What’s The Best Role To Get Out Of Bronze in LoL?

The pain and pleasure of Solo Queue come hand in hand when it comes to trying to climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends. While certain talented individuals manage to attain their deserved rank, others are unfortunately not that lucky. 

That being said, almost every ranked player has experienced the frustration of being hardstuck in Solo Queue at least once in their LoL experience. Adding salt to the wounds, the most common causes of this issue are found in the lowest of ranked tiers, a.k.a Iron and Bronze. 

The best role for getting out of the Bronze or any lower, in general – is the Mid Lane. You get to dictate the pace of the game, determine the agency of the enemy jungler – and be the one to shotcall for your team, thereby making it perfect for winning.

That being said, the ranked scene in League of Legends is a one-of-a-kind circus. Therefore, a lot of things can still go wrong even if you play your role to peak perfection. 

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Role of a Mid Laner In League of Legends

In LoL, the Mid Lane is located at the center of the Summoner’s Rift. It essentially divides the map into two entire quadrants. Unlike the Top and Bot Lane, you get to have access to every location on the map almost equally. 

Thus, the matchup in the Mid Lane determines the flow of the matchup. However, that is not all a Mid Laner needs to do, especially in a rank where most players tend to play instinctively. 

Mid-Jungle Synergy

Generally, Mid Laners tend to assist ally junglers in tasks like invading, taking objectives, and even ganking other Lanes. Everything is dependent on the Lane priority, so if your Lane is in a commanding position, then your jungler will be able to have a greater presence. 

In comparison, a weak Lane presence indicates that your jungler won’t be able to contest most of the objectives. This is mainly because of the fact that your opponent Laner will have the wave pushed in on you most of the time, thereby allowing him/her to roam to the objective much faster than you. 

Unlike the Mid Laners, the Top and Bottom Lane only get to assist the jungler if the objective is near them. You won’t be seeing many ADCs making a trip to the top Lane just to secure the Rift Herald and vice versa. While this does happen in higher ranks, it’s more calculated and controlled than what a Bronze team can achieve. 

Roaming Potential

The Mid Laners, as mentioned – do not require the junglers to babysit them the entire game. If a matchup is too detrimental for you, then you simply need to not play the Lane. Simply try to push the Lane out in the enemy’s tower and look for roaming opportunities. 

For example, short roaming timers can allow you to get a deep vision of the enemy jungle. In comparison, longer timers can essentially allow you to gank other Lanes, take objectives and even invade the enemy jungle in order to mess with his camps. 

The pathing of a Bronze jungler is extremely predictable. Therefore, you can expect to catch him off guard a lot of times with the aid of the pre-deployed trinkets. However, your opponent can look to do the same, so defending your jungler is also one of your roles. 

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High Leeway

In comparison to the Top and Bot Lane, the Mid Lane is rather short. It receives minions faster than other Laners. Consequently, it also has the most action out of all Lanes (except the support role). Needless to say, a shorter Lane indicates lesser chances to get caught off guard. 

Your tower is almost always in your reach unless the enemy Laner has initiated a freeze causing you to play much more daringly than intended. However, you can choose to leave the Lane as-is and look for roaming opportunities as a counter. 

Nonetheless, this leeway does not allow you to clown around since most of the burst mages are specifically played in the Mid Lane. Therefore, you might be susceptible to death much more often than you might think. 

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Teamfight Utility

Generally, the Mid Lane comprises three basic champion types. You either get to play as a control mage like Veigar, whose main job is to trap the enemies in its cage while functioning like a glass cannon. Consequently, you are also the main threat in a team fight due to your follow-up-engage tools. 

Then comes the assassins that are ready to one-shot the main carry of the opponent’s team at a moment’s notice. These champions possess a higher skill ceiling than most champions. However, they’re extremely rewarding if played correctly. 

Lastly, we have the AD and AP carriers like Corky and Azir. Their main goal is to be the consistent damage to your team while still holding the potential to be a menace in the later portions of the game. Unlike general bot Lane ADCs, they’re extremely hard to shut down. 

The Importance of Mid Lane Tower

Amongst all the lane towers, the Mid Lane towers are the most important mainly due to the fact that they are the secure wall stopping the map from getting split. Taking them down opens the game, and allows the opponent team to be in a much more commanding position than what might be visible. 

If you lose the first tower as a Mid Laner, then your jungler will lose free access to most of his jungle, while your Top and Bot laners will face a higher risk of getting ganked. Since the Mid Lane is directly connected to the river, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be losing a lot of map pressure if your tower is taken down. 

Consequently, the same applies to your enemies. However, taking it down too early can also make your life difficult since the opponent can always initiate a freeze near the inner tower. Luckily, such antics are rather rare in the Bronze elo. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about being punished for it anytime soon.

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Can’t Play Mid Lane Champions? Try Tristana!

Transitioning to the Mid Lane can be tough if you don’t know the proper matchups. Thankfully, a recent meta shift has allowed Tristana to become a viable Mid Lane pick. To add icing to the cake, she is extremely hard to shut down in lower elo, thereby making her perfect for dominating Bronze matches. 

Her Rocket Jump allows her to deal damage and get out without any apparent cost. Furthermore, the recent buffs to her E damage have allowed her to be an extreme bully in lane. Best of all, there are no supports to constantly lock her down in the Mid Lane. 

She has evolved into an extremely strong laner that can hold her own in most Mid Lane Matchups. Furthermore, an ADC getting solo experience is an entirely different kind of strong than an ADC sharing gold and experience with its support. 

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Mid Lane is an extremely diverse role that allows you to showcase your potential as a player without having to rely on your team. Since you are the main driving force for your team, your impact will be the biggest on your team’s victory and loss. 

Thus, you won’t ever have to put the blame on your team unless the enemy Top laner or ADC is going 7/0 in the first 5 minutes of the game. In essence, you will be able to dictate most of the games while being the main carry for your team. 

Have you played Mid Lane in ranked before? What was your overall experience regarding the role? Let us know in the comment section below!

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