Top 7 Best Supports for Corki in League of Legends

Despite his origins, Corki is now a solid mid-lane pick. However, many high-elo ADC players are still incorporating him into their regular champion pool and achieve great success. The reason for this is that Corki is an incredibly powerful champion with seriously broken damage output. And whether you take him to the mid or the bot lane, it doesn’t really matter – he’ll still out-damage anyone in the game. So here are the top 7 best supports for Corki in season 12!

It’s worth noting, however, that choosing a support for Corki can be quite tricky. He’s been out of the bot lane meta for a very long time and not too many professional players have dedicated time to testing combos. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t obvious advantages of pairing Corki with a few particular picks.

So let’s talk about the 7 best supports for Corki in LoL season 12 and see how you can make them work!

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1. Gragas

The Gragas + Corki combo is a very popular one, especially because you can see it on the mid and jungle positions as well. There is a clear reason why this duo works so well and why they keep such a high win rate together. So let’s run a quick explanation!

Gragas offers amazing damage on top of crowd control and tankiness. All of this benefits Corki in a way since he can use Gragas as a frontline to deal more damage throughout the fight. Gragas can constantly interrupt enemies, shove them left and right, and slow them down. So Corki can feel pretty safe fighting alongside Gragas.

Another thing that’s key to understand is that Corki doesn’t necessarily need shielding or healing. As long as Gragas can help by controlling the battlefield for Corki, this combo is completely fine.

After level 6, both champions become much more powerful and they can look to fight almost anyone. Corki’s ultimate is great for poking and getting favorable trades while Gragas’s ultimate is an amazing engaging tool. Definitely worth the try!

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2. Blitzcrank

Back when Corki was still a traditional bot lane pick, Blitzcrank was one of the supports that players often chose for him. The level of synergy that these two champions have is pretty high, so it’s wise to consider him right now too.

The most important thing to take advantage of here is obviously Blitzcrank’s Q. This ability grabs the opponent player and brings it right next to Blitz. Blitz can follow it up with a knock-up, which creates the perfect opportunity for Corki to use his Q and deal more damage. Obviously, this combo is available every 15 seconds during the laning phase, so make sure you use it!

Once Blitzcrank has his ultimate, he can extend the crowd control on the grabbed target. While silenced and with no possibility of escape, the enemy usually dies from Corki’s bullets. Corki can also use his ultimate during this time, especially if he can’t quite reach the auto-attack range.

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3. Morgana

Corki and Morgana is another old-school combo in League of Legends that also works in season 12. Right now, Morgana’s Dark Binding is deadlier than ever since Corki’s burst damage is also very high. It usually takes one of Morgana’s Q and a couple of Corki’s basic attacks to bring an enemy champion from 100% to 0 HP.

Since Morgana is a mage and not a tank, she and Corki can constantly poke enemies and look for easy kills. They don’t necessarily need to fight 2v2 in the bot lane since they can create plays around the map. Invading the enemy jungle or ganking the mid-lane is almost recommended with this duo, so make sure you do it.

Besides her Dark Binding, Morgana also has her AoE stun to lock multiple targets in place. This can give Corki enough time to damage the enemies and secure all shots of his own ultimate. 

And lastly, Morgana’s spell shield is an invaluable tool to have in any given game, especially for a champion that doesn’t have a single defensive ability, such as Corki. It’s a literal lifesaver and only Morgana has it!

4. Nautilus

Naut is an excellent engage support since he has one of the easiest CC chain combos. After landing his Q, he can basic attack an enemy champion to trigger his passive, which roots them in place for a brief moment, allowing him to cast Riptide, damaging and slowing the target as well. Should his ultimate be available, that is another point and click crowd control ability that slowly creeps up to the targeted champion, knocking up anybody caught in the trail, including the target.

Given all this time, Corki is more than capable of dealing some serious damage to the caught champion, especially thanks to the resistance shred on his Gatling Gun ability. If he has his passive package up and ready, he may lay it down on top of the enemy and, given its 90% slow, it might as well be a stun.

5. Leona

Leona has been a staple pick in a lot of our support articles, with very good reason. Her combo to engage is a contender for the best in the entire game, enabling her to lock down a target for some time, allowing her allies to engage on the enemy that got caught out. Corki is another in a long list of champions that can take advantage of this time to whittle the opponent down.

She excels at disrupting the enemy team thanks to her crowd control threat; nobody wants to get caught by Leona in a skirmish as it is a death sentence if her team is capable of following up properly.

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6. Thresh

There is a very particular combo between these two champions that works marvels. Once Corki picks up his package, he can use it with almost complete disregard for his safety. Usually, Corki needs to angle his Special Delivery kind of awkwardly since most of the time, he wants to make it out alive. However, I’ve seen some players with a rather questionable kamikaze approach. Thresh’s lantern enables Corki to place it where it will deal the most damage and still enable him to get out back to safety again to keep the fight going.

In the lane, Thresh is great for setting up trades for Corki and overall keeping foes off him thanks to his stun and Flay ability, making Thresh a phenomenal companion for the Daring Bombardier.

7. Braum

We all know and love this absolute unit from Freljord. The tankiness and sweet personality of his character prove that the heart really is the strongest muscle. Corki benefits from having somebody as tanky as Braum to frontline for him.

Apart from just being beefy and soaking up damage with his Unbreakable, Braum can also set up Corki quite well with his passive, as Corki doesn’t have a hard time getting the basic attacks to land the stun, making these two a scary combo for bursty trades.

Those are the top 7 supports for Corki in season 12 of League of Legends!

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