Top 5 Best Strategies For TFT Set 6.5 (2022)

As you already know, the meta of League of Legends Summoners Rift and Aram is constantly changing, so it is only logical that the meta changes in the relatively new TFT universe.

It changes quite a lot, to be honest, and when I say that, I don’t think about little patches, bug fixes, buffs, and nerfs. No, I am talking about fundamental concept change. You see, TFT revolves around ‘’Sets’’. Every set in TFT has unique champions, traits, and items that are strictly connected to that set. When a new set is on air, it completely replaces the old set with brand new champions, strategies, items, and traits. 

Since its release in 2019, there have been a total of 6 sets in the world of TFT. Yeah, that’s a lot. It takes some time to get used to new traits and champions, but that’s the whole point, adding something new, and that is the main reason why TFT won’t fall in the same pit that regular Summoner’s rift has fallen into. Yes, I’m talking about monotony and repetition, which is an inevitable doom in which every League player has fallen or will fall into.

It would be impossible for Riot to change every aspect of the game, champions, and goals every six months, especially when there are 158 champions in League’s client, with the last of them that has arrived being Zeri, The Spark of Zaun.

Now, releasing a new set isn’t the only way to get some new traits and champs in our game. Riot is very fond of adding a ‘’Mid-set patch’’ after every six months of the active set.

The mid-set patch brings some new traits and champions and retires some of the old ones. Apart from adding new stuff, they also change some of the traits of the current champions to make them fit in their new roles.

That ‘’Mid-Set patch’’ is live on the 16th of February, and it is our topic of the day. And it is the long-expected ‘’Set 6.5’’.

  1. Chemtech Tryndamere
  2. Hextech Sivir
  3. Striker Sivir
  4. Arcanist Swain
  5. Arcanist Ahri

Let’s begin breaking down all of these compositions one by one, and learn some helpfull information about them.

1. Chemtech Tryndamere

Carry: Tryndamere with Infinity Edge, Edge of the night, and Last whisper.

This composition revolves around keeping your Trynda alive. Five Chemtechs and four challengers give you a lot of attack speed and lifesteal, but you can get bursted down very quickly. 

This is why we make Trynda our prime and only damage dealer and focus everything else on sustain. Bramble Vest and Gargoyles Stoneplate are a MUST HAVE! In this comp, but it doesn’t really matter on which champion you are going to put it on.

I prefer Zac and Sejuani because they are the tankiest of the bunch, but Warwick can also work well with them.

As for leveling, rush three-star Trynda asap, after that Zac, and then Warwick or Sejuani. 

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2. Hextech Sivir

Carry: Sivir with Last whisper, Infinity Edge, and Deathblade.

This is probably the most straightforward composition if you’re just diving into the set because it’s effortless to play. You just play six hextechs, and then you put in any other complementary traits, but here we are focused on strikers and twinshots. You pick between either Sivir or Lucian carry.

The sustain of this composition relies purely on Alistar, and as you can see, we only have seven units on the board when we hit level eight since Alistar is a “Colossus.” When we hit level eight, we want to add our Jinx to add some more power to our Lucian.

As for leveling, rush level 2 Alistar and level 3 Sivir and Lucian.

3. Striker Sivir

Carry: Sivir with Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, and Last whisper.

This composition revolves around four strikers and separate carry. With this comp, you definitely want to get to level eight asap because this is when this comp really shines. Also, we need Jarvan to buff Sivirs attacks as much as possible. For items on Siviryou want the same ad items with the last whisper to make sure you’re constantly hitting for as much attack damage as you can.

The sustainment of this composition is Vi’s job. She needs full defensive items and level three rushed asap. After that, you will rush Sivir level three, and if you still have money left, decide among Morgana or Irelia.

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4. Arcanist Swain

Carry: Swain with Titans resolve, Quicksilver, and Rabbadon’s.

This composition speaks for itself, and even though it is not the strongest on our list, it is by far my favorite one since Swain is just entertaining to play with after you equip him with a Titans Resolve. HE JUST WON’T DIE.

Next, we have Vex with stackable Gargoyle’s stoneplate and guess what, he also won’t die.

Corki with full items is just a backup in case the opponent has a lot of magic resist. 

As for leveling, rush Swain and Vex level three, and you have basically won.

5. Arcanic Ahri

Carry: Ahri with Jeweled gauntlet, Blue Buff, and Infinity edge.

This composition revolves around our all-time favorite Nine-tailed fox, as she is our prime and only damage dealer. You want to rush Blue buff on her asap and build other items as the game progresses. Rush Ahri level two asap.

We have mighty defense in which Braum takes the spotlight with his defensive stats and benefits from the Syndicate trait. After Ahri, rush Braum level two as soon as you can.

Blitz is an excellent weapon in our artillery since his hook is great at disabling and eliminating an enemy’s carry if he manages to get it. 

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After a long wait, set 6.5 is finally here. Here you saw some of the best compositions for the newest patch of Teamfight Tactics. Bear in mind, since the patch is new, right new every composition is ”Meta”, but in my opinion, these five just stick above the crowd. 

The most exciting thing for me is the fact that these compositions are so different from each other, and there isn’t some basic pattern you can blindly follow to win your games. You have to turn on your brain and think like a true master tactician, and that is why this set is going to be remembered as one of the better patches and sets since it clearly evaded some traps that a couple of older sets have fallen into.

Another great thing about this set is the fact that, even with these five comps, you really couldn’t decide for sure which one is by far the best. Consider augments and luck with leveling and items, and still, just millimeters set them apart. 

Trynda’s composition will probably win against Sivir but can easily lose from the might Swain and Vex combo, so you can never be too sure which one is actually the best.

One thing is for sure, after many hours playing with different comps on PBE, these had something special in them that made them stand out from the rest.

Try them, and you won’t regret it.

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