Best Settings For Wild Rift in 2023

Best Settings For Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the easier to access substitute for players of the game who either want a more casual LoL experience or like to play their games on the move. However, just like with any game, the settings you use have the potential to make a world of difference in your overall enjoyment.

Now, there are three main types of settings you can adjust to your preference. Firstly, there come general settings which include things like graphics and sound settings. The other two are control settings and settings related to the game’s quick chat.

Naturally, we’ll be going through all these abovementioned settings and informing you of the changes you need to make if you want to get the best experience possible.

Best General Settings For Wild RiftBest General Settings For Wild Rift

First of all, let’s go through the general settings for Wild Rift. Here, most of the options are those that rely more on your personal preference if anything, and therefore the ‘best’ settings are completely subjective.

With that being said, there are two options you might want to take a closer look at as they can really impact your gaming experience.

  • The first is In Game Chat, which determines whether or not you see messages from the enemy team members. If you want a more toxicity free experience, then we recommend you switch it to ‘Team’.
  • The second option you should take a closer look at is Chat Filter which will automatically block any message the game deems as abusive if turned on.

The sound and other settings that also fall under the general settings banner are also those that can be adjusted entirely depending on your own personal preference as they do not affect your game’s performance in any way.

However, we do recommend that in the sound settings, you turn vibrate alerts off to ensure your phone doesn’t hang every time a notification pops up. Additionally, in the other settings, it might be a good idea to turn your microphone on if you want to communicate with your teammates, otherwise, there isn’t anything specific you have to change.

Best Graphic Settings For Wild RiftBest Graphic Settings For Wild Rift

Included in the general settings heading is the option to change the game’s graphic settings as well. Now, the thing about graphic settings for any game, even when talking about the best graphic settings for Valorant which is an FPS game, is that the best settings for you really depend on the specs of the device you’re using. In this case, the said device is either an iOS or Android device.

With that being said, below you’ll find the graphic settings for Wild Rift that are generally considered to be the best. If you want, you can simply select either quality for 30fps and high visuals or performance for 60fps and medium visuals, though we recommend you tap custom and apply the settings listed in the table below.

FPS 60
Texture Quality Medium – High
Model Quality Low – Medium
Shadow Quality Medium – High
Effect Quality Low – Medium
Resolution Medium – High
Post Processing Disabled
Floating Text Enabled
Animations Enabled
Character Inking Disabled

Although it’s true that most players would prefer if their settings prioritized visuals over performance, seeing as how Wild Rift is a competitive game that demands better performance so you can perform actions quickly, having stable FPS and good performance is a must.

Best Controls Settings For Wild RiftBest Controls Settings For Wild Rift

Since Wild Rift is a mobile game, it has button layouts that appear on the screen and you have to tap them to perform the inputs. Although the default button layout is already considered the best button layout for Wild Rift, feel free to make any adjustments you see fit according to your personal preference. Of course, the one exception to this is if you’re using a controller to play Wild Rift.

Aside from the layout settings, however, there are certain settings that you might want to change to make controlling the game a little easier. All those settings are mentioned in the table below.

Portrait Lock Priority Display
Force Attack Follow Off
Targetting Priority Low Health
Dash in Move Direction On
Lock Targeting System All
Ally Buff Targeting Priority Always Self
Semi Lock Camera Off
Death and Spectate Panning Natural
Mini Map On
Warding Aim Assist On

Best Quick Chat Settings For Wild RiftBest Quick Chat Settings For Wild Rift

The quick chat feature of WIld Rift is something many players don’t really utilize despite it having the potential to save you a bunch of time that otherwise would have been used on chatting. What it basically does is it allows players to preset messages that they can then send in chat during a match with just the tap of a finger.

To be more specific, you can select a total of eight preset messages in the quick chat section and use them easily in the middle of the match any time you want. Although what messages you set depends on your personal playstyle and what role you usually play, we’ll go through the eight most recommended quick chat options that you’re more likely to use while playing.

  1. I need help!
  2. Focus on objectives
  3. Farm, don’t fight
  4. Let’s push!
  5. I’m retreating
  6. Recall and heal
  7. Please protect me
  8. Can I take the buff?

Again, if you feel like you don’t use one or more of the quick chat preset messages above, then feel free to put something else.


These were the absolute best settings for Wild Rift in 2023. Not only did we go through the general settings which included both the sound as well as graphic settings, but we also informed you of the best controls and quick chat settings.

Remember, most of these settings are rather subjective and are determined by multiple factors, such as your personal preference, where you play the game, how you play it, and the specs of the device you use to play Wild Rift. Therefore, feel free to make certain adjustments when required so that you can find the true best settings got Wild Rift for you!

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