Top 7 Best Supports For Kalista in Season 12

Everybody knows that Kalista is currently not as strong as she was in some of the previous seasons of League of Legends. Her kit is designed around peeling, kiting, and dealing damage over long periods of time. She lacks instant burst damage and survivability, two of the most important elements of the current meta. And although Kalista can be a solid ADC pick in LoL, you must know which support champions can increase her chance of winning. So today we’ll go over the 7 best supports for Kalista in season 12!

The most important part of synergizing Kalista with another champion has always been her ultimate. Thanks to this ability, Kalista can bind herself to an ally. And once she has an Oathsworn, she can pull that ally to herself and let them launch forward for a surprising knock-up effect. This creates a complicated web of opportunities for many champions to take advantage of, so Kalista has no shortage of support candidates.

But let’s talk about the top 7 supports for Kalista in season 12 and explain why they’re the best choices!

7 Best Supports for Kalista in League of Legends Season 12

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1. Braum

If you’ve ever played Kalista in League of Legends then you know that the best kind of support is the one that benefits from being thrown in the middle of the action. Braum is such a candidate, having an enormous potential to flip the team fight on its head.

Braum brings a couple of benefits to Kalista’s playstyle. He is an extremely defensive champion and can protect Kalista while she focuses on farming in the early game. But Braum can also engage and, thanks to his passive, provide a stun effect which Kalista can use to secure kills early on.

In team fights, Kalista and Braum can always engage first to create an advantage. By knocking the enemy team up Braum opens an opportunity for himself to use his ultimate. This also allows Kalista to deal a massive amount of damage while all her enemies are crowd controlled.

Obviously, Kalista can also use her ultimate to get Braum out of trouble in case he’s way too deep in the enemy territory. Then Braum can follow this with his own ultimate, which is also a great tool for disengage.

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2. Alistar

If Braum isn’t your type of champion or you’ve never played him, then Alistar should your second choice when considering supports for Kalista in season 12. Alistar is simply amazing in a combo with Kalista, adding one more knock-up and incredible protection for the AD carry.

Similar to Braum, Kalista can always throw Alistar in the middle of the fight and get great results. Alistar doesn’t have the biggest range in LoL and he often needs a little push forward. What’s great about these two champions is that not only they can keep enemies in the air for a long time, but they can also push someone away from their team. Alistar’s W is a great tool for isolating targets, especially the carries.

In the lane, Alistar can defend Kalista from most attackers either by pushing enemies away or passively healing her. He can position himself offensively so the opponents would have to eliminate him first and Kalista second.

3. Leona

Leona is a tanky aggressive support. Kalista likes this playstyle because it goes well with her. When Leona locks down a target, Kalista can stack her spears into the target, and well, there are options once you reach a certain point. Kalista can leave the trades short and bursty, meaning rinse and repeat until you push your opponent out of lane, opening you up to farm calmly and possibly take tower plates in the early game, or go for an all-in looking for the kill.

Leona is very tanky thanks to her W, meaning she can withstand some damage without losing too much health. This is heavily beneficial in short trades, as it will be tough for the opposing duo to do any significant damage to her.

4. Pantheon

Kalista has a passive effect which deals bonus magic damage whenever she and her Oathsworn attack the same target within 4 seconds. Pantheon has a straightforward way to proc this by using his W, a gap closer and stun. Kalista can then follow up with her own damage to burst a target down and force a recall at the very least.

Pantheon is an excellent pick for Kalista since he has a reasonably strong early game, enabling him to carry through it and allow Kalista to scale by farming and buying her own items. Pantheon’s in-your-face playstyle synergized very well with Kalista.

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5. Galio

Galio has quite an aggressive engage on his E. Even if he misses it, it’s more than likely that he’s right beside the target, enabling him to cast his taunt. The real magic, though, is in his ultimate. It has a pretty long cast range, so he can get in and cast it on an ally that finds himself in trouble from afar, and more often than not, save their life.

Combining Galio’s ultimate with Kalista’s, followed by Galio’s E, is a crowd control chain consisting of three, yes THREE, knock-ups. Allow Galio to channel his taunt and what you’re left with is a player yelling at his screen bellowing CC needs a nerf.

6. Amumu

Thanks to his mini rework, the Sad Mummy has been absolutely wrecking the support role in Season 12. Amumu can abuse his two Q charges to stack crowd control on a target, and his natural tankiness makes him hard to trade with.

However, there is one particular synergy between these two champions when they reach level 6. Kalista’s ultimate allows Amumu to dash into the enemy team, knocking them up, and he can immediately chain this knock-up with his own ultimate, which is an AOE stun. This combo is amazing for early skirmishes, late-game teamfights, and everything in between.

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7. Morgana

But if a tank isn’t your preferred playstyle in LoL, then we highly recommend you Morgana in combination with Kalista. Out of all enchanters and mages, Morgana is the one champion that absolutely needs to be in melee range with her enemies. And Kalista’s R is the perfect setup for that! 

Whenever Morgana is launched forward, she can immediately use her own ultimate while the enemies are still airborne. Not only does this help to secure stun on multiple targets but it also creates a chaotic situation for the opposing team. Being knocked up and chained by Morgana is a big disadvantage for you at the start of the team fight, so you want to escape it as soon as possible. And that’s where Kalista comes into play!

Although her passive is incredible for kiting and running away, it’s amazing for chasing enemies down too. Hopping after every attack means that you’ll always be near your prey. On top of Morgana’s other CC tools, this is a clean winning combination for Kalista!

Those are the 7 best supports for Kalista in season 12!

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