The Best Resolution For Valorant in 2023

The Best Resolution For Valorant in 2023 2023

Resolution is a huge factor when playing competitive FPS games like Valorant. Playing at high resolution is crucial for Valorant as it is a game where players need to be patient and have quick reaction time; what better way to have the edge over your enemy than to have a higher resolution than them. If you have a pleasant and crisp resolution, you can easily spot enemies and react faster as everything is well detailed when playing Valorant. 

But that doesn’t mean you should immediately play at the highest possible resolution; there are many things to consider when you want to choose your resolution, and here are the different factors you should look for. 

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Monitor Size (Resolution)

Even if you want to play in 4k, the highest possible gaming resolution right now, if you don’t have the right monitor, you can’t play in 4k. Consider buying a monitor with a 4k native resolution if you want to play at the highest possible. 

Of course, we all know that playing with the most transparent screen is like cheating because you have a very detailed view of the game. 


Let’s say that you can run Valorant at 4k, but you don’t have enough memory to support all the graphical resources that load at 4k resolution; you will end up playing with stuttering gameplay where the FPS goes up and down every second. 

Or worse, the game might freeze and crash altogether, resulting to you not being able to play at all. Consider buying 16-32GB RAM when building your PC if you want to run Valorant at the highest possible resolution. 

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Video Card(GPU)

This is a hot topic today as Video cards are scarce nowadays. This is because GPUs are currently overpriced, with some being doubled or even tripled their MSRP. We will not discuss the root of all this, but we will discuss why we need a Video card. 

A video card is a processor that runs or is responsible for producing the picture of the game you are playing. It is straightforward; you need a high-end GPU if you want to play beautiful games. 

While these things are the ones you should consider when you want to play at different resolutions, here is the best resolution you can play Valorant in. Even though the game allows you to play it at 4k resolution, the best possible resolution to play the game and compete, based on professional analysis, is 1920×1080. 

This option will run in 60-120 FPS, even for mid-range computers. We all know that display quality is essential when playing FPS games, but the critical factor to winning is having more FPS than your enemy. That is the best resolution to play Valorant at a competitive level, so there you have it. Think about what you should consider and look at your rig before setting your game up. 

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