Top 7 Best Scaling ADCs in League of Legends 

League of Legends has over 150 Champions on its vast and diverse roster. All of them are so unique that making groups is a complicated process. However, some shared characteristics allow us to mash them together in particular classes, roles, etc. 

One of these aspects that we’ll be looking at in this article is scaling. Every Champion has a certain point in the game when they’ll be the strongest. If this point is the early game – we conclude that the Champion has poor scaling. And if it’s in the late game, they’re a true scaling god. 

Longevity decides whether or not a Champion has good scaling, and this list details just that. We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best scaling ADCs in League of Legends, a role well known for this characteristic. 

We’ve also covered some other roles, so check out our website for that. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

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7. Vayne 

Vayne is a Champion with an insane late-game that everyone fears. Whenever you see Vayne on the opposing side, you start praying for the game to end before minute 25. If it does, by some misfortune, go on for longer – you are bound to be obliterated by Vayne’s insane scaling and damage. 

The word damage is enough to describe everything about her. Unlike other ADCs, Vayne’s kit doesn’t revolve around attacking super-fast or obscene mobility. No, she just likes doing as much damage as humanly possible. Her Q, W, and Ultimate give additional physical and true damage to her attacks. 

She will rely on itemization for mobility, attack speed, and critical strikes. With each item, Vayne will reach a new power spike that will strike terror into the enemy’s hearts. Her scaling is focused, therefore, on items. The more farm and XP she gets, the quicker she will snowball

Her snowball is absolutely insane, making her one of the most potent ADCs in the game. She can singlehandedly turn the match around and wreck you no matter how much HP you have. I genuinely love her both on Bot and Top, and I wholeheartedly recommend her. 

6. Twitch

Twitch is notoriously known for being the late-game team-sweeper. He can, by himself, kill 5 people in just a few seconds. This is the inevitable reality of his late-game and scaling, which will happen almost no matter what. He’s one of those types of Champions snowballing in any scenario, whether losing or winning. 

Twitch starts the game slowly, focusing on the farm and gaining XP. His kit is versatile and has a lot of utility. The Ultimate, however, is reminiscent of Vayne’s kit and adds a ton of extra damage and range to Twitch’s attacks. That Ultimate is the sole reason for his notoriety, as in combination with good items, it becomes a complete disaster for the enemies. 

When Twitch gets a few good items, he can just pop the Ultimate and get a Pentakill like it’s nothing. It’s so bad at times that your team won’t even be able to approach Twitch, let alone kill him. I know this sounds exaggerated, but trust me, it’s not. I would genuinely wish for it to be a lie, but the Champion is that insane

Allowing him to get fed is setting yourself up for a defeat. You’ll have to keep Twitch pinned down and prevent his scaling as much as possible. His having even the slightest possibility of coming back into the game is terrible, and you should fix it immediately. Be it as it may, I recommend Twitch to all ADC players. 

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5. Draven 

Draven is a Champion with an excellent early game apart from being a fantastic scaler. He doesn’t start slow but has a lot of good damage, utility, and mobility from level 3 onwards. His scaling comes from his passive which I will explain shortly. Just remember that Draven is an absolute blast from start to finish. 

His passive stacks with each minion he kills. Draven will also get additional stacks every time he catches his Ax. Each of these stacks accounts for extra gold when he kills a Champion, meaning that Draven can get hundreds of bonus gold every time he kills someone. This allows for some quick and easy scaling, as Draven will be ways ahead of his opponents. 

Just a few stacked-up kills will have Draven reaching his power spike. He’ll have a mythic before people even complete half of theirs, giving him an insane advantage over everyone. As an ADC, he will embrace that carry part of the role incredibly. He’ll be able to singlehandedly eviscerate people with his Axes without the need of even picking them up. 

4. Kai’Sa 

Kai’Sa is League’s most known and overloaded hyper carry. She can do so much damage and get right up in your face while remaining safe. An exception to the ADC formula, Kai’Sa prioritizes engaging the enemies directly instead of taking cover and attacking from a distance. Though her W has all the range she needs, Kai’Sa still prefers shorter ranged encounters.

Her early game is not that great, and it will be a while before she hits her first power spike. Her abilities can be evolved in a fashion similar to Kha’Zix. However, instead of levels, they require stats – i.e., you’ll have to build items to evolve. At 100 bonus damage, Kai’Sa can upgrade her Q. The W comes at 100 AP, while her E needs 100% attack speed. The Ultimate stays the same. 

This makes Kai’Sa a double scaler. She will get stronger and stronger naturally through itemization, while her spells will evolve alongside that. After the first item, Kai’Sa should be nearing her first power spike, and dominance can begin. 

Being a hybrid, she can go either AD or AP depending on need or want. Any other Champion scarcely matches such versatility in the game. She’s complex and overloaded and does take some time to get used to. But I highly recommend you play her, as she’s a late-game hyper carry that knows no defeat. 

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3. Kog’Maw 

This Tank-shredding voidling is an ADC beast that gets stronger by the minute. Kog’Maw is an infamous hybrid carry that can obliterate people’s health bars with just a few basic attacks. He does start with a slower early game, but man, does he grow by the late game. 

Probably reminiscent of the void itself, Kog’s early game is average. He’ll have some damage, mostly coming from his W, but will be immobile and weak. With a few items in the backpack, Kog’Maw becomes a total beast able to beat anyone. However, a good Support is a necessity as Kog’Maw is pretty vulnerable alone. 

The vulnerability becomes exaggerated in the late game, and catching him is too easy for comfort. Thus, Kog requires a strong Support or Tank that can protect him during fights since he has no good escape abilities. Unlike the previous entry, who loves getting in people’s faces, Kog appreciates his distance. From there, he can use his insane scaling to wreck any Tank or carry that he sees.

2. Yasuo

Yasuo? I thought we were discussing ADCs! Oh, right. It’s Season 12, people; calm down – everyone can be an ADC now. Anyhow – 

Yasuo is League’s latest ADC meta that has an insane level of playability. Players are going for this pick so much that it’s become an official thing, recommended by the game itself in the Champion select screen. The Bot Lane has for long been a Marksman/Support combination, and that is finally starting to shift.

Yasuo falls into it pretty well, and he can get his scaling quickly through acquiring kills. He will, however, have to trade in his XP for said kills, and he won’t be able to get a level advantage as he usually does. With good Support, Yasuo can rack up many kills early on that can help him end the game sooner.

His snowball will come eventually, no matter what you do about it. All he really needs is an item or two, and that’s it. With that much, he can fight most people who might have 3 or even 4 items on their person. It’s insane how powerful Yasuo can get, especially from the ADC position. 

It suits him well, and you should try it out. Just make sure you find someone good at Supporting for some free Elo. 

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1. Ezreal

Ezreal is one of the most potent hybrid Champions in League of Legends. He can deal so much damage instantly that he’ll have you wondering where all your HP had gone. Mobile, strong and impressive – Ezreal is truly a godlike Champion. 

His early game is fantastic; he has a lot of range and damage to keep him going right off the bat. By level 3, he’ll already have a ton of damage and mobility for safe harassing and fights. This only gets worse (or better) by the minute, and the post-6 period is additionally soul-crushing. His Ultimate is a global ability that hurts like a motherf-er and will see Ezreal hastening his time-to-kill statistics. 

As the late game looms on, Ezreal will be a beast capable of shredding through the HP of any Champion. Whether you’re a Tank or a squishy – Ezreal is there to send you to the Shadow Isles with an express ticket. I love Ezreal, and you might think he’s too OP due to the description above.

But there’s a catch. Ezreal is exceptionally challenging to play, requiring a super high skill level. Everything in his kit is a skill shot (and not an easy one). To land them consistently requires a ton of effort and practice, which I think makes him balanced enough.

Give him a try, as learning his mechanics will make you a better player overall. 


With so many Champions out there, it’s hard to pin down just 7 of the best in any aspect. Scaling especially has so many good options, and even when the selection is narrowed down to a single Lane – it still isn’t simple. The entries above stand out so much that they’ve made the list, and you should give them all a good, hard look. Learning them will teach you a lot about the game, so make sure to pick them up.

I hope you’ve found the list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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