Top 5 Best Support Items in League of Legends

Top 5 Best Support Items in League of Legends

From its initial concept, the support role has completely transformed over the years. In the early days of League of Legends, supports were only “supports.” They were thrown into the game with one goal only – protect the ADC as he scales to the late game. And nearly all support items at that time were only helpful in managing your mana, so you could cast more heals and shields throughout the fights.

However, this is not the case anymore in LoL. The support role is currently a recommended one for carrying and climbing in ranked solo queue. It’s a versatile position that allows you to play almost any champion, build, or playstyle. And additionally, you can purchase many support items that actually make a difference in the game.

But, which are the top 5 best support items in League of Legends?

Well, it’s tough to say because different champions require different items to become carries. For example, Leona almost always goes for Locket of the Iron Solari, while Brand always goes for Liandry’s Anguish.

Anyway, in this post, I’ll only focus on the best support items in LoL that work well on most support picks in the game. And keep in mind that I won’t mention any removed item, no matter how OP it once was. All of these items are available in the live game, so you can always build them.

So, take a look at the list!

1. Mikael’s Blessing

Mikael's Blessing Top Best Support Items in League of Legends

Mikael’s Blessing is easily the best support item in League of Legends. But people don’t build it nearly as often as they should. And in reality, Mikael’s Blessing is one of the most broken items you can get in the game.

Why is this the case?

Well, the whole purpose of Mikael’s Blessing is – it removes the crowd control effect from you or your targeted ally. And if it doesn’t like much like a broken effect to you, just remember that most deaths in League of Legends happen when the target is in stun, root, or fear.

Now, why is it important for a support to build Mikael’s Blessing?

If you could prevent half of your ADC’s deaths by the end of the game, you’ve done a pretty good job as a support. That denies gold and level advantages from your enemies, so it’s another form of supporting your team. 

But Mikael’s Blessing also grants some helpful stats, such as +15 ability haste, +100% base mana regeneration, +50 magic resistance, +20% heal and shield power. They help supports manage their mana and boost their heals and shields.

The truth is, all supports should build Miakel’s Blessing if the situation demands it. However, it’s mostly a recommended item to enchanters – those who already have ways to protect their allies through heals and shields. 

Here are the champions that work best with Mikael’s Blessing: Soraka, Yuumi, Janna, Taric, and Sona.

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2. Moonstone Renewer

Moonstone Renewer Top Best Support Items in League of Legends

In the second place, we have Moonstone Renewer. At the start of season 12, Moonstone Renewer was the most broken item in League of Legends, not just among the support items. And even though Riot Games nerfed its healings, it’s still winning games by itself!

What makes Moonstone Renewer a pretty powerful item is the fact that you don’t need to use it. It’s actually a passive effect that heals your nearby allies in combat. In other words, every time you enter a team fight, you’re going to heal your allies for a significant amount simply by possessing this item in your inventory!

How does this all work exactly?

Well, for each second spent in combat, Moonstone Renewer will heal your most damaged ally for 7% of their missing health. However, this can stack up the more you fight. So the longer you stay in combat, the more you’re going to heal. At its peak, Moonstone Renewer can heal up to 35% of your ally’s missing health every second! And that’s insane!

Now, Moonstone Renewer is typically built on enchanter champions. This is because it boosts their healing/shielding potential significantly. But it’s also because they benefit from its raw stats too – +40 ability power, +20 ability haste, +200 health, and +100% base mana regeneration.

So if you’re playing a champion like Yuumi, Soraka, Karma, Nami, Lulu, or Seraphine, then definitely build Moonstone Renewer!

And that’s why Moonstone Renewer is one of the best support items in League of Legends!

3. Imperial Mandate

Imperial Mandate Top Best Support Items in League of Legends

Imperial Mandate is the only item on this list that has nothing to do with healing, shielding, or protecting your ADC in any way. And despite that, it’s still one of the best support items in LoL too!

If you take a look at Imperial’s Mandate tooltip info, you’ll quickly realize why it’s so damn good.

Imperial Mandate is a mythic item that allows you to mark the enemy champions every time you hit them with a crowd control ability. This includes all slows, snares, stuns, fears… anything that immobilizes the opponent in any way.

And the mark that Imperial Mandate puts on the target can be broken by your ally if they auto-attack or cast an ability. The breaking of the mark actually causes a burst of damage to the opponent, and it grants you and your ally bonus movement speed.

But the best part about Imperial Mandate is that it actually doesn’t have an internal cooldown. This simply means that you can apply your mark every time you have your CC spell. It doesn’t matter when or whom you’ve hit recently. It works every time!

Now, there are champions for whom Imperial Mandate is now a must in season 12. For example, Morgana support is almost always expected to have one. However, you can also build it on Lulu, Lux, Sona, or Zyra.

Imperial Mandate is definitely better on an AP champion, simply because of its stats. It grants +40 ability power, +20 ability haste, +200 health, and +100% base mana regeneration. It’s one of the best support items in League of Legends, and it’s awesome to play the game with it!

4. Knight’s Vow

Knight's Vow Top Best Support Items in League of Legends

Knight’s Vow has been one of the most purchased support items in LoL for a couple of seasons now. Its design is fantastic, and I only wish that Riot would include more similar items to the game, such as this one.

It’s pretty easy to understand what Knight’s Vow does. If you have it in your inventory, you can use it to bind yourself with your ADC or another ally. While bound, your ADC will take 15% less physical and magic damage. But that damage will be redirected to you instead as true damage.

Now, no one likes receiving true damage in LoL. However, that’s why Knight’s Vow is only recommended to tank supports, such as Alistar, Braum, Thresh, Leona, or Rell. These champions don’t mind losing a bit of extra health in a team fight if it means that their ADC will live to deal damage.

Knight’s Vow has an interesting mechanic because it stops its effect when you’re below 30% HP. This guarantees you that the item won’t kill you if it just so happened that you lost some extra HP during the fight. Additionally, you will get bonus movement speed towards your bound ally if they’re below 50% HP themselves.

The stats that Knight’s Vow offers are +10 ability haste, +400 health, and +300% base health regeneration. It’s not the tankiest item, but it’s still a helpful purchase nonetheless.

So, Knight’s Vow is definitely one of the best support items in League of Legends!

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5. Redemption

Redemption Top Best Support Items in League of Legends

And lastly, we have Redemption. In theory, this should really be the best support item in LoL! However, Redemption never really got the popularity we all hoped it would get. I’m not sure whether it’s the range or the cooldown it has, but it’s definitely not what it could be.

Now, Redemption has pretty useful stats too. It grants you +15 ability haste, +200 health, +100% base mana regeneration, and +20% heal and shield power. You could argue that the item should only be purchased on enchanter supports, but that’s not true. Morgana, Leona, and Braum can all find good uses for Redemption.

Redemption’s active is pretty simple – it creates a circle in a target area that heals allies and damages enemies. This circle can be activated from a long distance, but it can also be used while you’re dead! You can sometimes outplay your opponents by healing your allies while you’re dead. And Redemption is by far the only item in LoL that you can like this!

So, when should you build Redemption? Obviously, Redemption is a great choice whenever you play a healer support, and you need a bit of help with AoE healing. Because of that, Soraka, Seraphine, Lulu, and Janna are all great choices.

However, you can purchase Redemption on anybody and make it work. It’s a situational item that works great if you can time it right.

Those are the top 5 best support items in League of Legends!

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