Top 7 Best Supports for Jinx in Season 12

Top 7 Best Supports for Jinx in Season 12

Jinx made a bombastic reappearance in season 12. The rework of the items gave her brand new powers and now she is one of the strongest ADC champions on Summoner’s Rift. Her direct damage is often described as “unbelievable” and there aren’t too many champions that can endure her crazy rockets. So in this guide, we’ll be talking about the top 7 best supports that you can play for Jinx in season 12.

Similar to Kog’Maw or Ezreal, Jinx needs a support that can get her through the laning phase. She is extremely vulnerable before level 6 due to not having any mobility and no defensive spells. This type of support can either be a tank or an enchanter, with both of those categories having unique tools and playstyles.

Let’s examine the best supports for Jinx in Season 12 and how they can work with her!

1. Nami

Nami Top Best Support for Jinx in Season 12

Nami is easily the enchanter support with the most potential in the bot lane. She can play League of Legends both aggressively and defensively and gain lots and lots of advantages throughout the game. 

The key element to understand here is Nami’s W. This isn’t only a simple healing spell, but much much more. Whenever Nami uses her W, a tidal wave bounces off her primary target to either heal an ally or damage an enemy. 

And the reason why this is perfect for Jinx is that Nami can position herself to constantly poke and fend off any potential danger for Jinx. The tidal wave grants her safe trades because she can heal her health while she deals damage.

Other than that, Nami’s Q and Jinx’s E synergize very well too. Jinx can throw the chompers while the enemy is up in the air from Nami’s bubble for an instant root. The same can be said for their ultimates, which are both long-range abilities. A knock-up into a rocket blast is usually the best finisher move for this pair!

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2. Blitz

Blitz Top Best Support for Jinx in Season 12

Blitz has a very dominating presence in the bot lane. His grab is one of the deadliest abilities early on in the game, especially to champions that can’t escape it. There are a couple of ways you can synergize Blitz and Jinx in the laning phase, so let’s start explaining them.

First, Blitz’s E is one of the best setups for Jinx’s E. Whenever Blitz knocks a champion up in the air, Jinx can throw her chompers to secure the root effect. This also works with Blitz’s Q, but Jinx has to be careful because opponents would often Flash away after being hooked by Blitz.

For the entire laning phase, Blitz can position himself in the frontline to scare off the enemies. He is quite tanky and he doesn’t necessarily need to use his hook. This will give enough freedom to Jinx farm and scale for the mid and late game.

After level 6, the kill potential of this duo doubles. Both of their ultimates do a lot of damage early on, so this is the perfect time for Jinx and Blitz to look for 2v2 skirmishes. They might not be the strongest pair in team fights, but they can kite well and deal burst damage, especially if they’re the ones engaging.

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3. Braum

Braum Top Best Support for Jinx in Season 12

Braum is a fantastic support to have when playing Jinx. Thanks to her additional range when using her rockets, Jinx has a really easy time when trying to proc Braum’s passive. Stack her own Flame Chompers on top of that, as well as Braum’s very own Glacial Fissure when he reaches level 6, and you have a champion that has no other choice but to endure the pain coming from Jinx and her loyal muscly support.

Additionally, Braum has different ways of saving Jinx, most notably his E ability, Unbreakable, which blocks projectiles coming in, which can come in very handy when Jinx is trying to trade. His W grants both him and his ally bonus resistances, which are lovely to have in said trades as well.

4. Thresh

Thresh Top Best Support for Jinx in Season 12

Jinx does not have that much self-peel; she only has her chompers to rely on, which is really not optimal if she has highly mobile assassins on her tail. Thresh can compensate for this, as he has plenty of tools to stop a champion dead on their tracks. I believe we mention this in nearly every article Thresh is mentioned, but his lantern is just so good we cannot possibly overlook it, especially for a champion like Jinx.

Furthermore, Thresh has an amazing kill setup with his other abilities, meaning a good Thresh player will be able to Q his way into the midgame with a fed Jinx by his side, paving the way for a much more comfortable game.

5. Janna

Janna Top Best Support for Jinx in Season 12

Janna is great at keeping Jinx safe while she farms and scales into the mid and late game, where she shines her brightest. If and when Jinx gets to a point where she’s dealing tons of damage, the enemy team is definitely going to try an all-in to take her out, and Janna is more than prepared to deal with that.

Her whirlwinds and ultimate are exceptional disengage tools that can help keep even the stickiest of assassins away from your carry.

6. Yuumi

Yuumi Top Best Support for Jinx in Season 12

This is a tricky one. We did say Jinx required a support that carried her into the mid and late game since she is one of the best scaling ADCs in the current meta. Yuumi is not exactly the type of support that can do that exceptionally well, but if this duo reaches mid-game on even terms with their opponents, they can absolutely take over a match.

Yuumi does provide some sustain in lane, but Jinx would have to survive being the sole focus of the enemy team, pretty much all on her own. That would leave her very open to hard engagers like Leona, Pyke, Nautilus, and others, so it would be best to play this duo into a bot lane without much early game kill pressure, like Ezreal and Senna.

7. Leona

Leona Top Best Support for Jinx in Season 12

And lastly, we have Leona. This is one of the most powerful picks in the bot lane in season 12. The reason for this is because Leona has an insane amount of crowd control which works perfectly in this burst meta.

The playstyle of Jinx and Leona is pretty easy too. All Jinx has to do is follow up on Leona’s engages. And all Leona has to do is be as aggressive as possible. She doesn’t have shields or heals for Jinx, so she has to make up for it by being constantly in the face of their opponents and stop them from attacking. The best defense is often offense, and that’s certainly true here.

But the real power of the Jinx + Leona combo comes after level 6. Leona is the queen of team fights because she can control the entire enemy team with her CC. This creates the ideal opportunity for Jinx to unleash her rockets and deal AoE damage all around. Leona can also lock enemies in place so Jinx can throw her ultimate from afar.

And those are the 7 best supports for Jinx in season 12!

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