Top 7 Best Support Champions For Beginners in LoL

League of Legends has over 160 Champions in its ever-expanding roster. For a new player, it might be difficult to find the right one to play initially. 

The game itself offers you some good options during the tutorial part, but never really goes deep enough into explaining said Champions. Thus, a beginner would be entirely dumbfounded when met with the nearly endless pool of Champions to choose from.

Some Champions are inherently easier than others, and that will always be the case so long as the game exists. With simpler kits, intuitive gameplay, and a frustration-free design, these Champions are best suited for newer players. They will be their gateway into the more complex and intricate mechanics that League of Legends has to offer, as there is always something new to discover in the game.

The Support role is one of the most difficult roles in League of Legends, with only the Jungle coming in as a close equal. You might think this statement outrageous, and I agree that it does sound like it. But keep with me for a second here. Supports require tremendous skill to play correctly, as their job is to constantly take care of others, while having to be increasingly cautious about themselves. 

Supports will also often be the ones taking the point, engagement, going in first, etc. Thus, they are without a doubt an exceptionally difficult role to play, especially for new players. This list will detail the 7 best Support Champions for beginners and newbies, and we hope you enjoy it. To cut the long intro short – let’s begin! 

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7. Karma

Karma is undoubtedly one of my favorite Supports to play whenever I get dealt the unlucky hand of auto-fill. Her simplicity and accessibility are precisely the reasons for it, as I’m not a Support main whatsoever. 

Not only am I not a main – I’ll never play the role unless the gods of Riot force me to do it in the queue. Thus, simple and easy Champions are a must for me in this regard. 

Karma is, as I’ve stated, one of them – and she’s so exceptional that I guarantee you’ll love her. An Enchanter Champion, Karma will not focus much on being at the frontline. On the contrary – she will stay behind and buff her allies, helping them win the team fight with all she has. 

Her primary ability is shielding, giving her teammates a ton of protection to mitigate incoming damage. 

With the proper itemization and Runes, Karma’s shields will become extremely potent, being able to even grant damage, life steal, etc. Her Q is a good damage source as well, and her W can be a terrific CC tool for the right situations. 

The lack of a proper Ultimate means you can focus on fewer spells and a more condensed kit, which makes her a lot less confusing than other options. Anyhow, I am certain you will love Karma whether you’re a beginner or not. 

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6. Lulu

Lulu, like Karma, is also an Enchanter Support which is incredibly accessible to new players. With a bunch of simple yet effective mechanics, Lulu can sometimes be the most important Champion on the team. 

Not only that, she can be so annoying that players will very often focus her first as she can singlehandedly carry a team fight. 

Lulu, being an Enchanter, will focus primarily on buffing her allies. Contrary to Karma who buffs them with shields, Lulu will give them extra damage, mobility, and even HP. 

Her CC is also tremendously useful and effective: her Ultimate can knock people up, and her polymorph is a super long disable that can leave anyone defenseless for several seconds. 

She can also tank up, meaning that her defenses are also solid enough for you not to worry about being killed in an instant. However, players will tend to focus on you as Lulu’s impact on the game is just too huge to be ignored. 

Taking Lulu out can mean a win or lose, which is a great explanation of the sheer importance of good Supports. 

I highly recommend Lulu to just about anyone, but especially new players and beginners. Go on, newbies, have some fun with this little Yordle Enchanter. 

5. Yuumi

Yuumi, better known as the AFK Support, is yet another Enchanter on this list. However, this one is her own league entirely, with a design unique enough to be called its own thing. As I’ve said at the beginning, Yuumi is the AFK Support and requires next to no input from the player to be impactful and effective. 

Even the biggest noob, or the utmost beginner will be able to utilize Yuumi to the fullest. She can attach herself to an ally, rendering her entirely invulnerable so long as they are alive. 

This almost completely eliminates the risk factor of overextending, making the wrong move, etc. As long as you can keep your attached ally alive (which is basically your only job) you’ll be alive as well. 

Yuumi is a potent healer and Enchanter who can rejuvenate her entire team, constantly, to such a degree that it quickly becomes obscene. Her attached ally will get a special treatment, being healed by outrageous amounts every few seconds. 

More experienced players know the dread of seeing a Yuumi attached to a fed Yasuo or Yone. At that point, you can just surrender the game. 

Due to how basically braindead, simple, and accessible this Champion’s design is, she is perfect for the beginner. New players always want something fun and easy to start off with, and they can’t go wrong with Yuumi. 

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4. Brand

We’re finally done with Enchanters and immediately have a Carry. Brand is an unconventional Support that often turns into a heavy Carry by the end of the game. His mechanical accessibility and sheer strength make him an amazing option for beginner Support players that do not wish to lock themselves into Enchanting. 

Starting off as a control Mage, Brand helps new players enhance their combo skills, as all of his spells are closely connected. Each one ties into the other, and figuring out the best way of pulling things off will certainly improve a new player’s overall skill level. 

Brand gets pretty tough as the game goes on, and that extra strength gives beginners morale to continue playing. 

Nothing motivates a beginner as being the strongest guy on the team, and playing Brand will certainly provide them with that. Not only will they be an effective Support, helping their ADC achieve greatness – they themselves will be a Carry, which is something you don’t often see with Supports. 

Brand is an exceptional AP Champion that anyone should play, especially new players and beginners. 

3. Lux

Of course, Riot’s poster child is bound to appear on any list where she can. I think that this Champion enjoys such immense popularity that evading her is more difficult than anything. 

But, anyway, I digress. Lux is, without a doubt, a tremendously good Champion for beginners and new players, which have likely experienced her the moment they started playing. 

Riot likes pushing her into everything, and thus you’ve likely already had a taste of Lux during the tutorial section. If you are fond of such a Champion, I highly suggest you pick her up on your Supporting endeavors as she is scarcely outmatched. 

With a ton of CC, insane damage and pressure – Lux is a highly impactful AP Support that lives in infamy for a reason. 

Though she isn’t as easy as some others on this list, relying heavily on skill-shots, I think that’s actually a good thing. 

By immediately throwing yourself into a mechanically complex Champion, you will adapt to such things sooner, making your learning experience much quicker. Being good at skill-shots is crucial to your later development as a player, so getting used to them as fast as possible is preferable. 

Lux is an amazing Champion that can both dish out damage and be a good companion to her ADC – and I cannot recommend her enough to new players and beginners. 

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2. Blitzcrank 

If Yuumi didn’t exist I’d say Blitzcrank is the most basic, unintuitive, and simplistic Support out there. Whenever you think about a beginner’s Support – Blitzcrank is what comes to mind. However, he does have his quirks that make him amazing for newer players, despite being in a dire need for a rework. 

Blitzcrank is a simple Tank who has the ability to hook people in. His Q is basically everything he has, and will make you amazing at skill-shots. Like Lux, Blitz heavily relies on this skill-shot ability, and being good at it is vital if you want to play this Champion. He has some other stuff, too, like being able to dish out some nice damage and CC, and Tank a whole ton. 

But the hook will always be your top priority, and I highly recommend you pick him up just for this reason. Honing your skills as early as possible will tremendously impact your leveling speed, as well as shorten the time required for you to become an actual player. Beginners should appreciate Champions like Blitzcrank a lot more, as they are the best coaches they’ll find. 

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1. Miss Fortune

Now, you wouldn’t expect an ADC to appear in a Support list – usually. But, since we are an unusual site with a ton of unusual writers, we make unusual lists. 

Thus, we have Miss Fortune on a Support list and it isn’t as outrageous as you might think. Though this pick has lost popularity over time, it is still viable, especially for a newer player. 

Beginners still won’t know what role suits them best, so why not try two simultaneously? Playing Miss Fortune in Support will have you testing out your Supporting skills and mechanics while also experiencing all the wonders of the ADC. 

It’s a great little way of getting to know the game early, but there’s also some other reasons for her inclusion here. 

Miss Fortune is a simple Champion by design, but still one very much capable of dishing out obscene amounts of damage. Players of low skill will easily find their way around her, and likely enjoy her a whole ton. 

She’s able to make them feel dominant and strong, giving them that desperately needed motivation to keep up the hard work. 

Playing ADCs in Support and other roles has become increasingly popular, and this pick has been near the top for a while now. I highly suggest you give it a try as a new player, as its unusual nature will definitely provide you with a unique experience unlike any other. 


League of Legends is filled to the brim with Champions who are becoming increasingly complex, difficult, and frustrating to learn. Riot’s constant releasing of new Champion only serves to inflate the pool, further worsening the situation. 

New players need to know what Champions are best for them right off the bat, otherwise they’ll quit. Lists like these are here to help you with just that, and we hope a beginner found their pick within them. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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