Top 7 Best Scaling Supports in League of Legends

League of Legends Champions all thrive at particular points in the game. Based on when they’re the best, we can determine how well they scale. Scaling is a metric we use to describe a Champion’s ability to grow in power throughout the match.

Their scaling isn’t great if a Champion is good in the early to mid-games. However, those that reach their full potential well into the match are what we call scaling Champions. This article will detail the best scaling Supports in League, their quirks, and mechanics.

Supports are not what you’d usually think of when speaking of scaling. But they’re equal to every other class in this regard, i.e., they offer many good scaling options for players that love playing such Champions. 

Whether designed to be a scaler or just happen to be good at it – these Champions are undoubtedly slow burners. We’ve covered some of the other roles, so make sure to check out our website for more. 

Let’s begin! 

7. Brand

Brand is one of the most powerful AP Supports out there and just so happens to be a fantastic scaling Champion. His kit revolves around doing percentage-based damage, which gives him great stats, to begin with. This only grows as the game progresses, with Brand becoming more robust and able to obliterate health bars like there’s no tomorrow. 

Brand’s early game starts off well. All he needs is level 3, and he’s pretty much set until the mid-game. There’s a ton of damage in his kit, both AOE and single-target. He can harass the enemy ADC and Support, causing them to lose on a ton of farm, and likely even XP. His zoning skills are impeccable, and a good Brand player can make life a living hell for his opponents. 

He wouldn’t be on this list without a near-perfect late game. Brand becomes a fiery beast capable of literally blowing up his opponent’s HP. By employing the percentage-based damage mentioned above, Brand can shred through even the tankiest Champions. His team fighting potential is also worth noting, with his Ultimate being notoriously powerful in these situations. 

All in all, Brand lives up to his fame as a potent AP Support. His popularity is justified, and you should join in on the fun while it lasts. You never know when Riot is going to nerf a good Champion. 

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6. Bard

Bard is often named the biggest troll Champion ever to release in League. However, I’d attribute that title to Ivern, who is miles worse. Bard’s kit is designed to scale with the game, and each passing minute makes Bard better overall. He starts weak and slow but gains a lot in might and utility as the game progresses. 

Everything revolves around collecting the passive chimes that spawn around the map. They grant Bard additional Meeps that he can use to do bonus damage and apply slows. The chimes will spawn at random locations sporadically, and Bard must collect them frequently to avoid becoming obsolete. 

Though not a Champion known for his power, the chimes can add a lot to Bard’s arsenal. AD Bard is perfectly viable in particular situations as a Champion with no concrete build path. The chimes can exponentially increase Bard’s attack damage, making them AOE nukes that can chunk even the biggest of Tanks. 

In general, Bard doesn’t enjoy much of a reputation. Despite this, I still included him on the list for his design. It was made to take a while to reach its potential, and chime collecting can be a fun endeavor. I wouldn’t recommend him precisely, but he isn’t that bad of a Champion. 

5. Zyra

Zyra is a unique case on this list. Each Champion on here will have something that makes their scaling “built-in” to some degree. Zyra has none, and all her scaling comes from being a naturally powerful Champion. She starts off strong and continues to be so until the very end of the game. 

Zyra is, alongside Brand, one of the most powerful AP Supports out there. She focuses more on doing damage and harassing than anything else. Differing wildly from the popular Enchanter Supports, Zyra has a thirst for blood that has to be satiated. Zyra can pin the enemies into place and do tons of damage to them by using her plants and roots. 

Once she reaches level 6, she gains her infamous team fighting potential. She’ll have the ability to stun the entire enemy team, but not before she chunks half of their HP. A well-placed Zyra Ultimate can singlehandedly change the outcome of a fight. The knock-up cannot be dispelled, and the damage is substantial. 

Overall, Zyra makes for an incredible late-game Champion with a good wind-up. There’s rarely any downtime with Zyra, and she can manage consistency in dominance. She’s paired well with the likes of Lucian, who can use her CC to blast the enemies to pieces absolutely. 

4. Senna

Senna is best described when compared with Kindred. The Champions can have infinite scaling, and it’s built directly into their passives. While Kindred requires killing particular Jungle camps and Champions, all Senna has to do is damage. Whenever she attacks an enemy Champion, she’ll get a passive stack. She also gets them from fallen minions in her proximity. 

Apart from granting Senna additional range, each stack also gives 8 gold. This allows Senna to acquire some bulky items way before the enemy Support can. With aggressive gameplay, Senna can grow into a second ADC with twice the range. She can snipe you from across the Lane, and there’s barely anything you can do about it. 

Senna also has a ton of utility to play the genuine Support. With heals and shields, Senna keeps her team safe from harm. This duality of ADC and Support makes Senna quite the unique case. Despite her prime being long past, Senna is still a trendy pick in almost every division. All Support players appreciate what she can do, and you shouldn’t be underestimating her. 

I recommend Senna to the Supports that also love ADC. Also, if you’re an ADC auto-filled into Support, Senna is a perfect choice. She’s a fantastic Champion with a ton of damage and utility – what more could you want? 

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3. Thresh

Thresh also has his scaling built-in. Like Senna, whose passive was likely based on Thresh, he gets passive stacks from fallen minions/Champions. Each stack gives Thresh additional Armor and AP. He has one of the lowest Armor ratings in the game and gets none per level, which counterbalances his passive. 

Thresh is infamous in Bot Lane for his ability to pressure the enemies. A hook to the face will immediately punish every opening, often followed by a swift death. Thresh can, through mere presence, establish a level of dominance in the Lane. It causes his enemies to play in a particular way, stand in just the right spots, etc., throwing them off course.

As soon as they make a mistake, Thresh is there to hook them in and punish them. His passive allows him to get insanely tanky, and he’s perfect against AD teams. Though he doesn’t have much damage to offer, he makes it up with his CC and defenses. A great Support and Tank, Thresh truly lives up to his infamy. 

I highly recommend you give him a try. 

2. Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz has been around for a while and is undoubtedly a powerful one. Prioritizing damage over doing the traditional Support stuff, Vel’Koz will drive his enemies insane with his excellent spells. With a long-range and even true damage, he can harass his opponents endlessly, allowing his ADC to farm worry-free.

Vel’Koz starts off strong and only grows from there. His passive applies stacks that explode, dealing true damage. This gives him leverage over Tanks and squishies alike, making him challenging to fend off. His range is also a marvel, allowing Vel’Koz to keep a great distance while hammering away with his lasers. 

He also has a nice knock-up that can disrupt engaging enemies. Those that try to escape can also be swiftly prevented. Vel’Koz becomes an essential factor by the late game due to his amazing Ultimate. It can deal insane amounts of damage to the entire enemy team, allowing his allies to make quick work of them. 

There’s not much to be said about him due to his lack of any mechanical depth. His spells are straightforward and require no more than a single use to understand. However, he is dependent on skill shots, so some players might want to stay clear. I recommend Vel’Koz to players who favor damage over utility at the end of the day. 

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1. Veigar

Last but not least, we have the evilest man in Runterra – Veigar. If there ever was a Champion that embodies scaling, it’s him. Exponential growth is something Veigar is well known for, and each passing minute makes him twice the strength he was previously. As old as the game itself, Veigar was designed to be a grower. 

His passive gives him extra AP for each minion killed with his Q. He also gets extra AP every time he lands a spell on an enemy Champion. You can already see where this is going. Getting over 1000 AP in a game is just the usual stuff for Veigar, and people have mostly gotten used to it. However, everyone cannot help but scratch their heads when he deals 3000 damage in a single combo. 

By the time he reaches the late game, Veigar becomes nigh unstoppable. Tank, squishy, and Fighter alike – Veigar eviscerates them all in just a couple of spell casts. If he happens to catch you in that dreadful E, you’re on a one-way ticket to hell with Veigar as the conductor. 

I highly recommend him to everyone and anyone out there. You don’t even need to farm as a Support Veigar. Instead, you can prioritize attacking the enemies with spells and give yourself extra AP that way. Anyhow, Veigar is as OP as they get, and you shouldn’t miss out on playing him.


League of Legends has so many Champions that it’s impossible to group them all. However, based on how well they perform in each part of the game, we can determine their scaling. The Champions above are the best the Support role has to offer in this regard. Powerful and balancing between damage and utility, these Champions can have quite an impact. Check them out if you happen to play Support any time soon. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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