Top 5 Best Sites Like OP.GG in 2023

Op.GG is a fantastic website for players looking to track their progress. It gives updated statistics about summoners, their preferred champions, their playstyles, their past history, guides, and more. If you are a serious League player and want to improve your ranking, OP.GG is a great website you can keep coming back to track your development as a League of Legends Pro.

There is some other website that comes close to OP.GG in terms of their usefulness for League of Legends players. Some might argue that these websites outperform OP.GG in some ways.

1. Mobalytics

This site professes to be an All-in-one gaming companion for every gamer. It covers not only League of Legends but also several other well-known games, most noticeably Valorant. It gives key insights during the game, before the game as well as after the game. With a proper scientific study of your performance during the game, you can start working on improving your game as real athletes do.

The site may not have all of the features of OP.GG but packs some features that may be even OP.GG could work on


This is also a brilliant gaming coach personalized for your playstyle and your strengths. It uses statistics from your past game to draw conclusive and key insights into what you need to do to improve your game. You can witness your stats improving step by step with real-time feedback. It also comes in handy via a downloadable app that you can use on the go.


This is also a very useful website, especially if you are a serious gamer looking to partner up with players for a ranked duo. There are also sophisticated tools that this website has that can be used to track performance, predict results and analyze statistics. The website boasts that it uses machine learning and comprehensive statistical algorithm to give a variety of accurate stats.

4. TeamWard

Available as an android app as well, this tool comes in handy for several reasons such as summoner ranking, champion information, up-to-date statistics, and more. It also uses artificial intelligence and provides data-driven feedback to give you the best possible advice on how to strategize your game before each match.


Last but not least, the League of Graphs gives you fancy graphs to look at (sorry for being a nerd) and gives you food for thought on how best to improve your game in League of Legends. Its main features include Infographics, replays, ranking & stats, and more. Once you get the hang of it and start relying on it, you are gonna want to keep coming back to it after each match to see you how did, what mistakes you made, what you did great, and should keep doing.

Final Thoughts

While there are many other websites, tools, and apps available that mirror many of the functions and services provided by OP.GG, these are some of these sites that come out top of the list. But this list is far from exhaustive. Do you think some other websites should also be included?

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