Top 10 Best Selling Skins in League of Legends

League of Legends has nearly 160 Champions on its vast and diverse roster. Each of these Champions was released with at least one skin accompanying them. But, for the uninitiated, you might ask – what are skins, anyways?

Skins are alternate visuals for a Champion. This may be as simple as just a color palette change or go as far as to entirely change the Champion’s persona, voice acting, animations, etc. 

As I’ve said above, every Champion has at least one skin that releases alongside them. Depending on the Champion’s popularity, Riot may or may not release additional skins for varying prices. 

We’ve covered the Champions with the most skins and clearly showed favoritism for particular Champions. Many factors go into what Champion will receive new skins, the primary one likely being profitability. 

This article will detail the ten best-selling skins in League of Legends. Keep in mind that there is no official way to track skin sales as that’s something only Riot can do. Thus, we’ve based this list on researched data from forums, Riot’s own words, and our experiences. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

10. Elementalist Lux

Starting off, we have League of Legend’s poster child. It’s no wonder that Lux would have one of the best, if not the best Ultimate skin in the game. As with any Ultimate skin, this one includes multiple forms, a complete redesign of Lux’ voice lines, animations, etc. 

There are a total of 10 forms to play with this skin. Yes, you’ve heard that right. You start with the Light form and progress through an additional four that can mix to get you 5 more. It’s insane how much depth and design went into creating this skin. 

There’s so much on offer here that Skin Spotlight created a video on the skin that’s a whopping 22 minutes long. The average skin takes no more than a few minutes to analyze entirely, which shows how detailed this skin really is. 

Lux is a Champion that has received over a dozen skins in the past decade and will likely continue to do so. She’s Riot’s favorite Champion to advertise, and I am surprised that Arcane wasn’t revolved around her instead of Jinx. I expect a new League anime with Lux at the center, as it only makes sense for them to make one. 

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9. PROJECT: Vayne

The PROJECT skin lineup has a ton of skins on the roster. It includes Champions from all roles and classes, but this one is something else. Sporting a whole motorbike, PROJECT: Vayne is a skin that genuinely makes you feel like you’re in some cyberpunk world. Deus Ex has nothing on this vampire huntress fashioned with biomechanical upgrades. 

PROJECT: Vayne is justifiably one of the best-selling League of Legends skins. It is a legendary skin that adds a ton of new animations and some flashy visuals. It turns Vayne from a usual vampire huntress into a futuristic beast that will be shredding through enemies in all the digital and fancy ways. 

She’s also a pretty popular ADC pick, which is justification enough to Riot to create a skin as unique as this. 

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8. Star Guardian Jinx

The main character of League’s latest anime series, she was bound to appear on this list. Her insanely growing popularity is reason enough for any one of her many skins to be included. The Star Guardian lineup of skins is pretty popular overall, with the Jinx one taking the leading position. 

It adds a ton of new animations and so much more than the usual as a legendary skin. Legendary skins are not Ultimate-tier in changes but come as close as possible without costing your entire kidney. This skin is gorgeous, as are most of Jinx’ skins. She’s now slowly taking the position of poster-child for Riot Games, so expect more of her skins to come out soon. 

I say this skin is absolutely worth a hit, which the people seem to be thinking. 1820 RP is a lot, but it’s not that bad when it goes to something genuinely good. 

7. Dark Cosmic Jhin

Jhin is undoubtedly Riot’s best-designed Champion. Everything is so meticulously detailed – his lore, gameplay, everything. With a successful launch and such a great marketing campaign, Jhin was bound to have his skins sell like hotcakes. And sell they have, prompting Riot to create many more after the fact. 

Dark Cosmic Jhin is one of them, part of the Dark Star/Cosmic skin lineup. All of these skins are some of my favorites ever to release. They’re so flashy, look exceptionally good, and have a vibe that I adore. I was always a sucker for the cosmic and galactic theme that these skins embody beautifully. 

Jhin’s skin is likely the best of them all, thus taking the leading position in sales. It offers everything you’d want from a legendary and then some as a legendary skin. The animations are great, the vibe is fantastic, and it’s an overall great product for the money. 

If you’re a Jhin player, go and buy it now. 

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6. K/DA Skin Lineup

I know I’m lowballing the rest of the list by including an entire lineup here. But please bear with me for a moment. These skins are so incredibly popular in all regions that including each skin individually would overshadow the entire list by a long shot. They might be one of the most successful skin lines Riot has ever produced. 

In Korea and North America especially, these skins are selling insanely well. I believe that Ahri is the most popular of all, with her appearing as number one in most places I’ve seen. Ahri is also a Champion who Riot loves creating skins for, as they are always super successful. Ahri is also one of Riot’s most profitable Champions skin-wise in China.

The K/DA lineup will only continue to grow as time goes on. KPOP is becoming ever more popular in western countries, and the K/DA All Out skins show that Riot doesn’t plan on stopping with these skins any time soon. 

5. Archduke Nasus

This was an unlikely discovery I’ve had while researching this article. A 750 RP skin for Nasus of all people, wasn’t precisely something I expected to find on a list like this one. Be it as it may, this Nasus skin is among the most sold of all time, likely due to the pricing. 

Nasus is one of those Champions who most people will play in their first hours of the game. Alongside Garen and Master Yi, he’s a popular Champion among the newcomers. Those who have the money to spare and fall in love with Nasus, in particular, would likely go for a cheap skin to complement their gameplay. 

This skin looks rather lovely and offers new particle effects for Nasus’ Ultimate. Not that much, but still, it’s only a 750 RP skin. For what it’s worth, I’d say the skin offers a lot, and the rest of the lineup looks excellent as well. 

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4. PROJECT: Leona

The second and final PROJECT skin on this list is Leona’s. It’s a brilliant skin that people love SO MUCH that I can safely say that more people play with PROJECT: Leona than with her default skin. It’s so popular and profitable that I’d put her in the top three if this were a numbered list. 

Leona is a Support Champion which always seems to have quite popular skins. Whether it is to the demographic or the overall sound design of Support Skins, they’re certainly Riot’s lovingly profitable Champions. This skin also has a good interaction with PROJECT: Lucian, which is excellent and makes the lineup feel unique.

This skin is genuinely good, and everyone likes it, so I cannot help but recommend it to any Leona player.

3. Mecha Kha’Zix

This is yet another entry where I think more people play with it than the default skin. As part of the Mecha lineup, Kha’Zix’ variation is great. It doesn’t offer too much; some particles, a new dance animation, and just some general changes. However, this is more due to Kha being a simple Champion with little to change rather than anything else visibly. 

As an epic skin, it won’t cost a kidney to purchase at 1350 RP, and it’s an excellent skin to have if you main the Champion. Many people own it or have gotten it for free, making it almost more popular than the default option. Everyone and their mom have this skin, so you should pick it up too if you have the chance.

It’s a good flavor update to playing Kha and changes the monotonous default experience. Skins that change any particles even slightly are always a welcome thing. 

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2. Assassin Master Yi 

We’re closing off the list with two entries with some nice history trivia about the game. These two skins are likely the two most popular skins of all time and are unlikely to be outmatched soon. Anyhow, let’s start.

This Master Yi skin costs 390 RP. Being so cheap and Yi being a Champion that everyone plays when they start playing the game, you can see where this is going. But people didn’t even have to PAY for the skin, as they would get 400 RP for free as a gift back in the day. 

Riot discontinued this practice some Seasons ago, replacing it with some other stupid stuff that they found ways of justifying. We just know that they just wanted more money and stopped caring about giving back to the community due to increasing player numbers. An unfortunate reality of Riot games. 

Thus, Assassin Master Yi is likely the most popular skin in League of Legends of all time, but the following is probably at the same level. 

1. White Mage Veigar

At the same price as the previous entry, at 390 RP, White Mage Veigar is also one of the most popular skins of all time. I actually have a personal experience with both of these, having refunded Yi to purchase the Veigar skin (which I still own).  

This skin, like the previous, doesn’t offer much change. It changes the color and overall look of the Champions, but everything else remains the same. I mean, what else would you expect at the 390 RP price. They’re called Classic Skins for a reason, and they represent cherished memories in the minds of all old-school League of Legends players that Riot Games continuously neglect. 

League of Legends used to be so great, but what can we do. 


With so many skins in the game releasing with each patch, it wasn’t easy to pin down the ten most sold ones. There wasn’t an official way of extracting this data, other than a few Riot interviews where they highlight some vague information. Going off of everything I could find, I compiled the list above that I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed. The game may not be what it used to be, but we still love it and will continue playing it for the foreseeable future. I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift, and have a nice day! 

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