Top 7 Best Support Mid Laners in League of Legends

There are a few different types of Mid lane Champions. Some assassins focus on one-shotting enemy carries. Some mages play in the backline and try to put out as much damage as possible. Then there are support Mid laners, who use their utility to buff and peel their own carries. 

Many players are under the false assumption that you cannot carry games on Support Champions. First of all, many Masters and Challenger ranked players have mained Support for their entire League career. The carrying potential of Support champions is only amplified when they go Mid lane and soak up the extra XP and gold offered by the lane. 

Two things spring to mind when we say Support Mid laners. Some players may think of Support Champions, that usually go Bot with the ADC. Others may think about Champions that offer utility as opposed to damage. 

I’m just going to throw all of those into one list today. There are not enough pure utility Mid laners to fill out a list, and many Support mages can also go Mid. Now that you know the criteria let’s get to the list. 

7. Annie

Annie is the classic example of a mage Support that can also go Mid. I remember when Annie lived in the Mid lane. She transitioned to a Support Champion almost overnight, but she can still hold her own Mid. She has tremendous damage, massive AOE, stuns, and one of the largest auto-attack ranges in the game. This makes it easy for her to poke down her lane opponent with auto attacks and even score a 1v2 kill when her ult is up. 

Annie’s main weakness is that she falls off pretty fast. If she doesn’t net a few kills around level 6, eventually, she’ll be nothing but a stun, which is fine but may not be what you want in a Mid laner. Annie may be the perfect utility to add if your team has plenty of damage to go around. She can five-man stun with her Ultimate and chain CC the entire enemy team with Champs like Malphite and Amumu. 

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6. Karma

Karma is pure utility. Most of the time, she goes Bot lane but can be absolutely obnoxious Mid. She has insane poke, a beefy shield, and even a stun. She’s a Jungler’s dream because she can shield them during ganks and skirmishes as well as speed them up to chase or escape kills. She even has pretty decent damage when she gets some gold on her. 

Karma has the same weakness as Annie. She’s just not going to do a lot of damage. However, if you’re picking Karma Mid, you’re thinking about how you can help your carries. You want to peel for your ADC and shield your assassins. If you manage to do damage on top of boosting your teammates, more power to you. 

5. Zilean 

I have recently been tilted by a Zilean Mid, so it’s my honor to put him on this list. Getting slammed over and over again by Zil bomb/stuns is one of the worst experiences a Mid laner can have in League of Legends. Zilean’s speed boost is also one of the best speed boosts in the game. He can also slow you to a crawl which, again, is annoying. 

Zilean’s Ultimate is his bread and butter. Most enemies won’t understand how to play around it, which means you can easily give your carry two lives. As most of these Support Mid laners, Zilean’s weakness is his damage. His bombs are powerful early on but fall off after 20 or 30 minutes into the game. 

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4. Lux

Putting Lux on this list might be cheating, but recently she has been much more popular in the Bot lane. This is because Lux scales with or without farm. Whether you take her Mid lane or Bot lane, you’re going to be one-shotting ADCs at the 35-minute mark. 

Lux is also one of the easiest Champions to pick up and play. It’s pretty obvious how you should play most match-ups. Her combos are easy to hit, and her Ult range makes it very easy to roam and impact the entire map. 

Lux’s one true weakness is her mobility. She’s very vulnerable because she doesn’t have any escape. If someone hops on top of her, and she’s not near her team or turret, she’s done for, especially if she misses her Q. Luckily, she has a very large range, so if you position correctly and save your Q for assassins, you can carry most team fights with your nutty damage. 

3. Malphite

You might be wondering how Malphite falls onto this list since his home is in the Top lane. Well, he does go Support sometimes, and on occasion, I’ve seen him go Mid. Let me tell you when a Malphite heads Mid and builds full AP, you’d better hope he doesn’t get fed. 

Malphite’s Ultimate makes him one of the best Champions in the game. He’s straight-up terrifying, especially when he has the Mid lane map presence. This means he can roam Bot and help his Jungler far more often. No longer is he stuck on the Top lane island until his Teleport is up. 

The major downside to Malphite Mid is that it takes away the DPS you’d typically get with a traditional Mid laner. Malphite’s Ultimate will still hurt, especially if he builds AP, but it will not be nearly as consistent as an Ahri or Anivia. 

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2. Galio

Now we’re getting down to the actual support Mid laners. Galio is one of the best Support Mids due to mobility and overloaded utility. He can stun and taunt enemies as his heart desires, all while taking barely any damage. 

He’s one of the only tanks that can find massive success in the Mid lane. His Ultimate can change the entire flow of the game if he manages to use it to help Bot lane, and he’ll be a force during every team fight.

Galio doesn’t do much damage at all, which means you’ll need to be able to carry games with your decision-making and macro play. Luckily Galio awards these skills greatly. You won’t be jumping on ADCs and one-shotting them, but you will be peeling your carries while they end the game, which is just as lovely. 

1. Soraka

Finally, we have the Support of all Supports. Miss Soraka is an OG and one of the most iconic League of Legends Champions. She’s your classic Healer/Support, and no one would dream of taking her Mid lane with the assassins and mages… Or would they? 

C9 Fudge actually took Soraka Mid lane against Evil Geniuses in the 2023 LCS Spring split. And he didn’t do too bad! Soraka offers quite a bit in the Mid lane. She can spam her Q, silence enemies with her E, and heal her Jungler when they stop by for some 2v2s. 

The obvious downside to a Raka mid is that she can’t use W on herself. So the ability will be useless most of the time. Her Q damage also falls off a bit over time. But until then, you will be tilting your opponent off the face of the Earth.

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