The Best Runes To Take in ARAM

The ARAM game mode is the second most popular game mode in League of Legends. It is superseded only by the main one – Summoner’s Rift. Of course, this popularity paved the way for many builds, both in terms of items and runes alike.  

This article will talk about the Runes—specifically, the best runes to take in ARAM and why that is the case. ARAM is a fun mode, and being as powerful as you can only helps add to the fun.  

So, let’s begin.  

Takedown Runes 

These Runes are all based on takedowns, and the more kills/assists you have, the stronger they get. ARAM is chaotic, and you will be doing a ton of fighting which will garner you dozens of kills and assists. It is the best place to farm takedowns for missions or Eternals, and you will emerge with some very obscene scores at the end of the game. 

But some of you might not know which these Runes are, so let me detail some of them. 

Presence of Mind – after each kill, you’ll get a ton of Mana restored. Since there is no recall in ARAM, and the respawning heals can only do so much mana restoration, Presence of Mind is extremely useful. It will help you stay viable for a much more extended period, almost entirely eliminating the need for purposely dying to reset. 

Of course, there’s Triumph, which is the same but restores HP instead.  

Eyeball Collection and Dark Harvest will be your best friends for garnering as much extra damage as possible. It will turn you into a true hunter, and the enemies will cringe at the very sight of you. These Runes go best with Assassins like Rengar and Kha’Zix, but you won’t really have a choice in an all-random environment.  

There are some other Runes from this category, and you should check them out in the game. Those that I’ve detailed are among the most useful, and the rest have diminishing returns when compared.  

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Summon Aery and Arcane Comet 

These two will also give you extra damage on your spells. Aery will even go beyond that, amplifying your shields and heals as well. These two Runes are mostly found on Mages, and the Aery one is best suited for Enchanters. A Champion that I love to play on ARAM is Karma, who will become a dominating force when she picks up the Summon Aery Rune.  

Approach Velocity and Cheap Shot 

These two runes work off of impaired/disabled enemies, and since there will be a ton of those in very close proximity to you, both of these Runes will be active near constantly. The first gives you extra movement speed towards immobilized enemies, while the latter gives extra damage against said enemies. ARAM is madness, and there’s gonna be a ton of people either stunned, slowed, or something of the sort. It’s insane how many spells are tossed around in ARAM, and these two runes only benefit from that.  

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Everyone likes winning, and Demolish will allow you to wreck Turrets as fast as possible. The ARAM towers are much weaker in terms of HP and defenses than their counterparts on the Rift, and Demolish will go through them like butter. This will give you the best tool possible for winning the game fast, and you will be at the Nexus Turrets in no time.  

Some others… 

Almost all runes are viable on ARAM. I say almost, for some are nigh useless. For example, you have Waterwalking, and I mean – there’s no river in ARAM. There’s quite literally no point in taking this rune. Despite this, I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to see some players picking it up for no reason whatsoever. Maybe they were trolls. Yeah, they were definitely trolls. (   

Final Thoughts 

ARAM is a chaotic environment that has more things happening in a few minutes than a Summoner’s Rift game might have for an entire game. It is a narrow, tiny place with ten people put in it. There’s no way around having an insane game in ARAM. I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and wish you all the best on the Howling Abyss.  

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