Best Shen Skins – Ranked From The Worst To The Best

For those of you who have Shen, Eye of Twilight, as your main, you’re in luck because he has various skins that you can choose from. This is the type of champion that can sport around a colorful ninja suit and get away with it. You can’t see this guy through the shadows, so what he’s wearing doesn’t matter, but when you walk out on the battleground, it’s always nice to do it in style. So, here’s a list of the best Shen skins, I’ve listed them from worst to best, so the further you get down on this list, the better the costumes will be. 

1. Frozen Shen

The concept here features our Shen dressed up in blue tones with frosted arms. An interesting idea, if I must say. Looking at the Frozen Shen skin, it’s evident that there is some sort of reference to Sub-Zero going on, and I like it in a way. There are blue tones that go from dark to light, yet they always seem to remain in the middle. This, I believe, hides the subtler details and prevents the new design from really shining. Regardless, the plus side to this skin is that it is different from the classic style. I believe it would have been good if Riot would have added additional frosty details to his arms. The Frozen Shen skin is a good change and is appealing. I just feel that it could use a little extra, but that’s just me.


  • It doesn’t look like the classic design


  • No new particles
  • No new animations

The cost of this skin is 520 RP.

2. Yellow Jacket Shen

As the name suggests, this feature Shen dressed in yellow and black, which isn’t that bad of an idea because these colors actually fit him. The yellow and black colors make an excellent contrast of colors. Yellow Jacket Shen adapts Scorpion’s look to the Eye of Twilight and provides a more traditional yet still dazzling ninja look. Although the yellow and black palette is the most distinct characteristic, thanks to the lovely contrast of colors it provides, there’s more to it than that. The aggressive design of armor has been reinforced by torn cloth, making the Yellow Jacket Shen skin stand out from the crowd. The downside here is that the darker parts of the skin hide much of their details. Regardless, Yellow Jacket Shen is a nice look for Shen, and while it feels familiar, at the same time, it’s a tad bit different from his normal look. For those of you who are fans of ninjas, chances are you’ll like this skin. It’s a cheap yet attractive look for Shen. 


  • New model for Shens


  • No new particles

The cost of this skin is 520 RP.

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3. Surgeon Shen

Surgeon Shen is decent skin that features Shen dressed up as a surgeon wielding scalpels that are oversized. Obviously, this skin was meant to be a joke, but the problem is, it’s funny at first, but after you’ve seen it so many times, it just stops being funny. Plus, you know a surgeon’s outfit doesn’t exactly belong on the battlefield, and I think that’s what’s so funny about it. The skin does a great job at imitating a surgeon. The trousers have pockets, and he has a buttoned shirt with folded sleeves, and don’t forget about those long rubber gloves. Oh yeah, and the cap and mask combined with a pair of crocs.  

Open crocs aren’t the best thing to have in the surgery room because falling instruments can hurt. The stethoscope doesn’t make that much sense, and the apron with the loincloth doesn’t belong. The huge scalpels that are used as weapons take away any remaining seriousness of this skin that there may have been. What we have here is a comical ninja-surgeon, and it’s not exactly faithful to reality. Unless you happen to be a fan of Dr. McNinja or you would like Shen to wear some glasses, you’re not going to find this skin appealing. 


  • Shen dressed up as a surgeon can be funny.
  • New model for Shen, his Spirit Blade, and his ninjatos


  • The humor dies off quickly

The cost of this skin is 975 RP.

4. Blood Moon Shen

This skin features Shen playing the role of a dark spirit in the Ionian Festival of Fire Play – it is a resemblance of a Japanese Noh theatre play. This skin features a new model for Shen – his ninjatos and Spirit blade. While his lower body has remnants of Shen’s classic look, the rest of him looks fantastic. The look pays tribute to Bishamon from Darkstalkers

Putting armor to the side, his suit has some good detail, but unfortunately, it’s hard to notice some of the detail because of the similarly dark hues and subtle elements being used. Regardless, his menacing look is complemented by spiked spaulders and bladed vambraces, which is a nice look for him. All in all, Blood Moon Shen is a fair skin if you’re going for a demonic look – it’s dark and appealing. 


  • Appealing look for Shen


  • The bottom part of this skin has a classic look, as not much has been done.

The cost of this skin is 750 RP.

5. Warlord Shen

Warlord Shen doesn’t give off the traditional armored samurai vibes. Instead, he looks more like a fictional interpretation based on numerous sources. Starting out, his armor looks like it’s a mixture of tatami and kisari armor, resembling a yellow coat. The colors are pretty bright, to say the least. Samurai armors weren’t all dark and mute, but this can seem flamboyant. While the Shashimono looks believable, unfortunately, the back of the armor as well as the legs have a simple appearance and aren’t protected, like the inside of Shen’s arms are. Despite it all, the new look, animations, and particles are appealing, which may be surprising. 


  • New particles and animations
  • New look


  • No new sounds

The cost of this skin is 975 RP

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6. Pulsefire Shen

Pulsefire Shen transforms Shen into a hi-tech ninja, which isn’t that bad of an idea. He has a new model, his Ninjatos and Spirit Blade. He also has new particles for his abilities, recall, auto-attack, and new sound for his recall and abilities. For the most part, he has a ninja suit on, which is rather modern, but it has some advanced-looking armor as well as some traditional. The swords show a similar mix, despite the holographic qualities – one is classic, and the other is advanced, but it looks kind of like a toy. 

This is the first skin that shows Shen’s hair, and that gives Shen a different look. The particles have holographic looks, like hi-tech, but there’s no variety in color, you only have some hues here and there. The grid pattern used for Shadow Dash and Ki Barrier may be subtle, but they’re nice. The trail of holographic copies that Shadow Dash leaves behind is also good – the petal appears in many abilities. 


  • New animations
  • New particles


  • Sounds – the sounds we a bit disappointing, there’s high-pitched energy variations, and those are only interesting when a brief echo has been added to them. The sounds lack impact. They may feel hi-tech, but they don’t feel strong or varied, even if they’re different. 
  • Recall – The new recall is meaningless until the portal opens and Shen leaves. When he leaves on the ground, there’s more flashy nonsense going on. 

The cost of this skin is 1350 RP.

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Final Word

When it comes to outfits, Shen is an eclectic ninja. However, some are more attractive than the others. Blood Moon Shen is one I would recommend if you’re looking for a distinct appearance that fits the style of a ninja while being different. The demonic armor is pretty cool, while the ninja suit is attractive and distinct.

Pulesefire Shen has this champion as a hi-tech ninja with a liking for the traditional. The futuristic aspect is appealing, but there are areas that are lacking. 

Frozen and Yellow Jacket Shen skins are pretty straightforward, and it’s obvious that they pay tribute to Mortal Kombat. Yellow Jacket has a more distinct appearance, but Frozen does stand out. For those of you who are fans of ninja, this duo of skins is worth considering. Then you have Surgeon Shen, the joke on the battlefield. It is funny at first, but once you’ve seen it half a billion times, it’s no longer funny. In fact, it can quickly become boring.

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