Top 10 Best Support Players in League of Legends History

League of Legends has been around for quite some time now. The game still has a huge fan base, even though it’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain its position at the top. Ever since the early days of League, support players have always been important in any team composition that exists. They are without a doubt an integral part of every successful squad in competitive play ever since the game began. Let’s take a look at the 10 best support players in LoL history (so far).

10. Edward ‘Edward’ Abgaryan – Gambit Gaming

During his journey to become one of the best supports in Europe during 2012-2014, Edward started to create a name for himself by playing on ROCCAT back when they first began. He helped the team a lot, but they still couldn’t find their way into the LCS tournament. That’s why he moved to Moscow Five where he truly found his home. 

With over half a year with the Russian players, Ed made M5 one of the best teams in Moscow at that time and during Dreamhack 2012 they even managed to win against Team SoloMid. The tough loss against CLG.EU during IEM VII Katowice saw them drop out from the tournament, which also meant Edward had to leave M5 as it was getting absorbed by Gambit Gaming later on. He combined perfectly with Diamondprox ‘s play style and often pulled off some amazing plays with Leona or Alistar .

After a few good years with Gambit Gaming, Edward moved on to become the support player, for now, several-time LCS champions, Team SoloMid.

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9. Raymond ‘KaSing’ Tsang

When KaSing first began playing competitive LoL many people were impressed by his amazing mechanics. However due to multiple issues regarding communication and visa issues he soon found himself playing in the challenger scene for quite some time. 

Things changed during the 2014 spring split when he decided it was time for him to return after being bought out by pickup gaming’s roster. There KaSing got used to another language once again as he joined Ninjas in Pyjamas where communication was obviously even more difficult than before. Luckily they failed to qualify for any major tournament that year and as a result, they split up afterward.

KaSing eventually joined H2K during the start of 2015, where he changed his name from Niels ‘Nielsix’ saves to Raymond ‘KaSing’ Tsang. Ever since joining the team, KaSing has been known for his next-level playmaking abilities. While many believed him to be a player on a similar level as Mithy, he still manages to make the list thanks to his great mechanics and perfect timing of everything that involves good support play which helped H2K reach the quarter-finals of this year’s World Championship.

8. Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim

YellowStar has been playing competitively since early 2011 and has been a part of some of the most successful teams in Europe. He started out playing for team Against All Authority, where he met some of his future teammates such as Rekkles and sOAZ. 

After a few unsuccessful tournaments with the team, he joined Fnatic in 2012 and quickly rose to become one of the best support players in the world. Fnatic went on to win multiple major tournaments with YellowStar on their roster, including the EU LCS Summer Finals, IEM Cologne and the World Championship.

After leaving Fnatic in 2015, YellowStar joined Team SoloMid as their new support player. However, the team failed to achieve any significant success with him on their roster and as a result, he returned to Fnatic and rejoined his former teammates Rekkles and Febiven. While YellowStar wasn’t as good as before during Spring Split 2016, he managed to regain some of his old form during the summer split.

7. Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre Rodriguez

Mithy is probably one of the most interesting support players in Europe today. Ever since 2014 when he joined Ninjas in Pyjamas, every team that had him has looked incredibly strong. However, after a disappointing performance at the 2015 Worlds, he decided it was time to leave Origen due to their lack of success. 

Of course, Origen’s loss was G2 Esports ‘ gain as they grabbed one of EU’s most promising players just in time for this year’s LCS summer split. The Spanish support player has been shining alongside his new teammates who have been playing extremely well ever since joining together.

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6. Kim “Yoon” Byung-Yoon

Yoon was originally a high-ranked player in the Korean server, reaching number 3 before the game was released in Asian markets. Given his skills, he was quickly picked up to play in SK Telecom T1 K for their support position. He proved his worth during the World Championship when he led SKT’s conquest against Europe’s top team Alliance with professional manipulation of champion picks and synchronization with various teammates which Kh lead to many winning matches for this major team. 

However, things got worse when due to poor performance they were eliminated from the tournament. Soon afterward Yoon, alongside other good players like Piglet, PoohMandu and Bengi left the team only to go back later on once new players had joined so it could do better in various competitions.

5. Kim ‘Pure’ Jin-Sun

Perhaps one of the most underrated teams in this year’s World Championship, Team Impulse is a team with impressive playing potential. Even though they finished in last place during the 2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs, it didn’t stop them from getting into Worlds where they inevitably surprised everyone when they started winning against major opponents like Edward Gaming. 

While their opponents were busy watching out for Rush, Impact, and Apollo, Pure’s hard work was being taken advantage off again and again by his teammates who kept on picking up victories after victories even if their opponents had called several unexpected or simultaneous rotations. Now with all the members but Rush’s visa issues resolved they’re once more in for a shot at the 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs.\

4. Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming

In the first few seasons, Uzi trained Ming. The club won the 2017 LPL Spring Season Group A with a 12-4 regular season record. Despite making it to the finals in the playoffs, they were beaten 0-3 in dominating fashion by Team WE. 

The 2017 LPL Summer Season was very similar as RNG finished again in 1st place with the same 12-4 regular-season record, only this time in Group B. The playoffs went similarly to the spring playoffs for the team. They made it all the way to the finals again but lost 2-3 to EDward Gaming in a reverse sweep this time.

RNG was matched up against Samsung Galaxy, eventual tournament winners G2 Esports, and 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports in Group C at the Season World Championship in 2017. With a record of 5-1, they placed first in their group. They lost only one game to G2 Esports during the event. In the Quarterfinals their opponent was Fnatic and they defeated them 3-1 in convincing fashion. RNG’s Worlds run ended in the Semifinals after a 2-3 loss to SK Telecom T1 in a very close series.

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3. Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black

Aphromoo is known to be one of the wittiest and smartest players around. His ability to think outside the box while playing makes him stand out amongst his opponents and thus helped CLG become one of the best teams in NA LCS history. 

As such he was able to attend every World Championship starting from 2014 where he managed to impress everyone by taking games off major opponents like Samsung Galaxy White , who were undefeated up until that point in time. It also didn’t hurt that during his career with CLG he’d been playing on a team with Doublelift and Nien which could always be counted upon for great team synergy.

2. Cho ‘Mata’ Se-Hyeong

The South Korean support player is known to be not only one of the best players in the world but also one of the most experienced players out there. Mata was part of Samsung White, who were able to win several major events before their disbandment, thus leaving him to prove himself once again together with Dandy and Looper. Even though during Worlds 2015 Mata’s Vici Gaming squad got eliminated without winning even a single match, he shouldn’t be kept out of the top 3. 

He comes from a family where his brother and sister are professional League of Legends players who also play support and it’s obvious that they’ve taught him a thing or two. This year Mata will be eager to finally win a major event together with his current team, especially since he can become the third player ever to hold 2 Worlds titles if not more.

1. Hong ‘MadLife’ Min-Gi

MadLife is considered to be one of the best support players in the world. He has been playing professionally since 2012, and he has a lot of experience. In addition, he is known for his unique playstyle and his ability to think outside the box. MadLife has played for several teams, including multiple teams in Azubu and CJ Entus. 

After losing to Samsung White during the World Championship 2014, MadLife’s team changed its roster slightly only to be defeated once again by that same team at the following year’s World Championship 2015. Despite his team’s poor performance, however, MadLife has proven himself to be an extremely strong player.

These players have proven themselves to be some of the most intelligent and experienced people when it comes to playing the game. If you want a player who will help your team win major events while also being witty and sharp-minded on stage then these are the guys for you!

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