Top 7 Best Shielding Champions in League of Legends

Shielding, apart from Healing, is the most important aspect of sustaining oneself in League of Legends. I always considered shields to be much more potent than Healing, as they grant you a secondary health bar, making your HP untouchable if for a little bit. Healing can come in after the fact. 

In this list, I’ve compiled the best shielding Champions in League of Legends. The sheer power of their shields wasn’t the only criteria considered, but rather I’ve looked at a multitude of aspects to determine which Champions are best suited for this list. 

I’ll comment upon their viability during the Laning Phase and off the Lane and in team fights. I think it’s best that I keep these lists full of information that may or may not be directly tied to the topic. 

Here at LeagueFeed, we want to teach you everything we can about the game – and so, keeping things interesting is our best way of doing just that. 

So, without further ado, let us begin with the 7 Best Shielding Champions in League of Legends

7. Morgana

Morgana is at the bottom of this list as she doesn’t have a proper shield on her kit. Instead, Morgana sports a spell shield, and that unique aspect made me include her on the list. 

This spell shield is one of the best spells to have. Despite it not protecting against AD attacks, it still protects against ability damage, and it gets even better – it deflects any CC. 

A Champion protected by Morgana’s spell shield cannot be stunned, slowed, or anything of the sort. Against highly immobilizing matchups on the Bot Lane, Morgana is a perfect pick. Later on in the game, when things start getting heated, and AOE CC comes to full swing, Morgana can easily protect her target of choice like the ADC. 

Apart from this amazing ability, Morgana deals a crap ton of damage and is one of the best team fighting Champions in general. Her Ultimate can slow and stun the entire enemy team, which doesn’t need explaining. 

Her Q makes you go AFK, and her damage hurts a lot. I can’t even begin to recount how many times a Morgana player’s Q-W combo obliterated me. 

She’s a great AP Support that emphasizes damage and CC over Enchanting her allies, perfect for more aggressive players. 

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6. Taric

Taric’s shielding prowess comes from his powerful W, which amazes me with how potent it can be. Taric can give his allies a shield equal to 8-12% of their maximum HP (depending on ability level), which is an amount substantial enough to keep them alive through a dangerous encounter. 

Since this amount can be increased through itemization, Taric can, therefore, provide insane amounts of shielding to his allies. Since this spell also binds Taric to a select Champion, casting it around multiple allies can break that link and create a problem if you want to mimic your E and the proper ally isn’t linked. 

Since the spell is so emphasized to be used on a designated target, I kept Taric a bit lower on the list, but not for any other reason. He is not weaker by any means. It’s just that it’s a bit niche mechanically. 

Other than that, Taric is a great tank whose real shield lies in his Ultimate that makes everyone in his team completely invulnerable for a duration. This spell easily wins fights if used properly – think of it as a multi-target Kayle Ult. 

He’s incredible, and I strongly recommend you try him out. He’s been the target of many controversies due to how effective he was at funnel strategies. However, since they’ve been patched out, Taric is now only good at Supporting. I think that’s enough.  

5. Seraphine

Sona 2.0 puts all of her shielding power in her Q. The spell is quite overloaded with various effects that apply to Seraphine and her allies, so check out the league wiki if you really need to know the specifics and percentages. 

The shield is nice and even comes with a bonus of movement speed. If Seraphine already had a shield when the spell was cast, it would even heal the allies. As I’ve said, this spell is overloaded and powerful, which gives Seraphine the number 5 spot. 

However, the balance against this is that the spell has a long cooldown. And I mean long, 22 seconds at max level. Getting ability haste would be great with Seraphine, as this spell can be a lifesaving measure in heated fights. 

Apart from the shielding, Seraphine is Sona 2.0, as indicated at the start of this entry. She has a lot of empowering spells, an AOE CC Ultimate, and the like. They are very similar, so similar in the fact that Seraphine made Sona obsolete. 

Like many others on this list; therefore everything about her will be helping out the allies in need. She doesn’t do too much damage, so keep that in mind when picking her. 

4. Rakan

Rakan’s shield is bound to, apart from his passive, his powerful E. Passively, Rakan shields himself, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to see how a Champion can help out their ally, and that’s where the E excels not only in shielding but utility as well. 

This shield is nice and pretty straightforward. Rakan dashes to a target ally and shields them for 3 seconds, after which Rakan can recast the E for another 5 seconds. This gives him the ability to dash around, close and create gaps, etc. The sole mobility and utility of this spell, when combined with some of the other abilities on his kit, are great. 

Rakan is a great Champion when found in the right hands, and this spell is one of the reasons why. He’s so difficult to catch and run away from that it’s sometimes insane. Great Rakan players will use all the dashes he has to help allies and quickly CC everyone in their immediate vicinity. 

His Ultimate can charm them, and his W is a knock-up dash as if he already didn’t get enough dashes. Currently, I think he’s one of the best tank Enchanters to play and is great for those players seeking some high APM gameplay and not just clicking about. 

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3. Lulu

Lulu’s shields come from her E – Help, Pix! – a spell that is likely one of the most powerful shields spells in the entire game. A 240 + 60% AP shield is certainly a substantial amount to protect anyone during any fight well enough. 

Couple this with an 8-second base cooldown, and you’ve got yourself a rapid-casting shield that will keep any ally in Lulu’s range safe and sound during any encounter they face. Of course, if there’s no need to shield, Lulu can instead cast this spell on an enemy, dealing nice damage. 

Every spell in Lulu’s kit has two or more mechanics that apply to allies and enemies alike, so this one wasn’t an exception either. Though we are talking about shields, I can’t skip Lulu’s HP buffing Ultimate that is perhaps one of the best spells in the entire game. I’m scared when I see Yi and Lulu in the same team because of this spell.

It increases the HP of a target ally, knocking up enemies close to them and slowing them. It is insanely powerful and can be a game-changing spell in team fights, as well as a saving grace for any dying ally. 

Lulu is a super fun Enchanter that I recommend to anyone that likes the class.

2. Janna 

Janna’s shield also lies on her E and is similar in values to Lulu’s one. However, what makes Janna special is how powerful this shield is. She can even use it on Turrets, apart from herself and her allies. 

While this shield is active, the target won’t just get a shield but extra AD that amounts to 40 + 10% AP bonus AD at max ability level. This grants Janna’s allies and/or her Turret substantially more potency in attacking, giving them extra ability to fight, harass, farm, or whatever they want to do. 

The spell has a 12-second cooldown at max level, and it’s reduced every time Janna’s abilities slow or knock up enemies. If the right hands are behind the keyboard, Janna will easily spam this spell, especially when she stacks up some ability haste. Empowering this shield with extra items will make it one of the strongest shield spells you’ve ever seen. 

Janna has a lot of other utilities apart from this great shield. CC, heals, knock-ups, slows, everything you’d want from an enchanter – it’s there. However, she’s extremely squishy, so you’ll have to be extra careful when moving around Assassins or other burst Champion classes. 

I recommend Janna to the players that like pure Enchanters. 

1. Karma

Karma is the best of the best when it comes to shielding, and it’s not the only thing she’s best at. I consider her the best Enchanter Champion in League of Legends, bar none. She’s also one of my top Supports, and I believe the community criminally underrates her. 

Karma’s shield lies on her E, a spell with a solid cooldown and shielding values only increased when Karma uses her Ultimate. The Ultimate turns the shield into an AOE spell which can shield the entire team if they’re close enough. As the game progresses and Karma builds shield empowering items, it will act as a second health bar whenever cast. 

Since Karma’s rune of choice is Summon Aery, it’ll only make her shields more potent, and some items will even grant Karma’s shield healing factors as well, making her a vital part of the team. Karma can achieve in shielding what Soraka can in Healing, so you’ll likely be the focus of the enemy team in team fights. Be careful in bigger fights and watch your positions. 

Besides shielding, Karma can do a lot of damage and even apply nice CC with her Q and W. The upgraded version of her Q can do insane amounts of damage from level 1, since Karma starts the game with the Ultimate unlocked. Harassing the enemies right off the bat is the name of the game with Karma, so don’t miss out. 

I recommend Karma to literally anyone that wants to play Support or has been unfortunately auto-filled into the role. She’s my go-to Support whenever I find myself down there, and I think she’ll grow on you as she did on me after only a few games. 

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Shields are insanely powerful and only grow in power as the game progresses. Riot has introduced so many items that amplify Healing and shielding that the Enchanter role has become strong. Having a good Enchanter on your team like Karma can hugely impact how every fight goes, so keep all of the above in consideration when picking Support. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as lists, guides, and articles. 

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