Top 7 Best Supports for Ezreal in Season 12

Top Best Supports for Ezreal in Season 12

Ezreal is perhaps the most unique ADC champion in League of Legends. He is technically considered a mage and not a marksman, so choosing a support for him isn’t always easy. Ezreal plays the bot lane in a very specific way, and there are certain champions that fit his playstyle. And in this guide, we’ll talk about the top 7 best supports for Ezreal in season 12 and how they can set him up for carrying.

It’s important to note that in the chaos of solo queue, you can pair Ezreal with any other champion. However, you should always think about how the other champions in your team can benefit him in-game, especially if you’re the support. So let’s take a look at the 7 champions you should consider playing in combo with Ezreal!

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7 Best Supports for Ezreal

1. Lux

Lux Top Best Support for Ezreal in Season 12

The Lux and Ezreal pair might be a meme, but the truth is that they’re one of the most powerful bot lane combos in LoL. They have an insane amount of burst damage, something that not too many champions can survive early on.

The way you play Lux and Ezreal in the laning phase is simply by poking. Once the enemies are near 50% HP, Lux can look to land a Q. Rooting one opponent usually means a kill, since both Lux and Ezreal can quickly land their skill shots one after the other.

But the biggest power spike of this combo is level 6. Both Ezreal’s and Lux’s ultimates are long-range abilities that damage all enemies in the area. This allows them to play hyper-aggressively and constantly look for kills around the map. And the best part is that they don’t necessarily need to be in the midst of the fight to secure those kills – they can simply cast spells from afar!

Laning against Lux and Ezreal is truly painful. If they’re experienced, their enemies will often look to recall since Lux and Ezreal can poke endlessly. So don’t hesitate to give them a shot!

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2. Seraphine

Seraphine Top Best Support for Ezreal in Season 12

Seraphine can be a substitute for Lux in case you want something less aggressive and more reliable. The reason why Seraphine may have an advantage in supporting Ezreal is that she brings healing on top of damage and CC while Lux only the latter.

Ezreal and Seraphine can either play the laning phase aggressively or defensively. Seraphine is extremely good at all aspects of being a support, so it’s not difficult for her to match the flow of Ezreal. When playing defensively, she can hover behind Ezreal shield/heal him. And when playing aggressively, she can constantly look to poke and slow/root enemies.

As with Lux, Ezreal and Seraphine become much more powerful on level 6. Seraphine’s charm is one of the strongest crowd control abilities in the game because it travels through units in a very long range. And this is perfect for setting up Ezreal’s damage, especially his own ultimate. A Seraphine + Ezreal R combo usually means free kills for them.

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3. Nami

Nami Top Best Support for Ezreal in Season 12

Nami may not be the most popular support champion in League of Legends, but she is the best among the supports for Ezreal in season 12. And one look at her abilities is enough to convince you why that is true.

First up, Nami provides a knock-up effect through her Q on a short cooldown. In most situations, this gives Ezreal enough time to set up his W+Q combo. But Nami can also buff Ezreal’s spells with her E, which is a huge benefit to any ADC, especially Ezreal since he relies on his abilities more than others.

Nami’s W is another fantastic ability in LoL. Not only does it heal an ally, but it also jumps to an enemy champion to damage them for the same amount. Experienced Nami players would often try to double the value of the spell by casting it when both the ally and the enemy are close to each other. This will make the healing tide bounce between them which should be your goal as well.

And lastly, Nami’s ultimate is another way of setting up Ezreal’s damage. Her R slows all targets after the initial knock-up, which allows Ezreal to land all of his skill shots.

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4. Soraka

Soraka Top Best Support for Ezreal in Season 12

No hate to you Ezreal mains out there, but Ezreal is pretty useless early in the game. He does have great poke but lacks any real kill pressure in the early stages of a match. Soraka is a well-known sustain support that can keep Ezreal in lane for longer to get him to farm and scale.

Once Ezreal buys his first couple of items, he can freely attempt to trade a bit more aggressively, and Soraka can keep him healthy while he does so. This is an exceptionally safe lane, which may frustrate the opposition, causing them to make mistakes you can take advantage of to gain a further lead.

5. Janna

Janna Top Best Support for Ezreal in Season 12

Janna is another champion that can keep Ez safe while he farms. Ezreal by himself is a very slippery and hard to kill ADC, thanks to his E and the fact that he can build tanky items like Frozen Heart and still dish out a lot of damage. With Janna’s whirlwinds, shields, and a disengage tool as vital as her ultimate, Ezreal will be near unkillable.

She can also use her abilities to poke and just be obnoxious all around, and laning against a duo that can poke you like these two is rage-inducing.

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6. Alistar

Alistar Top Best Support for Ezreal in Season 12

The Minotaur gives Ezreal a tanky frontline that can endure some hits on his behalf while still remaining healthy. Alistar is a good disruptor with his W Q combo, and most players will get scared off and just back off in fear of allowing him to charge and use the stun from his E. Should the entire combo land, Ezreal had a lot of time to poke at the enemy.

Apart from being really beefy, Alistar offers some sustain as well, thanks to his passive. Since he makes it challenging for the opposition to get near Ezreal anyway, any bit of damage that does get through can just be healed back up by farming.

7. Taric

Taric Top Best Support for Ezreal in Season 12

You may believe this is just for the meme, but Ezreal and Taric do very well together in the bottom lane. Ezreal’s E is almost as fast to cast as flash, meaning if timed right, Ezreal may E into an opponent as Taric’s E is finishing its channel, giving the enemy a minuscule amount of time to react, basically guaranteeing a stun.

As a plus, Taric brings a lot of durability to the lane, offering Ezreal bonus defensive stats to endure more damage, as well as packing heals and an ultimate that can single-handedly win teamfights thanks to the invulnerability it gives to his allies.

Those are the 7 best supports for Ezreal in season 12 of League of Legends!

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