Top 12 Best Snowballing Champions in League of Legends

When you play League of Legends, you’re probably going to hear some strange-sounding words, such as snowball, juke, or OP, and that’s perfectly normal. If you still don’t know the meaning of the phrase snowballing, don’t worry because we’ve explained in this article. So, without further ado, I’m presenting you the best snowballing champions in League of Legends!

1. Akali

Now, Akali may have a hard time in the early game, but her luck changes once she reaches level six. The First of the Shadow is an excellent counter to those popular Yasuo picks, but Akali is also able to melt multiple carriers before they even have time to react. 

With Akali’s kit, she can quickly roam throughout the map and use her Shadow Dance to zap targets – this makes her challenging to go up against, especially for those who play immobile champions. Once Akali has gained access to Hextech Gunblande and a couple of kills, there’s no stopping her.

2. Fiora

In the top-lane, Fiora is a beast. If you ever have Fiora on your team, you can count on your team doing a lot of damage, as long as the person knows how to handle her. She has just the right tools to outplay and counter most champions on the Rift. So, if you’re on the lookout for a strong duelist with top of the line team fighting capabilities, you’ve found her.

Whenever Fiora attacks a target’s vitals, her passive deals percent max health true damage. It doesn’t matter what your enemy build may be, it’s not going to help reduce her damage output. With her good synergy and low skill ceiling, she’s a great addition to any team.

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3. Darius

His ultimate resets in team fights and he trades well in the laning phase, making him a game-changing champion. With teams grouping up for Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron, this champion right here is the perfect champion for snowballing. If Darius manages to work his way into your backline, then it’s pretty much game over.

4. Fizz

Fizz has his ways at tiling even the calmest people. If Fizz snowballs a lead, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. He does great in solo queue, because well, let’s say it…his kit is all about being annoying, being slippery, and dodging abilities. 

When Fizz is ahead of the game, it’s almost impossible to kill him because he will one-shot the main damage dealer, then run off before being stun/locked down. Once Fizz reaches level one, he can beat almost all midlane matches in 1v1s.

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5. Katarina

In the late-game, Katarina has the potential to become a pentakill machine. Her Sinister Blade doesn’t have any mana constraints, so she can spam those abilities all she wants without having to worry about a thing. During team fights, Katarina can wait patiently for her teammates to chip off just the right amount of health before she unleashes her ultimate. 

When Katarina kills an enemy champion, her cooldowns will be reduced, and from there, the Rift quickly transforms into a fog of blood.

When using the Sinister Blade to destroy, positioning is key. Players who choose Katarina will need to be aware of their surroundings, Bouncing Blades, enemies, and minions in order to maximize their damage. If you manage to take Katarina under your wings and master her, you’ll be on your way to making some impressive plays.

6. Jax

Jax is the type of champion that nicely scales with levels and gets a big chunk of power in the late-game. He excels at slicing through any enemy champion who dares to walk in his direction. He’s skilled with virtually every weapon, yet the lamppost is his weapon of choice – he does this in order to be fair with his opponents (isn’t that nice). 

For those of you who have ever gone up against Jax, chances are, you know the lamppost isn’t a joke. Sure, his laning phase may be a bit on the weak side, but once he has access to his Trinity Force, he will be smashing through opponents like never before. 

7. Vayne

Vayne is a marksman who is well known for her hyper-aggressive playstyle – she has the potential to carry her team straight to the victory line. If Vayne wins her lane, then the enemy team is in for a poisonous treat.

Vayne has a kit that is focused on the mistakes of her opponents. Her Tumble and stealth mechanic (with added true damage from those Silver Bolts) gives her the opportunity to slice through an entire team.

Considering her weaknesses, she does get a fair share of hate, but she can make the enemy team regret their moves if she can work her way through her flaws.

8. Qiyana

Qiyana excels in team fighting and working her way through those squishies, which is expected from an assassin. What sets her apart from champions like Zed is the fact that she can deal damage to the entire enemy team, which is something that Zed struggles with because his ultimate damage only lasts for a couple of seconds after he uses it. 

Most of Qiyana’s damage comes all at once, making her a pretty bursty champion. She ganks pretty well, and her laning phase is safe. Her ultimate is something many like because she can do objectives like Baron and Dragon, and since Qiyana is mostly a midlaner, she can sit between those two objectives.

9. Nasus 

Ever since Nasus made his way into League of Legends in 2009, he’s been harvesting wins like never before. What’s unique about this champion is that his power isn’t reliant on items. Nasus’s strengths are based on the players’ ability to cultivate as many Siphoning Strike stacks as possible. Going for 10+ minions when Nasus is level six will allow him to 1v1 nearly every champ.

For those of you who love the idea of going through 40% of an enemy’s health with one blog, then Nasus is a great choice. 

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10. Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath had some rework done to his Feast and Vorpal Spikes, but Gargoyle Stoneplate is what makes him tanky. Thanks to his ultimate, the Terror of the Void can scale infinitely, which grants him bonus health, true damage, and bonus attack range with increased size. 

This huge beast serves as an excellent damage sponge for his team, and he has plenty of utility from his CC spells. During the late game, this champion can have around 15,000 health, and with his ultimate, he can deal over 1900 true damage. 

11. Draven

Draven is the type of champion that sits back and deals damage, which is quite the opposite of his brother, Darius. This executioner is a marksman that many fear as he has some pretty good late-game damage. 

With his spinning axe, Draven can work his way through the tankiest of enemies – this is because his spinning axe deals bonus physical damage. Whirling Death and Blood Rush make it almost impossible to escape him. Once Draven uses the life steal from Bloodthirster combined with crits from Rapid Firecannon/Infinity Edge, there isn’t a lot the enemies can do. 

Draven can deal a whole lot of damage at one time, and if you’re able to get yourself some kills in the early-game, you’ll snowball yourself into an unstoppable late-game beast.

12. Yasuo

Now, Yasuo is a very popular pick and maybe even one of the most hated champions on the block. While having a decent early and midgame, he scales well and has a nice amount of synergy with meta junglers, so he’s always going to be tough.

He also has a high skill cap, so most of the time, when you’re playing Yasuo, you’re going to spend your time cutting through nearly everything in front of you. In his kit, there’s a wall that can block nearly every projectile, so he does a great job in the midlane. (  

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