, there is a special person for everyone, and an even nicer adventure is finding true love, as the League of Legends champions taught us.

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