Top 7 Best Supports For Kai’Sa in Season 12

Kai’Sa is dominating season 12 of League of Legends both in solo queue and in professional play. She is currently one of the strongest carries in the bot lane, and a contender for the best ADC pick this year. Kai’Sa is an excellent fit for this meta because she packs burst damage, has a relatively safe laning phase, and is good at surviving team fights. However, she can’t do everything alone, so you need to know the best supports for Kai’Sa in season 12 too!

In this post, we will go over 7 picks that we think best suit Kai’Sa in LoL. Not only do you need to think about how Kai’Sa plays given matchups, but you also need to consider how the support pick can change those terms. Particular supports will always be better options for Kai’Sa, so it’s wise to know them.

Let’s check them out!

7 Best Supports for Kai’Sa

1. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank and Kai’Sa is one of the best combos you can play in the bot lane. Their early game power usually dictates the 2v2 matchups, and they’re often ahead by the time they reach level 6.

If there is one thing that Kai’Sa lacks as a champion is a proper setup. While she has an incredible damage potential, she can’t really create effective situations for herself, aside from her ultimate. Well, Blitzcrank has tons of CC that can help Kai’Sa out, especially his Q.

When Blitz grabs a champion, he and Kai’Sa can almost always finish that target off. Displacing the opponent in such a way gives Kai’Sa a chance to fire off her W and her Q on an isolated enemy. And combined with her auto-attacks, this is typically enough damage to take down any champion in the early game.

Another great thing about this pair is the fact that they can roam around the map and create plays. After level 6, Kai’Sa can easily follow Blitz’s engages in the jungle or the mid-lane by launching herself with Killer Instinct. This guarantees that the enemy bot lane duo will almost always be late for the fight, which gives you all the advantages you need.

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2. Leona

Typically, Kai’Sa goes very well with tanks and champions that have some sort of an engage. Well, the best egg in this basket is Leona. She and Kai’Sa have one of the most powerful all-ins in the entire game, so we recommend you to try it!

The Kai’Sa + Leona duo should always play aggressively in the lane. There are only a couple of matchups that can stop them, such as Draven and Blitzcrank or Caitlyn and Swain. When paired against another hyper-aggressive duo, Kai’Sa and Leona should be careful and play around their own cooldowns.

But in a regular matchup, Leona can constantly look for engages. She can lock down a target for several seconds as early as level 2. This makes it very easy for Kai’Sa to damage that enemy with both abilities and auto-attacks.

Once level 6 is unlocked, this combo can go all-in. Leona’s AoE stun creates an opportunity for Kai’Sa to quickly kill one target while the rest are in CC. Thanks to her E, she has an easy way out once the enemies are free. Leona can also peel for Kai’Sa with her other stuns, making her one of the best supports!

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3. Zyra

If the tank or melee playstyle isn’t your cup of tea, then Zyra is probably the best range support for Kai’Sa in League of Legends. Yes, she is a mage, and yes, she doesn’t have any shields to offer, but Zyra’s toolkit is precisely what Kai’Sa lacks in the game!

Zyra is often picked for one reason – to create chaos in the bot lane. She has an incredible amount of damage in the laning phase on top of an easy-to-set-up snare effect. Her plants can be used either as wards or as damaging tools that can also block skill shots.

Despite being a squishy champion, Zyra is always in the front line. This also favors Kai’Sa since she can use Zyra’s damage and crowd control to outplay her opponents. Zyra’s peel potential is unmatched, especially in the late game when she gets a lot of cooldown reduction.

It’s better to kill your enemy before he gets the chance to attack you rather than try to survive his attack, isn’t it?

4. Taric

Taric is an excellent companion to Kai’Sa because their kits complement each other to an extent. Taric’s healing makes up for Kai’Sa not having any built-in sustain, and his stun applies a stack of her passive onto an enemy, allowing Kai’Sa to proc it faster.

What’s best about Taric is his ultimate; granting his nearby allies immunity to all sorts of damage for a few seconds is often all they need to win a fight and an objective.

5. Alistar

Alistar is yet another champion that can apply a stack of Kai’Sa passive to make her life easier, allowing him to W Q an enemy, will give Kai’Sa enough time to land some more hits on them, likely forcing the enemy away in fear of getting stunned by Alistar’s E and therefore getting another stack applied.

All-ins are an area where the mad cow really shines thanks to the disturbances mentioned above, plus his ultimate, which makes Alistar absurdly tanky for a considerable duration, meaning the enemy has little hope of taking him out quickly.

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6. Lulu

This is just an insane combination, Lulu is probably the most annoying caster support out there, and she is still strong in Season 12. Her polymorph does apply Kai’Sa’s passive, and the rest of her abilities go really well with Kai’Sa, especially when the latter manages to cast her Supercharge for another attack speed bonus.

Lulu is fantastic at protecting her allies from hard engages and dives. Her ultimate is a phenomenal lifeline to have when getting ganked or during skirmishes; it more often than not makes the difference between life and death for the ally in question.

7. Morgana

Kai’Sa and Morgana have a really annoying poke combo. Morgana lands her Q and places her W on the target; this roots the enemy for a few seconds, and her W deals some damage that can stack up quite quickly over time. Kai’Sa can then E and get in the target’s face for a quick few auto attacks, likely leading up to her activating her passive, especially if she is running the Hail of Blades rune. Add an Arcane Comet from Morgana into the mix, and perhaps you don’t get a kill, but you will certainly force your opponent out of lane, giving you the advantage nonetheless.

Morgana’s Q and R are both fantastic tools to discourage an opponent with intent to dive into Kai’Sa, and her Black Shield, which negates CC effects, is excellent for making sure Kai’Sa makes it back under tower safely without being pulled back by the enemy Blitzcrank (or equivalent hook support).

Those are the 7 best supports for Kai’Sa in LoL season 12!

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