What’s the Best Role to Climb in Solo Queue?

Climbing the League of Legends solo queue ladder is not easy, but this journey can be faster with the right tips and tricks. Often losing promos can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. Follow the instructions below, and Silver, Gold, or Platinum will no longer be unreachable. Choosing a role is the first thing you need to pay attention to. League of Legends client allows you to choose primary and secondary roles. For example, if the Mid position suits you best, you will choose Mid for the primary role.

If you choose the position that suits you best and that you play best, you increase the chances of yourself and your team to win. Good practice in playing a certain position allows you to recognize the tactics of a rival champion and make the best use of your champion’s abilities. Even if you don’t get the champion who is your favorite, the chances are high that one of your teammates will swap their position with you because they also aim to win.

In addition to knowing the champions themselves, it is important to know how they play in which position and what role your champion plays, depending on his position. For example, Support champion and ADC champion are in the bottom lane and are dependent on each other – the role of Support is to protect ADC, and ADC must be careful not to expose much weaker Support to danger, especially in the early game.

Therefore, it can be said that it is quite difficult with these two roles to carry and climb in a solo queue. The support champion must spend his gold on buying Wards, Redemption, etc., to help his team because he himself is pretty weak. On the other hand, if the Mid position allows players to get a solo experience and a lot more gold to buy items, that only increases and improves their stats. The champions on the mid lane are quite independent, and they are the ones who have to wait for the opportunity to help their teammates on the top or bottom lane. 

The second best position behind Mid is Jungle. Jungler greatly influences other lanes and the objects on the map and allows him to increase his power. However, Jungler still has to make sure that his teammates help him in the fight with the dragon or Baron Nashor, and his ganks can help his teammates in the fight, so their gameplays must be coordinated. The third place is occupied by the Top role.

Like Middle Player, Top is extremely independent, has a solo experience, and can wander around the map if someone needs help. It is also important which champion to play with because not every champion who can play the Top role is the best choice; when you are in Champion Select, it is important to look at the ratio of champions and choose the right champion based on the assessment.

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Mid Lane

If you decide to play Mid lane, you won’t go wrong with Ahri, one of the top choices for this role. This playful fox has great kill potential by attracting opposing champions with her Charm, and Mobility Rush allows her to move quickly and escape from potentially dangerous situations. In addition, Ahri, with her fast ult, can catch opponents trying to escape and thus collect more kills.

Next to Ahri, you won’t go wrong if you choose assassin Zed. Zed has a high ban rate precisely because it can become quite indestructible with proper build and good strategy. The combination of the Master of Shadows, Death Mark, and Living Shadow allows Zeda to quickly and efficiently eliminate opposing champions. However, the practice of playing Zed is very important because this champion can be a difficult bite for beginner players, and his potential in such situations will not be maximized.

Top Lane

Tahm-Kench is one of the better choices for the Top Lane role. He is an extremely desirable champion with his high-base damage, strong one-vs-one fight early, and ease of play. Otherwise, there are no characteristics of the usual champions who may be more suitable for this position, but it should definitely not be underestimated.

For him, it is advisable to buy tanky items to become almost indestructible later in team fights, and watch out for teleport because using teleport at the right time, for example, when the opposing player is unprotected, means you will catch him unprepared and probably earn a kill.

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Somehow the expected choice for Jungler is Kha’Zix, who has been one of the most popular jungle champions for a long time. The Void Reaver can bring his team a couple of kills early in the game, and his strong abilities allow him to be strong in duels. In addition, the ability to choose to heal yourself or slow down an opponent can give him extra kills making him an ideal jungle champion.


Lux normally plays in the mid-position; however, her huge amount of damage and the ability to stuns the opponent’s ADC confirm that this Lady of Luminosity is among the ideal choices for Support. Light Binding helps her root her enemies and get to the kills easily, while Prismatic Barrier is there to protect her ADC in the event of danger. Her disadvantage is that she has no healing abilities, but a recipe for victory is obtained if all her other abilities are properly combined.

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In the current meta, one of the strongest and most common picks for Bottom is Ziggs, its advantages are cheap power spike and strong kit, and it is very easy to play. A drawback is that when choosing Ziggs in this position, choosing the AD carry champion in another role will be necessary. His abilities have a long-range, so the champion does not have to approach rival champions but can spam his spells at a safe distance. Therefore, Ziggs should focus on picking up objectives and waiting for teamfights if he wants to avoid being an easy target for opposing champions.

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