Top 10 Best Split Pushers in League of Legends

League of Legends has over 150 Champions on its vast roster. Split into many different categories, all of these Champions have something they’re exceptionally good at. Whether that is dishing out maximum damage, protecting their fellow allies, or tanking – each Champion has their own “thing.”

In this article, we will speak about one thing that people find very annoying. A strategy and aspect often called the “rat approach” to League. Of course, the strategy in name is split pushing.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best split pushers in League of Legends. These Champions excel in destroying the enemy base as quickly as possible, making it almost impossible for them to come back. Split pushers are literal meathead Champions, and we’re going to speak of that as well.

You might notice a considerable presence of traditional Top Laners on the list. This is not due to any bias, but just that Riot seems to focus split pushers specifically into Top Bruisers/Tanks and occasionally Junglers.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

10. Jax

The list is in no particular order, but the first few are likely the best out there. Jax is my favorite Champion and is the first on the list. Some priorities have to be set.

Jax is an insane Champion when it comes to combat in general. With immense attack speed coming from his passive, Jax can destroy enemies in seconds. The extra damage on his W also provides him with a nuke right in the palm of his hand. Or the tip of his lamp, whatever you prefer.

When paired with Trinity Force, this attack speed allows for some hasty tower destruction. Trinity Force has recently been updated with a passive that increases damage against structures and Champions the longer you attack them. Five attacks and the extra damage are maximized. Jax already has a stacking passive, and he will only attack faster and harder the longer he is focused on the structure or enemy.

Pairing this with demolish, Jax can easily break through the enemy base and reach the Inhibitor in minutes. With some cooperation with the Jungler and a quick Herald, ending the game will become a non-issue for any Jax player. He’s extremely dangerous to leave alone to farm/push.

Jax has weak AOE, however. To maximize pushing with Jax you will need a Tiamat item. You can choose between the two Hydras, but I’d go with the Titanic for Jax. The extra HP will give you a harder-hitting demolish rune, as well as extra defenses to ensure you escape once the enemies show up.

All in all, Jax is likely the best split pusher for the mid to low Elo divisions.

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9. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is another powerful Top Lane fighter that excels in split pushing. His heavy-hitting attacks and attack speed will allow him to break through the waves and structures easily. Packing some low-cooldown AOE, he doesn’t need a Tiamat item, though he can get one if he wishes. Demolish isn’t a traditional rune picked up on Trynda, but having it on yourself instead of something else is a good idea.

Laning for Trynda is easy, especially after he gets to level 6. He should prioritize staying away from the big fights until he gets super farmed up and strong. Therefore, split pushing is a necessary tool for Trynda to get as mighty as he can. Without being absurdly powerful, he won’t have a lasting impact on the game overall.

When he does get what he wants to, he can split push even more. His might will serve as a deterrence for the enemies who will fear approaching him. Trynda’s Ultimate ability allows for some semi-suicide runs to take Towers or Inhibitors. He can go beyond death to destroy them and still have a chance at escaping.

Tryndamere is a super easy Champion that just about anyone can play. I recommend you give him a try next time you find yourself on the Top Lane.

8. Yorick

Perhaps the most infamous split pusher in League of Legends, Yorick lives up to himself. The only Champion in the game that can push 2 Lanes simultaneously and, by extension, even 3. It is incredible how much of an impact Yorick can make without even directly participating in fights, skirmishes, or anything else of the sort.

Yorick is a Bruiser that leans more to the Tank side, which means his Demolish will hurt like hell. Burning through buildings is Yorick’s area of expertise, and the extra damage on his robust Q adds to that. Similar to Jax, Yorick often goes for Trinity Force, which only serves to amplify his split pushing prowess.

But what’s perhaps the most important with Yorick’s split pushing are his Maiden and Ghouls. The Maiden can act entirely independently of Yorick, allowing him to send her down a Lane and move on to another. Yorick can, thus, simultaneously push two Lanes. The Ghouls and the Maiden are pretty powerful on their own, and as long as they’re not killed – they will not de-spawn.

If you add a Herald into the mix, Yorick can effectively push all 3 Lanes in the game AT THE SAME TIME. This is incredible when you think about it. Yes, preventing these pushes isn’t that difficult, but it’s just a cool thing to know it’s possible.

Yorick is an insane Champion that people should pay special attention to. He has a low pick and ban rate and should always be available. Pick him up next time you play on Top, and witness the might that he’s capable of.

7. Nasus

Nasus is a Champion that takes a little while to reach his maximum potential as a split pusher. However, he’s a Champion known for never leaving his Lane. Well, until he gets strong enough, at least. He will continuously farm and build up his Q with each smitten minion. Bit by bit, Nasus will eventually turn into a beast, and there is more or less nothing to do to stop him.

If you even attempt to leave him unchecked, you will find him twice the power he was just a few minutes ago. More a Tank than a Bruiser, Nasus can ravage through the enemy structures. His Q stacks up so much eventually that a single hit from it will halve the Turret’s HP. Pair that with Demolish, and you’ve got yourself a literal battering ram.

With no cooldowns, insane defenses, and even crazier damage – Nasus can singlehandedly win games. Leaving Nasus unsupervised is the biggest mistake one can make. The only way of counteracting him is to bully him into submission for the first 10 or 12 minutes of the game. If he is sufficiently slowed down, you should be safe for a while.

But that leaves all of your other Lanes open for the enemy Jungler, and it can be a bad trade-off in the long run. Nasus is just Nasus. Nothing else can be said about him, really. His infamy is justified, and he will continue to live in it for as long as the game exists.

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6. Trundle

One of my most hated Champions ever, Trundle is certainly a hard-hitting troll. His attack speed and overall damage can ravage through health bars of both Champions and structures alike. Traditionally a Jungler, Trundle can have an insane impact on the game. His ganks are superb, and the survivability rate is relatively low. Once he manages to throw those icebergs at you – there’s nothing you can really do.

He can also be played on the Top Lane, though his Jungling is much better. As a Jungler, he can be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. Junglers can creep around the map, looking for the perfect opportunity to strike. The later parts of the game cause a lot of dispersion, and Trundle can use this to his advantage.

He can quickly destroy towers with his super-fast attack speed and strong attacks. Though farming up gold from minions isn’t his primary goal, Trundle can still split push effectively. However, as a Jungler, he might be needed elsewhere, and he won’t be able to devote all of his attention to split pushing.

Picking out an excellent opportunity to perform a split is a good idea with Trundle. If you happen to be playing him on Top, you will likely also have the Demolish rune. Trundle can be a full-time split pusher, similar to Tryndamere. He has many escape tools that ensure his survivability if the enemies come by.

5. Fiora

Fiora isn’t what you’d traditionally consider as a split pusher. However, her damage and attack speed allow for some lovely building-breaking gameplay. She is more of a Champion that focuses on fights and skirmishes, as a true duelist does. But you can also opt to do some splitting if the situation favors it.

Fiora is a Champion that will focus her Laning on fighting. Picking a battle with opponents is something that Fiora loves to do and scales wonderfully from it. Since I’m focusing on split pushing, I won’t speak on her Laning that much. Keep in mind that she is pretty insane when she gets a few kills advantage.

Her splitting abilities are extraordinary due to her high base damage. All items that Fiora builds offer a massive increase in AD. She can then use this AD, paired with her 0 cooldown Q and E, to break through the enemy base. Breaking down a Turret with Fiora in the mid to late game is a breeze. You will be at the gates of their Nexus in no time with Fiora’s great attacking powers.

4. Ziggs

Our first wholly non-Top entry (and the only one) is this bombastic maniac. Ziggs is insane at split pushing due to his passive abilities and sheer damage to the Turrets and other structures. AP Champions, in general, have their structure damage scaling from, well, their AP. This allows for some insane basic attack structure damage that can bring down a Turret in a few clicks.

Ziggs’ C4 explosive also blows up Turrets that are low on HP. This “low” HP rate is more like 30%. Thus, Zigggs is one of the fastest Turret breakers in League of Legends proper, with rarely anyone to counter him. The downside is that Ziggs has almost no defenses, being an AP mage. Apart from his lack of defenses, he’s also relatively immobile.

If Ziggs gets caught in the wrong position at the wrong time – it’s game over. Unlike Jax or Tryndamere, that can safely retreat and even escape a coming counter-attack, Ziggs is dead meat as soon as they get close. Playing too safe is not a good thing in split pushing, as it can lead to you never finishing destroying that Turret.

However, Ziggs is definitely an excellent split pusher despite his lack of defense and mobility. In the right circumstances and with some careful gameplay, Ziggs can drive the enemies insane with his destructive prowess. I recommend you try him out to see what he can do in a game.

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3. Camille

Camille is one of the best brawlers in League of Legends. Her Top Lane can be pretty impactful, and fighting against her is no easy feat. Like Fiora, she will focus a lot on skirmishes and battles with her Lane opponent. Split pushing isn’t exactly her thing, but she can do it quite well when she chooses to do so.

Camille has a ton of true damage on her Q, which can rend through Champions and structures alike. Tower destruction is something that Camille is fond of, and taking the first Turret is her thing. I can’t begin to explain how many times I’ve lost to a Camille on Top, with her taking my Turret in a matter of minutes.

A few pushes, and that’s it, your Turret is gone. That true damage can be pretty lethal once she is allowed to use it consistently. On a stationary target like a Turret, you can see why she destroys them so quickly.

Camille is a great Champion who can significantly impact team fights. Both in terms of lore, gameplay, and everything else – Camille is just great. I hope you give her a try after reading this article as I genuinely recommend you do so. Just please don’t do it against me.

2. Jayce

Jayce is the best ranged Top Laner, period. I’ve spoken of Jayce multiple times in multiple articles, and you can already figure out why he’d be on a list such as this one. Jayce finds his way wherever there is a dominance of Top Lane Champions. His damage, multiple stances, and attack speed allow some swift tower destruction.

As a traditional Top Laner, Jayce will be split off from the rest of the map. He can use this isolation to dominate against his opponent and take as many structures as possible. Reaching and even taking the Tier 2 tower will take no time as there is not much the enemy can do to prevent that.

Of course, as soon as they relocate their manpower to Top, Jayce can swiftly move into another Lane and do the same. Rinse and repeat, and you’re at the Nexus towers by minute 25. Jayce has insane base damage and doesn’t need that much in items to hit hard. Killing Champions and taking Turrets is a breeze for Jayce.

I hate Jayce as much as I love him. He’s an incredibly well-designed Champion that Riot put care into. Whenever I happen to play him, I have tons of fun. And you will too, which is why I recommend you pick him up immediately in your next game. Make sure it isn’t a ranked one, though.

1. Sion

The last, but certainly not the least, is Sion. By the late game, this is a Champion that can take 70% of the tower’s HP in a single hit. A full Tank that can comfortably build AD items, Sion can abuse the Demolish rune to eviscerate the enemy’s base entirely. It is incredible how hard Sion can hit, and Turrets seem to present a particular target for him.

He can have thousands of HP, which only helps Demolish scale. The more the game goes on, the more Sion grows in his split pushing might. His Ultimate allows him to be at your gates in seconds, and he can continue pushing even after he’s dead. That passive has killed more people and destroyed more towers than anything else in the game.

Sion is a beast once he gets a few items. His defenses make him a relentless, unstoppable machine for the destruction that will stop at nothing before destroying your base. He can also considerably impact team fights and minor skirmishes with amazing CC and Tanking.

God, I love Sion, and you will certainly love him, too. I recommend Sion to everyone who plays on the Top Lane, and even for Supports who prefer Tanking over Enchanting.


Split pushing is an infamous strategy and mechanic in League of Legends that people hate. You will often see split pushers be called rats, which shows how unliked the strategy is. However, it is a convenient approach to League. At the end of the day, the primary goal in this game is destroying the Nexus. To do so, you have to destroy all the Turrets before it, and split pushing does just that. As practical as it is hated, split pushing will live on in infamy, and the Champions above help it stay viable.

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.

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