Top 7 Best Supports For Caitlyn In Season 13

Caitlyn was an incredibly popular pick in season 12. And now again in League of Legends Season 13, according to gamers. In S12, she’d been been rocking the bot lane with the new mythic item Galeforce. Now, from a traditional marksman, Caitlyn has become the ultra-powerful hyper-carry that dominates League of Legends. It remains to be seen how this character’s effectiveness has changed from season to season. But today, we’ll talk about the 7 supports that synergize best with Caitlyn and how you can make this champion work this new LoL season!

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Keep in mind that our 7 choices aren’t the only viable options for Cait on Summoner’s Rift. Truthfully, you can pair her with any champion that offers some form of CC or an engage tool. Caitlyn’s damage potential is incredibly high, but she cannot keep targets in place once her trap is down. It is best to have a support character alongside her with a good mix of crowd control abilities.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 best supports for Caitlyn in LoL season 13!

7 Best Supports for Caitlyn

1. Morgana

Caitlyn and Morgana are probably the most powerful combo you can run in the bot lane. Both of these champions are incredible on their own, but together they make one of the toughest matchups to beat.

Morgana’s Q is an obnoxious ability that roots the target for several seconds. This gives Caitlyn enough time to put down a trap and secure a headshot auto-attack against them. Each time Morgana has her Dark Binding available, the duo can look to punish their opponents. Obviously, Caitlyn can also follow up on the damage with both her Q and E. The 90 Caliber Net also provides a free headshot, so it’s best to use it while an enemy is in root.

Once level 6 arrives, this combo becomes even more powerful. Morgana’s ultimate is a fantastic AoE stun that Caitlyn can use to damage multiple enemies. And although her ultimate only hits one target, it’s a good finisher move that guarantees an okay amount of damage.

Morgana also brings her Black Shield, so you have no reason to not try her as a support to Caitlyn in season 13!

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2. Thresh

Players often say that Thresh is the perfect support for every ADC in League of Legends. And while we aren’t completely sure, we can safely say that the statement is true for Caitlyn!

Thresh comes with a big range of crowd control abilities. All of his abilities, except the W, apply some sort of disability to the target. And whether it’s stun, slow, or knock-up effect, Cait can use these to secure traps and nets to trigger headshots. Headshots are the key element of dealing damage as Caitlyn and Thresh can help you a lot with that.

On the other hand, Thresh is the only support champion that brings a mobility option for Caitlyn besides movement speed. His lantern can be a long-range engaging and disengaging tool for Cait, depending on the situation. Thresh can quickly get her out of a sticky situation, but also bring her into a beneficial situation too. All in all, this is a very fun combo that you must try!

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3. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank doesn’t have the most positive reputation among the League of Legends community. His performance usually depends on the player’s ability to hit the most dangerous skill shot in the game – Rocket Grab. But if you can manage that, Blitz and Caitlyn are one of the deadliest combos you can play!

Unlike in the previous seasons, Blitzcrank’s damage in season 13 is significantly high. His ultimate is an amazing ability to have since it grants an AoE silence to all champions around Blitz. It’s on a considerably low cooldown, so Blitz can use it in every fight after level 6.

But the biggest synergy between these champions comes as early as level 2. Blitz can grab an enemy, bring them to his position (near Caitlyn) and instantly knock them up. This is the perfect opportunity for Caitlyn to put down her trap and fire a headshot. It’s by far the easiest trap setup that you can do in League, so we highly recommend it!

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4. Lulu

Caitlyn uses Lulu’s kit well, thanks to her superior range, making her one of the best ADCs to go with the Fae Sorceress. Caitlyn, buffed with Lulu’s W and E, can become very annoying, very fast. Thanks to Lulu’s Pix, the amount of poke and its range is tough to deal with, granting her attack speed, movement speed, and bonus damage on each attack.

“Well then, I’ll just jump on her and immediately one-shot her!” you may think. Word of advice from a player that mostly plays assassins and has been through more polymorphs than I would like: You won’t kill her, so don’t try it. Lulu’s polymorph on its own is usually enough to keep Cait alive. Should that fail, Wild Growth definitely won’t. Enlarging the ally it was cast on and giving bonus health, going through all that will certainly be no easy feat.

5. Senna

What do you get when you pair up the ADC with the highest base range and the support that can gain more attack range as the game goes on? Absolute madness. These two have incredible poke thanks to their respective Q abilities, and if you think they’re easy to catch, think again, as a Caitlyn trap is a free root for Senna, and vice-versa, really.

They don’t even need to push that far up the lane to deal damage, given their range. If Senna is constantly harassing the enemy to gain her passive stacks, she will eventually become impossible to deal with even on her own.

6. Lux

Lux and Cait have a really bursty composition. If Lux lands a Light Binding, Cait can quickly follow up with a trap, similar to her synergy with Morgana. Contrary to Morgana, however, Lux is much more burst-oriented rather than dealing damage over time. A Lux Q can set up her E R, as well as Caitlyn’s Q W, and, in the unlikely chance your target is still standing after that, Caitlyn still has her ultimate too.

In lane, Lux is absurdly uncomfortable to deal with. Flinging out roots and poke that covers a wide area, there’s really no stopping her unless she runs out of mana, which will pretty much never happen once she buys Lost Chapter and stacks a Tear of the Goddess. Her W shield is really overlooked when trading; since it can basically give two shield iterations in a single cast, it has a high potential to decide who won or lost the trade.

7. Leona

Caitlyn enjoys playing with a hard engager such as Leona because she can watch the show from afar and deal her damage without coming in too close. Leona is exceptionally tanky, especially when she has her W up, meaning she has no problem taking the short end of the stick in a trade.

Boasting a rock-solid engage with her E Q combo, Leona can lock down a target in place long enough for Caitlyn to set up her trap, as well as land her Q and a couple of autos for free. Once she reaches level 6, her R further increases the duration of the chain.

Those are the top 7 best supports for Caitlyn in League of Legends season 13!

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