Top 7 Best Supports for Ashe in Season 12

Ashe is one of the safest picks you can have as an ADC in season 12. And not only that, but she has held a steady win rate of 52% throughout the season. Ashe fits incredibly well in the current meta and has a fantastic build that works both against squishy champions and tanks. She is able to carry most games if played correctly, so let’s talk about the 7 best supports for Ashe in season 12.

Even though you can’t really choose your support in the chaos of solo queue, it’s useful to know which champions can best aid Ashe in carrying games. And it would be wise of you to consider locking in Ashe whenever you see these three champions in your team!

7 Best Supports for Ashe

1. Lux

Ashe and Lux are one of the most powerful bot lane combos in League of Legends. They have an insane amount of synergy and can dominate the laning phase in almost every match. Both of them have two forms of CC – slows and stuns. This means that they can aid each other in landing skill shots and securing kills. 

But how does this work precisely?

Easy. In this combo, Ashe can look to poke opponents with her W, and Lux can do the same with her E. Both of these abilities apply slow effects to the enemy champions. And that helps Lux successfully hit her Q (root) or Ashe’s R (stun).

But the biggest power-up of this pair comes after level 6. Once Ashe and Lux have their ultimates, their kill potential in the lane triples. If either Ashe or Lux secures a root or a stun, they can chain CC that target or quickly burst him with Lux’s R. Lux does a lot of damage in the early game, so you should always play aggressively with this combo.

And that’s why Lux is one of the best supports for Ashe in season 12!

2. Zilean

Zilean is also one of the strongest support champions for Ashe, and the pair has a similar playstyle to Lux and Ashe. Zilean provides a good amount of poke damage during the laning phase and offers an extra experience to Ashe and himself. This can open up opportunities for early 2v2 fights when the pair has a level advantage over their opponents.

In turn, Ashe can make things easier for Zilean too. She provides a slow effect on a fairly short cooldown, which Zilean can use to put two bombs on the slowed target. This should ensure favorable trades throughout the laning phase. Or if the enemy players aren’t careful enough, the slow + two bombs combo can net Ashe and Zilean a lot of kills in the early game.

However, the strongest point of this combination comes after level 6. Once Zilean has his ultimate, he and Ashe can start playing a lot more aggressively. Zilean’s R, which brings a champion back to life, is the perfect defensive tool for Ashe. She doesn’t have any mobility or other ways to negate damage. So having the extra life after being a focus target of the enemy team is very useful indeed!

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3. Soraka

Soraka isn’t only one of the best supports for Ashe in season 12, but she is the very best! There are many reasons why these champions work so well together, but let’s start with the obvious one.

Soraka is the best healer pick in League of Legends. She practically provides infinite regeneration throughout the match, as long as she is careful not to get hit by her opponents. And even though Ashe’s build in season 12 offers a lot of lifesteal and self-healing, it isn’t nearly enough for the amount of burst damage in the game. But with Soraka at her side, Ashe can 2v5 the enemy team through kiting and overpowering opponents.

One of the tools that many players don’t utilize well on Soraka is her E. This ability silences all targets in the selected area and also snares them if they stay in it. Thanks to Ashe’s slow, Soraka can successfully catch enemies off guard and root them.

But the silence is also useful in heated situations when champions go after Ashe. This can be a great counter to assassins like Zed or Fizz, which rely on their abilities to do damage or escape. That way, Soraka can keep Ashe safe without the need to heal.

4. Braum

What better than a Freljordian duo? The Heart of the Freljord goes exceptionally well with the Frost Archer, not just because they are from the same faction, in the lore. Ashe has an innate slowing effect on her basic attacks thanks to her passive, meaning once Braum manages to trigger the first stack of his passive on an enemy, Ashe will be able to focus on that champion and proc the stun quite easily.

Braum is also quite beefy, and he can block a lot of damage for Ashe thanks to his Unbreakable, making him extremely valuable for keeping her alive. Their ults can also be chained for a nasty bit of crowd control on an enemy, be it for escape or initiation.

5. Leona

Leona makes constant appearances on our top support articles, and how couldn’t she when she brings the best early initiation kit from all supports? Once Leona gets on an enemy and Ashe can slow them down, there’s practically no escaping these two champions from slowly whittling you down.

The disruption Leona brings to the board is hard to ignore, but given the tankiness she gains with her W, it becomes exceptionally hard to focus her down quickly enough without the rest of the team jumping into the fray.

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6. Sona

Ashe has great poke in her W ability, Sona has pretty good poke with her Q. Slowly withering your enemy with short bursts of damage like this can end up forcing them out of lane or leave them vulnerable enough for an all-in with Ashe slowing them and Sona granting herself and Ashe bonus movement speed thanks to her E.

Another duo that can chain their ultimates nicely, either of the two can set the other up for a successful and guaranteed ultimate. If you think this lane is easy to shove out because they are squishy, do reconsider that because Sona can keep both healthy with the healing from her W ability.

7. Thresh

Ashe is infamous for her lack of escape tools; she can only slow down the enemy, and that’s basically all she has. For an assassin, this is unlikely to be enough to stop them. That’s where Thresh comes in. A Death Sentence or Flay is enough to stop anybody dead in their tracks, keeping Ashe safe and likely opening a window to allow her to kite back.

As if that is not nearly enough, Thresh’s lantern acts as a “nope” as it can quickly get Ashe out of trouble if she finds herself out of position. Between these two champions, there is enough CC to make an entire enemy team grit their teeth trying to get through.

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