Best Renekton Skins – Ranked From The Worst To The Best

Renekton, the Butcher that slices and dices like no other, doesn’t have to look good while doing what he does best, but that doesn’t mean he can’t look good. Riot has released so many Renekton skins for you to choose from, but choosing one may be challenging unless you know which one is the best. I have put together a list of the best Renekton skins for you – these are listed from the worst to the best skins, so as you go down the list, it just gets better. 

1. Blood Fury Renekton

First, on my list, I have Bloodfury Renektons. Yes, this is an older skin that was released back in 2012, but I never ignore a skin just because of its age. In fact, some of the best skins are older. This skin, in particular, received a visual update in 2018. This skin is a bit higher than you’d expect, but many like it. The Bloodfury Renekton doesn’t have any new animations and is one of the many “armored croc” skins he has in his collection. 


  • Visual update in 2018


  • No new animations

The price of this skin is 975 RP.

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2. Rune Wars Renekton

What we have here is Run Wars Renekton. Yes, this is another one of those armored croc skins, but this one is in the Legacy Vault. When Rune Wars is available, it’s not that bad of a pick and is an excellent choice if you’re trying to finish off your collection. With this skin, the blade has a circular shape to it. The Rune Wars Renekton gives Renekton a warrior style. The look is exciting and different, setting it apart from others.


  • Extra run decorations on his back


  • Another armored croc skins

The price of this kin is 975 RP.

3. Galactic Renekton


This is an armored croc skin (yes, another one), but this one is cheaper than the first two. This one is also a legacy skin, so that rarity is pretty exciting. The armor on this one doesn’t look bad at all; in my opinion, the armor looks better than the other two I just talked about. The Galactic Renekton skin gives a more appealing and unique futuristic style to Renekton and makes him look good. He has dark armor, which goes well against his pale skin. Due to multiple adornments and the colorful armor, the skin is nice to look at. 


  • Cheaper than the first two
  • The armor looks good


  • Another armored croc skin

The price for this skin is 520 RP.

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4. Prehistoric Renekton

The Prehistoric Renekton is where the skins start to get better. Surprisingly, this isn’t another one of those armored croc skins. Here, you’re cosplaying as a Spinosaurus, which is something I’m not going to argue with. However, there are no animations, and many have claimed that the skin itself is a bit on the dull side. 

With the Prehistoric Renekton skin, it’s evident that Riot skipped right past reality and dived right into the fictional territory as Renekton is transformed into a reptilian warrior right before our very eyes. This costume gives him some well-known traits of a dinosaur. 

It doesn’t resemble a specific dinosaur, but it does have some aesthetics of a Spinosaurus, which has a lot in common with modern crocodiles but includes a sail on their back. So basically, what we have here is a Spinosaurus Renekton that has horns like a Styracosaurus and a big sail on his back, which kind of screams “Dimetrodon.” On his feet, he has a digit that is bigger than the others, making him resemble a Velociraptor or maybe a Deinonychus, even though both dinosaurs probably had feathers much like a bird. 


  • Renekton as a Dinosaur


  • No new animations

The price for this skin is 750 RP.

5. Hextech Renekton

Ask a League player what the most underwhelming skins are in League of Legends, and chances are, they’ll tell you the Hextech skins and Hextech Renekton is no different. Looking at this skin, I get the feel of a cartoon show villain, but that’s okay. ( It has colorful lights and dulled edges. 


  • Colorful lights


  • Underwhelming 

The price of this skin is 10 Gemstones.

6. Outback Renekton

The Outback Renekton skin dates back to 2011 and is one of the first skins to be released with the Butcher of the Sands. With the champion’s visual update, the Outback Renekton has held up quite well. The skin does look clean, but there are no animations and no new effects to it, which is okay because the price is pretty low. 


  • A cool splash art
  • Clean skin


  • No New effects
  • No New Animations

The price of this skin is 540 RP.

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7. Renektoy

The Renektoy skin has no new animations and the effects it come with are pretty basic. What we have here is a champion model that is somewhat blocky and bland. The blocky part was intended because Riot wanted Renekton to look like a lego piece. For those of you who like Legos, the Renektoy will be a big hit for you. 


  • Renekton looks like a Lego piece


  • Bland

The price of this skin is 750 RP.

8. SKT T1 Renekton

The skins that were made to commemorate the World Champions typically aren’t that good, but the SKT T1 Renekton isn’t all that bad, and I would say it’s worth getting. This one came out back in 2015 as a way to honor SKT T1’s 2015 World Champion and top laner MaRin.

This particular skin right here looks cool and slick and has just the right amount of new animations to make the price worth it. The bright colors that come with this skin are eye-catching. I find that the tail opening is quite interesting, and the mesh sides of the sleeves and jacket are a nice touch, but that’s as far as it goes. 


  • New animations


  • The giant logo on the jacket seems exaggerated

The price of this skin is 975 RP.


Looking at Renekton and all of his available skins, I would say he has many good skins that are worth buying. I think Renekton only has good skins, and I’m not going to argue with this. The cute dinosaur with the Prehistoric Renekton skin is a big hit. I feel this fits the Butcher’s style and has a nice prehistoric feel to it. It may not be the perfect skin for a dinosaur fan, but a fan of Renekton will find it attractive.

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